The following is a list of minor characters outside of Kingdoms from RWBY, arranged alphabetically and categorically.



This Innkeeper was mentioned in a story Qrow tells Yang and Ruby in the episode "Lessons Learned". In the story, after fighting many Grimm in the swamplands to the west of Mistral, a tired Qrow ducks into an inn filled with unsavory characters, including rogue Huntsmen in their employ, when he was abruptly "defeated" by the sight of this innkeeper's skirt length.

The veracity of this story is dubious, and it is not known if the innkeeper actually exists.


The village blacksmith

This Faunus blacksmith made Jaune Arc a new set of armor in "The Next Step". His Faunus trait is a set of horns on his head. He lives in a village located on the continent of Anima, though outside the Kingdom of Mistral.

As payment for defeating a Geist that was attacking his village, the blacksmith agreed to forge Jaune a new set of armor and upgrade his weapon, Crocea Mors. Team RNJR provided him with metal that once belonged to Pyrrha Nikos. He may also have performed the recent upgrade to Nora Valkyrie's weapon Magnhild. He asks Team RNJR if they want to stay, claiming that they have been good to the village, but they decline as they move on to Haven Academy.

The blacksmith was voiced by Chris Guerrero.[1]

Dying Huntsman

The Dying Huntsman

The dying huntsman appeared in "Remembrance" as an injured Huntsman lying against a broken wall who was found by Team RNJR in Shion Village. He had fatal wounds on his torso. According to him, Shion was attacked by bandits and the panic that ensued attracted creatures of Grimm with them being led by the Nuckelavee. He died soon after. It was later revealed in "Family" that Raven Branwen directly or indirectly caused his death as she led the bandit attack.

He had spiky, light-brown hair and hazel eyes. He wore a short-sleeved gray and black jacket with yellow trim, underneath a breastplate with large, sturdy, dark gray straps. He had gray gloves with metal backings and multiple layers that extended up past his elbows, and black pants with white sleeves and black boots. His weapon appeared to be a white and gray gun of some sort with a scope.

The Dying Huntsman was voiced by Alejandro Saab (English)[2] and Atsushi Miyamoto (Japanese).

Just Rite Bartender

Just Rite Bartender

The Bartender at Just Rite, a fuel station with a bar, meets Yang on her journey. He grants her free water after she punches out Shay D. Mann and then tries to caution her against getting involved with the local bandits.

The Bartender is voiced by Zane Rutledge.


The mayor shakes hands with Ruby in thanks

The mayor is the leader or representative of a village located on the continent of Anima, though outside the Kingdom of Mistral. He thanked Team RNJR for defeating the Geist which was attacking his village in "The Next Step". As payment, he arranged for Jaune to receive a new set of armor from the village Blacksmith.

He has gray hair and appears to be quite old. He wears red robes accented with gold, a necklace of green prayer beads around his neck and a golden ornamental hairpiece.

He is voiced by Mike McFarland (English) [3] and Shōhei Tō (Japanese).

Three Boys

V4 10 00029.png

The Tall Boy, Medium Boy, and the Short Boy lived in Kuroyuri village prior to its destruction. One day, they all noticed a young, dirty Nora Valkyrie clutching a loaf of bread after she was abandoned by her mother. They at first mocked her for being a thief, then as a trash-picker when they realized that the bread is moldy. Medium Boy tried to take the bread from Nora, but she bit him before he could touch it. They mocked her strange clothes, commented that they had never seen her before and decided that she had been abandoned like a dog. The three boys ran away after Li Ren showed up and demanded to know what was going on. All three were later killed during the Grimm attack on the Village.

Tall Boy was voiced by Scott Frerichs.

Medium Boy was voiced by Marissa Lenti.

Short Boy was voiced by Amber Lee Connors.



Bandit Two (left) and Bandit One (right)

The bandits first appear in "Dread in the Air", capturing Weiss after the cargo ship she was in had crashed. They are part of the Branwen Tribe. Later when Weiss talked about how her sister Winter Schnee would save her, they laughed at her due to already knowing that she returned to Atlas after General James Ironwood recalled all of his soldiers back before he closed the borders.

Later when Cinder's Faction and Arthur Watts found the bandits camp, they were among the bandits told to relocate.

Bandit One is voiced by Chris Kokkinos.

Bandit Two is voiced by Billy B Burson III.

Unnamed Crew Members

ORaS ship crewmember1.png
ORaS ship crewmember2.png

Two crew members were seen in "Of Runaways and Stowaways" assisting the captain in the battle against the Sea Feilong.

Crew Member 01 is voiced by Yunhao Xhang and Crew Member 02 is voiced by Chris Kokkinos.[4]

Penny's Driver

Near the end of "Black and White", Penny was picked up by an unseen driver who briefly chastised her for wandering on her own in Vale, before telling her that "her time will come." The driver was likely a member of the Atlas Military sent to retrieve her.

The Driver is voiced by Alan Abdine.

Past Characters

Unnamed Spring Maiden

This Spring Maiden was Raven Branwen's predecessor. A decade before the events of the show, a young girl inherited the Spring Maiden's powers, through either being in the thoughts of her predecessor or random selection. However, the Maiden's determination gradually waned into ineptitude to handle the responsibility, leading her to flee. She eventually crossed paths with Raven, who accepted her into the Branwen Tribe and attempted to train her to control her abilities. However, Raven soon deemed the training to be unproductive, and the Maiden too weak to take advantage of her powers, subsequently killing her out of "mercy" and inheriting her powers as a result. It is implied that Raven harbors guilt for killing the Maiden.

