The following is a list of Vale and Beacon Academy minor characters from RWBY, arranged alphabetically and categorically.

Meg Scarlatina

Meg Scarlatina is Velvet Scarlatina's Faunus mother. She and Velvet's father, Will Scarlatina, are in different kingdoms, possibly separated due to what Will describes as different views on the world.[1]

Velvet mentions that she got "her mother's ears", implying Meg is also a rabbit Faunus.

Meg as a girl's name is a short form of the Greek for Margaret meaning "pearl" and Scarlatina is an alternative name for scarlet fever.

The Achieve Men

Artwork by Patrick Rodriguez.[2]

RWBY Chibi version

The Achieve Men, and Achibi Men in RWBY Chibi, are presumably a boy band in Remnant. The group is an Easter Egg directly referring to the Rooster Teeth gamer group Achievement Hunter, going as far as to have a poster based on a promotional picture of the real Achievement Hunters.

Yang is a fan of the group, since she puts a poster of them up in the Team RWBY dorm room in "The Badge and The Burden". In "Burning the Candle", a poster was also seen in JNPR's dorm room. The group has yet to make an actual appearance in the show, and the in-world names of its members are currently unknown.

Four of the six real-world members of Achievement Hunter, Jack Pattillo, Ryan Haywood (formerly), Michael Jones and Gavin Free, have voice roles as characters in RWBY (specifically Junior, Professor Port (formerly), Sun Wukong, and Scarlet David respectively). "Achieve Men" was Geoff Ramsey's original name for the Achievement Hunter website.[3]

A chibi version of the Achieve Men boy band poster also appears in RWBY Chibi, with Ray Narvaez, Jr. (second from left) replaced by Jeremy Dooley, mirroring the real-life roster change.


The councilmen and Ironwood speaking to Ozpin

The Councilmen are high-ranking government officials and representatives of the ruling council of the Kingdom of Vale.

In "Breach", following the destructive Grimm outbreak in Vale, the councilmen expressed their doubt in Ozpin's ability to provide sufficient security to the 40th Vytal Festival, and they transferred this responsibility to General James Ironwood, of the visiting Atlesian contingent. They also warned Ozpin that his position as headmaster of Beacon Academy was called into question.

Following the Fall of Beacon, the council decided to place a ban on air transportation in Vale due to Ironwood's ships being hacked.

Jimmy Vanille, father of Neopolitan and former City Manager of Vale, worked under the Vale City Council before his death.

The councilman with a speaking role was voiced by Gray G. Haddock.

Crow Bar Bartender

The bartender at Crow Bar

The Bartender was seen at Crow Bar, where Qrow Branwen was first seen drinking whilst watching the Vytal Festival matches in the episode "New Challengers...". He attempted to engage Qrow in casual conversation, praising the performances of Team JNPR and Team SSSN, but Qrow is unreceptive and mostly dismissed him. After Qrow leaves, he accidentally knocks over a glass and says to himself dejectedly, "Aww, gee darn it." Originally he was supposed to say "Aww gee dang it", but his voice actor couldn't say it for some reason and they changed it to the line said in the show.[4] The Bartender made a cameo in "Fall".

He was voiced by Markus Horstmeyer, who bought a perk for a voice role during Rooster Teeth's Lazer Team Indiegogo campaign.[5] The Bartender shares a distinctive mustache with his voice actor.[6]


The holographic assistant at the CCT

The CCT AI[7] was a holographic assistant who attended to users of the Cross Continental Transmit System tower in Vale. She took the appearance of a young woman in a uniform, with dark hair tied into a bun and dark blue eyes. She attended to Weiss Schnee in "A Minor Hiccup" and displayed a cheery personality.

The CCT AI was voiced by Megan Castro, who worked in sales at Rooster Teeth.

The AI's Character model was used as part of the crowd of Spectators at the Vytal Festival, and can also be seen fleeing the Grimm Attack.

Cyril Ian

Cyril Ian is a news reporter for Vale News Network. In "Ruby Rose", he is heard reporting the case of "nefarious criminal Roman Torchwick", advising viewers to contact authorities if seen.

Miles Luna and Kerry Shawcross intentionally made Cyril's name sound like "cerulean", in order to fit the color naming rule.[8]

Cyril was voiced by Patrick Rodriguez, who was also an artist on RWBY.


The pair of detectives confronting Sun Wukong

A pair of Detectives working for the Vale Police Department are seen in "The Stray", investigating the most recent in a series of Dust store robberies. One of them hypothesizes that the White Fang are behind the robberies, the other simply replies that they aren't paid enough. The pair later confronts Sun, who is seen hanging from a lamppost. Despite their efforts, he deftly evades their attempts to apprehend him.

