For the smaller station near Oscar's Farm, see Mistral Train Station.
For the score named after the station, see Mistral Central Station (score).

The Mistral Central Station is the primary train station for the city of Mistral. It is seen in the episode "Argus Limited".


The station has a large hall with ticket booths, a food court, gift shop and mailboxes. Holographic departure boards listing 28 trains at once are in the middle of the hall. Each end of the hall is flanked by two rows of five black columns, reaching from floor to ceiling. In the center of the hall is a fountain with a statue of a stylized King Taijitu.

The station has at least 12 platforms. Passengers access different platforms using overhead bridges. There are additional food courts above and adjacent to the track level.


Trains depart from this station for Argus (including the Argus Limited), Wind Path, Shion and Kuchinashi. Trains going to Vale exist, but are all listed as 'Out of Service'.

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