The following is a list of minor locations from RWBY, arranged by Kingdom and categorically.


Village West of MistralEdit

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In "Lessons Learned", Qrow Branwen retells a story of one of his missions to his nieces Ruby Rose and Yang Xiao Long. He came across a small village west of Mistral.

He needed information and, tired from battling Grimm along the way, he decided to start his search at the town's inn. The place was crawling with lowlifes and thugs, even a few Huntsmen that were most likely hired by shady people for shady jobs

It is not entirely sure if this is a real place or if Qrow made it up for the story.

Ancient PastEdit

Kingdoms of First HumanityEdit

After her wish to return Ozma to life was refused by The Gods, Salem decided to get the help of other Humans to take them down. She traveled across the land and visited various rulers and showed them her immortality, saying she stole it from the Gods. The rulers believed her and joined her in her quest to attack the Gods.

Fat King's Throne RoomEdit

The first king Salem visits. She hurts herself with an axe to show her immortality. He is surrounded by food and drinks.

He resembles typical medieval European nobility.

Stern Queen's Throne RoomEdit

The second monarch Salem visits. Her throne is made out of pillows and is guarded by soldiers on each side.

Her dress has an Eastern aesthetic.

Zealous King's Throne RoomEdit

The third leader Salem visits. He appears to be a warrior-leader. He is shirtless and has a tattered robe. His belt features a golden skull. Salem kneels and he joins her. His soldiers wear knightly armor with horned helmets and wield swords and axes.

He resembles a barbarian.

Other LocationsEdit

Other Kingdoms and their people are seen when the God of Darkness wipes the planet of Humanity.

Early AgeEdit

In his first reincarnation, Ozma awakens in a new age where we see several locations.


Atlesian FacilityEdit

In the "Volume 6 Adam Character Short" a flashback shows an attack that the White Fang staged on an Atlesian facility. The goal of this mission is unknown, but Sienna Khan, Adam Taurus, Ilia Amitola and several other members of the White Fang fought through a number of Atlesian Knight-130 robots and later Atlesian Soldiers guarding the facility.

Marcus and Mercury's HouseEdit

The house seen in "Beginning of the End" was the home of the assassin Marcus Black and his son Mercury Black.

When Cinder Fall and Emerald Sustrai arrived they witnessed a bloody Mercury standing over his dead father while the house was on fire. As Mercury had nothing but hate for the place where his father abused him he gladly joined Cinder and leave his former home behind.

Sanus CrossroadsEdit

A crossroads somewhere in Sanus was a place for an important fight. Cinder, Emerald and Mercury found out the location of the then- Fall Maiden Amber and set up an ambush for her. They ended up defeating her but during the process of taking her powers, Qrow Branwen stepped in and severed the connection before it was completed. Cinder's faction quickly retreated and Qrow was left to take Amber to Vale.

Misty MountainsEdit

Shown in a flashback in "The Grimm Reaper", Maria Calavera was traveling across misty mountains many years ago. While crossing a bridge she was attacked by a giant Nevermore and fought it across several mountains. She landed on a flat mountaintop and used her silver-eyed powers to turn it to stone. After that, she was ambushed by Tock and her crew. Maria dispatched the three assailants but had trouble with Tock due to her Semblance. She managed to kill her, but Tock cut out her eyes.


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