The duo is voiced by Burnie Burns and Joel Heyman. They share their personality, appearance and voice actors with a pair of similar characters in Rooster Teeth Shorts. They also share certain mannerisms, such as nonchalantly waving firearms around.

Gray Family

A family of six from the village of Lower Cairn outside Vale. Lower Cairn was destroyed by Grimm, but the six managed to escape. The family consisted of Linus, the father, Rhea, the mother and their four children - a son named Leander and their daughters, Phoebe, Helen and Clio. They hid in an underground cave and were eventually discovered by Team CFVY, who were searching for survivors. Coco Adel entered the cave while the rest of the team looked to find or make another exit.[9]

Linus was pinned to the ground by a Death Stalker's stinger but was saved by Yatsuhashi Daichi. Coco dispatched the Death Stalker with Gianduja.[10] Linus was killed by an Ursa outside the cave. The Ursa was killed by Velvet Scarlatina before it could kill Rhea, who fled back into the cave with her children. All five were killed when a Goliath collapsed the cave completely.[11]

Linus means "flax" in Greek, bringing light yellows to mind. Rhea is also a Welsh name referring to a river in Wales, bringing blues to mind. Leander is a Greek name meaning "lion man", bringing golds to mind. Phoebe is a Greek name meaning "bright", bringing bright colors to mind. Helen is a Greek name meaning "shining light", bringing light colors to mind. Clio is a Greek name meaning "celebrate", bringing bright colors to mind. Their surname is literally a color, a mix between black and white.

Madame Mallari

Madame Mallari

Madame Mallari[12] is a folk medicine practitioner on the Island of Patch, and a neighbor to Yang Xiao Long, Ruby Rose, and Taiyang Xiao Long. Yang helped her out on her farm while she was recovering from her injuries from the Fall of Beacon. She has prosthetic legs and helps Yang out after the loss of her arm.

In RWBY 6, she is last seen giving Yang a heartwarming embraced before she leaves Patch. She also give some herbs to Yang for her journey to Anima. She was last seen brewing up another medical concoction.

Mallari is derived from Mayari, an ancient Tagalog goddess of the moon, bringing shades of white to mind.

Spruce Willis

Spruce Willis is likely a movie actor or director in Remnant. Jaune Arc mentions him in "A Minor Hiccup" when he tries to invite Weiss to Willis' most recent movie.

His name is a play on words with "Spruce", a tree from the Pinaceae family that gives its name to a particular tone of green, and real-world actor Bruce Willis, who is known for his action movies.

Vega Bleu

Vega attended Pharos Academy in Vale alongside Velvet and Coco. She chose to attend Atlas Academy afterward. Velvet used a copy of her weapon with Anesidora to aide in her descent to the Emerald Forest during her Beacon Academy initiation. The weapon, a pair of arm-mounted grappling hooks, allowed Velvet to swing between several trees to slow her momentum.[13]

Vega is a Spanish name than means "dweller in the meadow", bringing greens to mind. Bleu is French for blue.

Unnamed Reporters

Various reporters are heard in "Of Runaways and Stowaways" while Yang browses various news channels.

Reporter 01 is voiced by Tyler Coe, Reporter 02 is voiced by Amber Lee Connors and Reporter 03 is voiced by Jason Douglas, who also voices Jacques Schnee.[14]

Beacon Academy

Staff, students and other characters related to Beacon Academy.

Thumbelina Peach

Professor Thumbelina Peach was a teacher at Beacon Academy that taught Plant Science.[15] In "Forever Fall", Peach was mentioned by Glynda Goodwitch as having instructed each student to fill a jar of red sap from the trees of Forever Fall. According to "The Vacuum", the 6th episode of RWBY Chibi, the professor is a woman. Her class was revealed in RWBY: After the Fall. Her role in the Battle of Beacon and status after the Fall of Beacon are currently unknown

Peaches are a species of fruit, often found in pink or orange colors, and peach is often considered a color, like that of the fruit.

Thumbelina is a fairy tale written by Hans Christian Andersen about a tiny girl, Thumbelina, and her adventures with toads, moles, and may bugs. Thumbelina is also a genus of Lavenders, specifically called Thumbelina Leigh.

Professor Peach may also be a reference to Professor Plum, a character in the board game Cluedo, who was likewise named for a species of fruit.

