"Mirror Mirror" is Weiss Schnee's music theme, featured in the "White" Trailer and incorporated in the RWBY: Volume 1 Soundtrack.


The song opens with the piano playing a quiet melody before Casey Lee Williams' vocals enter. The main refrain is sung once before the music begins to build in volume and tempo, with strings and percussion entering. The music builds up, with the piano playing fast runs and fills.

The music then adopts a quieter dynamic, as Casey sings an aria. Over the last verse the music swells to a crescendo, before falling away as Casey sings the last line, "I'm the loneliest of all."

The piece is primarily in the key of A minor, however it changes to the key of D minor partway through the song. The last line is sung over a D major chord, a Picardy third, bringing resolution to the piece.


Mirror, tell me something,
Tell me who's the loneliest of all?

Mirror, tell me something,
Tell me who's the loneliest of all?
Fear of what's inside of me;
Tell me can a heart be turned to stone?

Mirror, mirror, what's behind you?
Save me from the things I see!
I can keep it from the world,
Why won't you let me hide from me?

Mirror, mirror, tell me something,
Who's the loneliest of all?

I'm the loneliest of all.[2]


  • The song name and lyrics give reference to the Magic Mirror from "Snow White".
  • This song is the only theme that has the character singing it during her trailer.
  • "Mirror Mirror", along with "This Will Be the Day" and "Wings", were performed live at RTX 2014 at the RWBY Music panel. While time constraints prevented it from being played at Jeff Williams' concert at RTX 2015 (where Casey even dressed up as Weiss), it reappeared in the following concerts (RTX 2016 and 2018, and Anime Boston 2018).
  • This song has a follow-up called "Mirror Mirror Part II". The third Weiss-centric song, "This Life is Mine", has the subtitle "(Mirror Mirror Part III)".
  • This song is used as an insert song in episode "Awaken in a Dream" of RWBY: Ice Queendom. It is sung by Pyrrha Nikos' Dream Actor.

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