The following is a list of Vacuo minor characters from RWBY, arranged alphabetically and categorically.

Desert Travelers

Amaranth and Ash

Amaranth was a resident of Gossan who eventually fled to Feldspar with her infant, Ash. She was interviewed by Velvet Scarlatina and Yatsuhashi Daichi about the "mood bombs" affecting the populace.[1]

When Feldspar was invaded by Grimm, they were saved by Yatsuhashi.[2] She later climbed up the back of the flatback slider with the other nomads.[3]

Amaranths are plants of the genus Amaranthus, typically having small green, red, or purple flowers.


Bast, short for Alabaster, was a resident of Tuff, who moved to Gossan, then Schist, then Feldspar after Grimm attacks helped destroyed each settlement in turn. He is close with Tuff's mayor, Slate and greeted her when she arrived in Feldspar after being saved by Team CFVY.[4]

Alabaster is a type of gypsum.

Not to be confused with Alabaster from Mistral.


Beryl was a weaver whose home and business had both been destroyed by other nomads as a result of a "mood bomb." After being interviewed by Velvet, she attempted to sell Velvet a new cloak.[5]

Beryl is named for beryl, a gemstone.


Celestine was a schoolteacher in Schist, who later moved to Feldspar. She was afraid to return to work after a "mood bomb" caused a violent argument in her classroom.[5]

Celestine is a mineral named for its occasional delicate blue color.


Copper was a member of the Kenyte tribe in Vacuo. After the death of Fox Alistair's parents in a sinkhole, Copper helped to raise Fox, despite not being much older than the boy himself. Fox called him "uncle" as a result.[6]

Copper was killed by a man who wanted what little property Copper owned and the man was subsequently killed by the rest of the tribe afterward. The tribe helped to raise Fox afterward.[7]

Copper, could allude the 1967 novel, The Fox and the Hound, written by Daniel P. Mannix. His name derives from the name of the hound of the novel, Copper. Additionally, copper is a well-known metal with a pinkish-orange color.


Hans is a child from a village in Vacuo, whose tribe eventually ended up in Feldspar. When Slate arrived there, she instructed Hans and the other two children playing nearby to take the mole crab meat she brought with her to the mess and to ration it, allowing each child to set aside an extra portion for themselves.[8]

Hans is a Hindi and Sanskrit word for 'swan, which are white in color.

Opal and Jasper

Opal and Jasper are two nomads who were forced to marry in secret because a large gathering of people could have been a catalyst for a "mood bomb" that had been affecting the populace of Feldspar.[9]

Opal and Jasper are named after the gemstones of the same name.


Topaz is a Faunus waitress in Feldspar, whose animal trait is a pig snout. She took the orders of Slate and Team CFVY before being bumped into by Bertilak Celadon, who blamed her.[10] When she returns with the food, she gave Bertilak a wide berth.[11]

She is named after topaz, a gemstone.


Starr Sanzang

Starr Sanzang is Sun Wukong's older cousin mentioned in RWBY: Before the Dawn. She was part of Sun's clan in Vacuo, later settling in the city of Vacuo and opening a dojo. She was there when Sun discovered his Semblance, Via Sun. She owns a dojo in the city of Vacuo. While Sun was originally hesitant to see her again after he returned to Vacuo, he eventually decided to do so with Velvet following the attack on Shade Academy by The Crown.

Stars bring yellows and oranges to mind, though they could also make someone think of cyans, reds, or whites.

Starr likely alludes to Tang Sanzang, based on the historical Buddhist monk Xuanzang, is a central character in the novel Journey to the West by Wu Cheng'en.

Finn Asturias

Finn Asturias is the father of Jax Asturias and Gillian Asturias, and was the husband of Luna Asturias. He was described by Sun Wukong as a lonely and boring man with a fascination for history and a hatred for the other Kingdoms, to the point of not allowing its technology in his house. Finn has an intense interest in literature, and followed the works of the late Headmaster Ozpin.