Ann Greene

Professor Ann Greene was a teacher at Beacon Academy mentioned in After the Fall that taught Stealth and Security.[15] Her role in the Battle of Beacon and status after the Fall of Beacon are currently unknown

Ann is a Latin name meaning "eagle", bringing many colors to mind, such as gray, black, white, brown, and gold.

The name Greene is Anglo-Saxon in origin and is derived from the Old English "grene", meaning green.

She may be an allusion to Anne of Green Gables.

Harold Mulberry

Professor Harold Mulberry was a teacher at Beacon Academy mentioned in After the Fall that taught Weapon Crafting and Upkeep.[15] His role in the Battle of Beacon and status after the Fall of Beacon are currently unknown

Mulberries are a type of flowering plant with dark purple or black berries.

He may be an allusion to the English nursery rhyme, "Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush."

Iris Marilla

Iris Marilla was involved in the same initiation in the Emerald Forest as Team CFVY. Coco sees her falling as they descend. Coco describes her as "floating" to the ground. Coco thinks she's cute, particularly with the flowers in her hair, but heads in the opposite direction once she lands, thinking that the girl could hold her back.[16]

In RWBY: Before the Dawn, Iris attends an 8am History class taught by Rumpole with Team CFVY, visibly uncomfortable at talks of the Fall of Beacon. She has also joined the Beacon Brigade and was upset after mentioning Castor due to him dying in the Fall of Beacon.

Iris is a genus of flowers as well as the name of the Greek Goddess of Rainbows, while Marilla is a girl's name meaning "shining sea" in Latin.


Castor was one of Iris's friends, possibly a boyfriend, who died at the Fall of Beacon.

Castor as a boy's name is of Greek origin, and the meaning of Castor is "beaver". In classical myth, along with Pollux, one of the heavenly twins immortalized in the constellation Gemini.

It is unknown if Castor had a twin named Pollux.


Other various unnamed students of Beacon Academy appeared in RWBY.

A trio of unnamed students were seen during the first night at Beacon in "The Shining Beacon, Pt.2". Yang ogled them as they roughhouse in the common area.

A student in "The Badge and The Burden" shouted "EEE-YUP" in the classroom in response to a question asked by Professor Port. This is a reference to Andrew Blanchard's catchphrase from the Internet Box Podcast, which several cast and crew members of RWBY also work on. He was voiced by Kerry Shawcross.[17]

A student in "Field Trip", voiced by Jacob Strickler, shouted "Team CFVY is back!" when the Team arrived back from their mission.

RWBY: Roman Holiday

Dr. Mazarin

Dr. Mazarin was a psychiatrist hired by Jimmy and Carmel Vanille to diagnose and offer advice on their daughter Trivia's condition. Her input was largely unheeded by the parents, but Trivia herself was more receptive to Mazarin's words.

"Mazarin" was the last name of Jules Mazarin, born Giulio Raimondo Mazzarino, an Italian cardinal and duke who lived during the seventeenth century. Cardinals are well known for their red-colored garments.

Cookie, Mags, and Heather

Three girls slightly older than a 12-year old Trivia; Cookie, Mags and Heather were bullies known for causing trouble in Vale's commercial district. The trio sported similar spiky green-streaked hairstyles and matching outfits consisting of black jackets, blue tops, miniskirts fastened with chain belts and combat boots.

Cookie is the most aggressive of the trio while Heather wanted to leave Trivia alone.

Cookie, Mags and Heather confront Trivia when they notice her mismatched eyes. When Trivia is not able to respond and tries to leave, Cookie trips her. Trivia retaliates by using her Semblance, creating the illusion of a fissure in the ground between herself and the girls. As she does, Neopolitan appears and punches Cookie, breaking her nose. The confrontation draws the attention of Officers Arad and Cloud.

Cookies are sweet biscuits typically with pieces of chocolate on the top, coming in a warm-brown color. "Mags" could be a shortened form of "Margaret" which means "pearl". Heather is the name of a purple-colored Eurasian heath that grows on moorland.

Arad and Cloud

Arad and Cloud were members of the Vale Police Department. The two are partners, and have an amicable working relationship. Arad is impatient and sarcastic, which is offset by Cloud's gentle demeanor.

After Trivia Vanille has an incident with Cookie, Mags and Heather, the officers chase her in worry about her safety. After catching Trivia, who had nearly fallen into a construction site, they learn that she is the daughter of Vanille family, expressing surprise as few people knew that the Vanilles even had a daughter. Concerned that there may be a situation of abuse, the two officers decide to escort the girl home and contact the parents, where they ask Carmel Vanille if there was anything going on.

