The Kingdom of Mistral uses a number of different types of airships.


All the Mistral airships share a similar design motif. They are built out of wood and metal, with wings and fins that are built to give the appearance of fabric sails supported by masts and spars. They are built to resemble boats. The number and arrangement of the propellers vary according to the airship type

Mistralian Airship, Type 1

V4E2 Remembrance Airship

The first Mistralian airship is seen in the episode "Remembrance". This airship is badly damaged after the attack on Shion, first by the bandit tribe lead by Raven Branwen and then by the Grimm. Its appearance may be the result of damage rather than the actual structure of the airship, but this airship appears to only have a front propeller. There is no large opening on the side, only a small grating. The wings appear to be attached low on the hull.

Mistralian Airship, Type 2

V4 12 00045

The second type of Mistralian airship is the most common. The hull is in two sections, resembling a wooden sailboat with a large ventral pod attached to the 'keel' containing the airship's propellers and a large through access hatch. It has two propellers, one in the front and one in the back. While in motion the wings flap up and down in a bird-like manner.

This type of airship appears three times:

Mistralian Airship, Type 3

V6 04 00012

The third type of Mistralian airship has a front fin that is taller than the rear one, and has additional sail-like membranes at its front and above the stern. There is only one propeller, located at the back and raised up higher. The ventral pod is gone, with the side openings now in the lower hull.

This type of airship appears twice:

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Mistralian Airship, Type 2

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Mistralian Airship, Type 3

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