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Stay away from the lower levels. The higher up you go, the nicer it gets.

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Mistral is a large city built on two mountains within the Kingdom of Mistral.

Various buildings cover the mountains from the summits to the foothills. Haven Academy lies at the top of the city spanning across the peaks of both mountains, which themselves are part of a wider mountain range. Stone stairways act as the main routes in the city.

Lil' Miss Malachite and her criminal organization are also stationed in Mistral's lower levels. She usually resides in her bar and gives information to people who pay her.

The Mistral Trading Company, or MTC, is a mining company which focuses primarily on the extraction and refinery of Dust. It was primarily active in Vacuo following the Great War, but abandoned most its stations after the kingdom's resources were expended.[1]


Mistral's upper levels are shown to be peaceful

Mistral is divided into multiple levels; the higher one goes, the nicer it gets. A massive platform in the middle of the city acts as an elevator to descend and ascend through Mistral. The city is full of various buildings and vendors selling merchandise legally and illegally. Haven Academy rests at the top of the tallest point.

Mistral's lower levels are shown to be full of criminals

The lower levels of the city however are shown to be worse than the upper levels and full of criminals. Many criminals like Lil' Miss Malachite have buildings that they use as their base of operations like bars. Most of the Huntsmen that weren't working for the Kingdom's council were also stationed here until they were all killed.


Pre-Great War

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Prior to the Great War, the Kingdom of Mistral adopted the Kingdom of Mantle's policy of abolishment of the arts and self-expression. However, the city itself managed to maintain its cultural identity. After the war ended, they no longer follow this rule.

Haven Academy

Main article: Haven Academy

Haven Academy was founded by the King of Vale. It serves to train future Huntsmen and Huntresses and secretly housed the Relic of Knowledge which was only accessed by the Spring Maiden. However, it's Headmaster Leonardo Lionheart sent all of it's students home while he sold out the location of most of the Huntsmen of Mistral to Salem. The staff of Haven were also not exempt from this as they were all killed by Tyrian Callows and Hazel Rainart.

While trying to find Huntsmen not working for the council, Qrow Branwen searches the lower levels of the city and comes to the realization that they were all killed by Lionheart. After the Battle of Haven, Salem kills Lionheart and his death and betrayal was covered up to make it seem like he died heroically protecting the academy.

Once Cinder Fall is released from the Haven Vault, she kills a woman passing by and takes her clothes and money while heading towards Lil' Miss Malachite's bar in order to learn about where Ruby's Group was heading. She tells her to give her a week, unaware that she already knew where they were going thanks to Hazel asking her a week earlier since she wanted to knowing anybody wanted to know about Cinder. After a week passed, she told Cinder that they were headed to the Kingdom of Atlas while also informing Neopolitan about Cinder.

Later, the people of Mistral receive Ruby Rose's message to all of Remnant publicly revealing the existence of Salem and asking for help with the current situation in Atlas. In the end though, nobody came as Atlas is destroyed in "The Final Word".



Minor Locations
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