Arad is a biblical name that can mean "a wild ass", or donkey, bringing greys and browns to mind. Clouds are formations of condensed water vapor suspended high in the atmosphere, which are typically grey and white in color.


Aurelia was Neo's teacher in her formative years, being generally described as kind-hearted and well-meaning.

Originally a combat instructor at Patch Combat School, she resigned after a training mission resulted in the death of a 15-year old student, who was distracting an Ursa as the rest of the class fled. Aurelia blamed herself for overestimating the student's abilities, despite the school's board having not held the event against her. This loss weighed heavily on Aurelia's conscience, with Trivia noting that she looked sad and tired all the time.

Aurelia would later go on to be a tutor for Trivia at the Vanille Estate, having been hired by the Vanilles for her experience with students who had untrained Semblances. She was slightly irritated by the lack of effort from her unmotivated student, but found Trivia's demeanor humorous despite this. During one of her history lessons, Trivia served Aurelia a cup of tea spiked with sleeping powder before stealing her tutor's car and going on a shoplifting spree. This caused Aurelia to quit as Trivia's teacher, and Jimmy Vanille gave her a sizable severance package and one of his cars to buy her silence.

Aurelia comes from the Latin word "aureus" meaning "golden, gilded".


Ms. Burgundy is a young businesswoman who sells Roman Torchwick a luxury apartment in Vale. She once had dreams of being a Huntress before failing the entrance exams and finding her niche.

Burgundy is a shade of dark-red with a tinge of purple in it.


Fred is a naïve man who'd recently graduated school before being hired to work as a teller at the First Bank of Vale. He is a Faunus, with dog ears as his animal trait.

When Roman Torchwick enters the bank looking to rob it, he finds Fred's naïvety frustrating and is baffled by the man's innocence and lack of fear in the face of a criminal. It is not until Roman reveals that his cane is also a gun that Fred realizes that he isn't merely reenacting an action movie scene and begins to take the threat seriously, cooperating with the criminal's demands and bringing him a large sum of money from the bank's vault.

"Fred" is a shortened form of "Frederick" which means "peaceful ruler"; concepts of "peace" typically bring whites to mind.

Kandi Floss

Kandi Floss is a graduate of Haven Academy who operates as a Huntress in Vale alongside Roch Szalt. When Roman robs the First Bank of Vale, they attempt to stop him and fail, causing more harm than good in the form of property damage.

Her weapon is a slingshot which can transform into a tuning fork that fires sonic blasts.

Her name is a reference to candy floss, also known as cotton candy, which are typically pink in color.

Roch Szalt

Roch Szalt is a graduate of Haven Academy who formerly operated as a Huntsman in Vale alongside Kandi Floss. When Roman robs the First Bank of Vale, they attempt to stop him and fail, causing more harm than good in the form of property damage. This causes him to lose his license, disgracing him. It is heavily implied that he constantly did more harm than good on Huntsman jobs and this incident was the last straw before his license was revoked. He later finds work as security in Vale's warehouse district, and has a rematch with Roman and Neo, who promptly defeat him during their coffee heist. He is left unconscious after his Aura breaks as the warehouse collapses on top of him.

His weapon is a collapsible staff, with different blades on each side: one being clawed and the other being spiked.

His name is a reference to rock salt, invoking the color white.


Zhu was one of Roman's pickpocket victims on the day the criminal robbed the First Bank of Vale, and reported this crime when he was interviewed by the Vale News Network later that day.

"Zhu" is a Chinese surname which means "vermilion red, cinnabar".

Dunn and Matte Looney

Dunn and Matte Looney are members of the Xiong Family as well as corrupt members of the Vale Police Department. The two are rather incompetent, as is demonstrated when they accept and consume doughnuts gifted to them by the very criminal they were arresting. Despite this, they were still seen as valuable assets by Hei Xiong who is greatly angered when they fall unconscious due to the doughnuts they ate being laced with sedatives.

After Roman Torchwick began making waves in Vale, the two are tasked with keeping an eye on his apartment building. When Roman enters their car to 'turn himself in,' they take him to their boss, Hei Xiong, instead of a police station. Matte and Dunn are later encountered by Neopolitan, who at first assumes that they are regular cops. When she identifies herself as Trivia Vanille and reports to them that Roman Torchwick had been kidnapped, they take her to Junior's to see Hei Xiong, who had asked them to keep an eye out for Jimmy and Carmel's daughter.

Dunn has asthma and has aspirations to be a detective.