Finn is first encountered by Sun and Neptune, when he told them about his two kids who disappeared years ago after abandoning Shade Academy. After discovering The Crown's plan, teams CFVY and SSSN meet him in his home, and tell Finn about his children's actions in the present day. Horrified, he helped the teams plan against the two, telling them of their past and motivations, as well as the Asturias kids' Semblances and aids them in realizing that the Crown will attack soon.

Finn is a boy's name of Irish origin meaning "fair or white". Asturias is an autonomous community within the northwest of Spain, typically known for its mountainous setting with vast and lush greenery.

Luna Asturias

Luna Asturias was the late mother of Jax and Gillian Asturias, and the wife of Finn Asturias.

When Luna Asturias was pregnant with Jax and Gillian Asturias, she became sick and her Aura would deplete constantly. At the time, the same would happen with Jax. It was thought to be a condition until they realized Gillian’s Semblance had been draining them. An emergency procedure was needed to save Jax from being drained, and Luna died in the process without seeing her kids or saying goodbye to her husband.

Asturias is an autonomous community within the northwest of Spain, typically known for its mountainous setting with vast and lush greenery. "Luna" is another word for moon, bringing silvery-white colors to mind.

Tayet Aldhahab

Tayet Aldhahab was a skilled cage fighter in the Mirage, who was described as being tall and muscular, and had golden skin with bandages around her arm. She was shown battling Umber Gorgoneion, but was subsequently defeated by the younger girl’s Semblance.

Tayet alludes to Tayt, an Egyptian goddess of weaving and mummification. Her surname is a corrupted form of Aḏ-Ḏahab meaning "the gold". It might allude to a Mamluk emir and regent of Ottoman Egypt named Abu Aḏ-Ḏahab (meaning "father of gold") apparently on account of his generosity and wealth.

Lily and her younger sister

Lily was a missing woman in Vacuo who is the older sister to a brown-haired Faunus with mouse ears. When visiting the Weeping Wall, the girl tells Teams CFVY and SSSN that Lily had disappeared two nights ago while trying to make money for food at downtown Vacuo. Lily had the Semblance to make small objects temporarily stick together.

It was later revealed that she was kidnapped by The Crown and brainwashed to fight for them by Jax's Mind Control Semblance. Following The Crown's failed attack on Shade Academy, Lily was likely released from the organization and allowed to return to her family.

Lily alludes to the flower which typically blooms white, pink, red, yellow, or orange.

Shade Academy

Rae Noire

Rae is a Shade Academy student who was drafted into Team BYRN after the teams were reshuffled.

Her name, Rae, is a shortened form of the Hebrew name Rachel, meaning female sheep. Rae's last name, Noire, is the female form of “noir” in french, which is synonymous with the color black. Rae likely alludes to nursery rhyme, Baa, Baa, Black Sheep.

She participated in the Battle of Shade.

Ariadne Guime

Ariadne is a Shade Academy student who was drafted into Team SSEA after teams were reshuffled.

Ariadne was a Cretan princess in Greek mythology, associated with the Minotaur and Theseus. Her name may also refer to Adriana, a genus of tube-dwelling spiders. Guimet's blue is a shade of blue first developed by French chemist Jean-Baptiste Guimet in 1826.[12]

She participated in the Battle of Shade.

Elektra Fury

Elektra is a Shade Academy student who was drafted into Team SSEA after teams were reshuffled.

Elektra likely alludes to Electra, one of the most popular mythological characters in tragedies. Her first name is a female Greek name meaning “amber” and “shining; “incandescent”. “Fury” is another word for anger, bringing about red colors to mind.

She participated in the Battle of Shade.

Rowena Sunnybrook

Rowena is the weapons training teacher at Shade Academy. She is described as being cheerful and energetic in nature, keeping her hair in a dark braid. She is noted by Scarlet David as going from chatty to catty when Xanthe Rumpole turns up late. Despite acknowledging the students need a break, she claims they won’t have one in combat.

She participated in the Battle of Shade.

The name Rowena means "Fame Joy" and is of English origin. Her last name, Sunnybrook, brings about yellow colors to mind with the use of the key word sun. The Lady Rowena is Ivanhoe's love interest in the novel of the same name by Walter Scott.


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