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An unnamed apartment in Mistral was seen in the episode "No Safe Haven" and was where Team RNJR and Qrow Branwen stayed while Qrow was still recovering from being poisoned. Following his recovery, they later moved to a bigger House to use during their time in Mistral.


This small apartment is located in the city of Mistral. It was ready on short notice as Team RNJR needed a room for a sick Qrow Branwen.

Two similar rooms were seen, along with a small part of a hallway. Both rooms were spacious and lightly furnished.

The first room was large and furnished with only a table, chair and two beds and was used to house a recovering Qrow, who was still unconscious due to Tyrian Callows' venom.

The second room

The room had two doors on two adjacent walls and one wall had two windows giving light to the room. The last wall had a painting of Mistral, that was hung above the bed closer to the windows. A small nightstand with a lamp sat between the two beds. The table had a lamp, notepad and pen and is where Ruby Rose wrote a letter to her sister, Yang Xiao Long. Another painting of Mistral hung in the corner, next to the bed.

The second room was similar to the first but wasn't shown in its entirety. It had one door leading to the hallway and at least one bed, but probably more. A painting of Mistral hung in the corner.


After being saved by Mistral Airships in "No Safe Haven", Ruby, Jaune Arc, Nora Valkyrie, Lie Ren and Qrow were taken to Mistral and Qrow was healed of Tyrian's poison. The group was given a temporary house where they could rest after their long journey and recuperate from their injuries. Ruby also writes a letter to Yang. They stayed here until they moved to a more suitable living arrangement for their time in Mistral.

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