"Dunn" comes from an Old English word meaning "dark" or a Gaelic word meaning "brown". "Matte" describes a color that is dull and flat, without shine.


Carnation is a member of the Xiong Family, who worked as a chef at the Just Right, a restaurant owned by Hei Xiong. He likely began working for Hei under threat of death. His imposing stature and finesse with a carving knife made Carnation a threatening enforcer when Hei entertained potentially dangerous guests at the restaurant, such as Roman Torchwick.

Carnation is a family of pink flowers.

Hei Xiong

Hei Xiong was the former leader of the Xiong Family and the father of Junior Xiong.

Under his control, the Xiong Family rose to be the greatest crime syndicate in Vale during his time, using the Vale police to monitor official actions. At one point, the group had some control over the Dust shipments in Vale through corrupt City Manager Jimmy Vanille, who was pressured into helping the organization by Hei. He would become Trivia's honorary uncle through this connection.

After getting to know her, Hei Xiong treated Neo better than her parents did by sending her gifts that she actually enjoyed. However, he was not above using her as a hostage when it was in his favor.

Junior inherits his father's syndicate after his demise in a gang war between the Xiong Family and Spider at the Vanille Estate.

He alludes to Papa Bear in the story of Goldilocks.

Like his son, his name means "black bear" in Chinese.

Seedy Tattoo Artist

A professional tattoo artist and amateur surgeon operating somewhere in the City of Vale, most likely illegally.

After deciding that his Spider tattoo was only going to cause problems, Roman Torchwick visits a tattoo parlor where he can have it removed. The tattoo artist at first believes that he wants his entire arm amputated and is disappointed when he asks her to simply remove the tattoo. She finds the Spider tattoo impressive and suggests remaking it into a pumpkin's grin, not wanting to undo such good work. Roman agrees to this and she gleefully straps him to a chair, promising that the process will be painful.

Lady Browning's Preparatory Academy Students

Lady Browning had various students at her Academy:

  • Roux - a girl who allegedly sleeps with a stuffed cat and wets her bed regularly. Her name means "red" in French.
  • Celeste - a girl claiming to have an older boyfriend at Oscuro Academy in Vacuo. "Celeste" is the name of a light shade of blue which comes from a precious mineral of a similar name, Celestine.
  • Laurel - a girl who cried herself to sleep every night for a time after arriving at Lady Browning's. Later began training to be a spy and assassin with Neopolitan. "Laurel" refers to the laurel tree, invoking greens and browns to mind.
  • Veronica - spoiled daughter of a Vale councilwoman, was sent to Lady Browning's after wrecking a sports car belonging to her mother's boyfriend. Her name could refer to vernonica purple.
  • Erin and Mauve - a couple who’d break up and get together again constantly. "Erin" is the name of a light shade of green. "Mauve" is the name of a shade of purple.
  • "Scarface" - a bully who attempted to cut Trivia's hair while she was sleeping, and received a scar on her cheek when Trivia woke up and took the shears from her. After this the other students began to bully her, calling her Scarface and throwing food at her in the cafeteria.

Magic Beans Driver

A truck driver working for the Magic Beans Coffee Company in Vale.

Neopolitan encounters him while she is doing reconnaissance for the coffee heist she was planning with Roman Torchwick. He alerts the police to the possibility of a robbery after Neo locks him in his truck to look at a map of his delivery route and is later taken hostage by Neo during the robbery itself when she steals his truck. When the robbery is concluded he is left unconscious in the warehouse as it collapses around him.

Manda Rin

A Huntress operating in Vale who was a part of Lady Beat's academy as a graduate and instructor. She teaches Neopolitan to use her skillset more efficiently.

Her name is a play on the term "mandarin", referring to a Chinese official.

"Mandarin" is also the name of the mandarin orange.


Stella was a close associate of Hei Xiong, likely his assistant.

As a former student of Lady Browning's Preparatory Academy for Girls, Stella donned a golden triskelion pin that marked her as a graduate. After it is revealed that the pin houses a camera as part of Lady Beat's surveillance network, Hei Xiong destroys it.

When Neopolitan is brought before Hei Xiong and reveals to him that Lil' Miss Malachite had plans to overthrow his crime syndicate, Hei orders Stella to go after Lil' Miss with a Bullhead. Stella is later ejected from the Bullhead when Neo seizes control of the craft. Neo was unsure if Stella had a parachute, and it is unknown if she survived the fall.

"Stella" is a Latin word for "star" that is commonly associated with shades of whitish-yellow.


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