"Miracle" is a song that plays in "Argus Limited", during the Argus Limited train fight scene and in the end credits. It is incorporated in the RWBY: Volume 6 Soundtrack.

Lyrics[edit | edit source]

Time and time again it seems we've reached the point where all our dreams
Are crumbling all around us
Every outcome unjust

Every step it seems has led us further from our goal instead
Our triumphs haven't mattered
We're drifting ever backward

And we're running out of time
Nowhere near the finish line

And it's growing ever clear
That a reckoning is near
And we'll have to make a choice
Is this path right?
Or is it made of lies?
We're looking in ourselves
And trusting in the light
A miracle is all we need
But there isn't one in sight

Each and every passing day our world's in further disarray
Confidence descending
Where's our happy ending?

On the path but still we strayed
Our aspirations quickly fade
Desperation's risin'
On hopeless bleak horizons

Every life is on the line
Can't wait here for a sign

And just like the blood that's shed
Every cancer's sure to spread
And the time to act is short

We know inside
We're born to do what's right
Desire to preserve life
Is powering the light
We're praying for a miracle
But for now we'll stand and fight[1]

Every plan
Falls apart
All of it pointless
Nothing gained
All in vain
Going down

Under siege
Sinking fast
Crumbling quickly
Fear and shame
Endless pain

Vile abominations all around us
Thriving ~ Destroying every hope of justice
Still we pray
Soon one day
Our faith will be revived
We'll wake to see the light

And a miracle
Yeah a miracle
Is waiting there
I swear it showed up out of thin air
A miracle
Right in front of our eyes[2]

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