For the central station in the city of Mistral, see Mistral Central Station.

This train station is located somewhere in Mistral, within walking distance of Oscar's Farm. Oscar Pine takes a train and rides to Mistral. It is seen in the episode "Kuroyuri".


The station consists of two buildings. The main building is a single story with large covered waiting areas around it. The station building is closed when Oscar Pine arrives to buy a ticket, but there is an automated ticket kiosk.

The second smaller building is across the tracks from the main building and is most likely a passenger shelter for travelers headed in the other direction. As there is no pedestrian bridge it is likely that both buildings are connected by an underground tunnel as crossing active tracks is a serious safety hazard.

Both station buildings are white with brown trim, large windows and a burgundy colored roof. The station area is lit by small lanterns suspended from the station roof.

The station is located on a double-tracked line. A siding next to the station holds a train, meaning that this station is the end of the line for at least one train. It is unknown if this train is the one that Oscar takes to reach Mistral. This station is not served by all passenger trains, as seen by a train passing through without stopping.

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