Gretchen Rainart

Gretchen Rainart was the younger twin sister[5] of Hazel Rainart, who joined Beacon Academy against her brother's wishes. She died during a training mission, and Hazel originally blamed Ozpin for her death. She was what motivated Hazel to join Salem until he learned of Salem's true plans and decided to defect. During his fight against Salem, he told Oscar Pine not to let anyone else die like she did before he sacrificed himself to stop Salem.

She alludes to Gretel from the fairy tale Hansel and Gretel.

Gretchen is a German name meaning "pearl." Rainart is a name of Old German origin and can translate as either "Brave Counsel" or "Strong Judgment."

Marcus Black

Marcus Black's corpse

Marcus Black was the father of Mercury Black. He was a skilled assassin and lived in the mountains with his son, to whom he taught some of his skills. He was also an alcoholic, drinking after a long day of work. In addition, according to Mercury, every day of training involved Marcus beating him up.

Cinder Fall and Emerald Sustrai went searching for Marcus in order to recruit him to their group. However, before they were able to meet Marcus, Mercury killed him in a battle partially witnessed by Cinder and Emerald. Mercury's reason for this was later revealed to be due to constant abuse and him stealing his Semblance from him. Cinder recruited Mercury into her group in Marcus' place.

In "Lost", it was revealed he had a Semblance which could steal the Semblances of others. Marcus used his Semblance to steal Mercury's with the false promise of returning it after his son got stronger. Mercury also revealed that his father hated and physically abused him continuously, giving hints about the reason why he killed Marcus.

Marcus is derived from the word "Mars", which is also the name of a red planet on the Solar System, and the Roman name for the god of war, Ares. Like his son, his surname is literally a color.

Maria Calavera's Father

An unnamed Silver-Eyed Warrior and Maria Calavera's father and teacher. He eventually passed away at some point in the past.

Maria first mentioned her father in "Dead End", describing him as "an old soldier and an excellent teacher". Maria never attended a combat school but still managed to score higher on the license exam than any other Huntsman or Huntress that day thanks to his teaching. She also mentioned that he would have scolded her for showing off.

Her father also shared with her what he knew of their Silver Eyes, but the only information he could find was of legends telling of their kind. This lack of known information made him cautious and even suspicious. He wondered how a powerful bloodline could be so rare and theorized that something was actively seeking to destroy them.

Tock's Crew

Tock and her crew surrounding Maria

When Tock hunted down Maria, she was accompanied by three associates. They tracked her down in some mountains. Two were armed with a rifle and sword similar to the ones wielded by the Branwen tribe and the third one wielded a giant hammer.

When the battle started, they fought alongside Tock but were dispatched rather quickly and were killed during the battle.

Light Novel Characters

Iona Rockshow


Iona Rockshow is a little girl who is an official from Starhead Industrial Company and the daughter of the current CEO of the company. She attacked Teams RWBY and JNPR before giving them resort tickets from SIC.

Iona is an old Norse name meaning "island of the den of the brown bear", bringing browns to mind. Rockshow appears to stem from "Rokushō", a blue-green patina traditionally used in Japanese decoration.

Dr. Rockshow

Dr. Rockshow with a group of his drones.

Dr. Rockshow is Iona Rockshow's father and the CEO of Starhead Industrial. He is the main antagonist of RWBY: The Session.

Dr. Rockshow is a bearded middle-aged man wearing a business suit with a half-black and half-white shirt and a cybernetic left eye. He has a large cannon equipped on his left arm with has a large, spatula-like shoulder guard and a rake-like set of claws. Whether this weapon is also a prosthetic or if Dr. Rockshow is simply wearing it is unknown.

Dr. Rockshow is a capable scientist and inventor who is responsible for the creation of drones taking the form of various animals, including elephants and giraffes, who have a basic AI and are capable of speaking; A single one of these drones, when piloted by his daughter, was able to hold its own against Team RWBY. Dr. Rockshow's arm-mounted cannon is able to fire a beam of plasma capable of destroying a Bullhead, which Roman Torchwick described as having similar properties to both fire and lightning.

Like his daughter, Dr. Rockshow's name appears to be based on the Rokushō patina. His first name is unknown.

Original Comic Characters

Mrs. Clementine

RWBY DC Comics 6 (Chapter 12) Mrs. Clementine.jpg

Mrs. Clementine[6] was the sister of Jett and the mother of two human children. She later forgave Blake for her brother's demise after Blake talked some sense into her and apologized for what she had done. She seemed to have a heavy grudge against Adam and Blake for her brother's demise. She carried a short sword for protection against Grimm.

She appeared to be feline Faunus like Blake except with long light blond hair and green eyes. She wore a grey long dress with white long sleeves with puffy shoulders.

She was last seen on her journey for safe haven and encountered the White Fang members, implying that she was killed by them.

Clementines are a variety of tangerines with a deep orange-red color.

Mrs. Clementine's children

RWBY DC Comics 6 (Chapter 12) Mrs. Clementine's children.jpg

Two unnamed human children consisting of one boy and girl belonging to Mrs. Clementine and Jett's niece and nephew. Despite their uncle's cruel behavior after his encounter with Adam, both spoke fondly of him. They both hate the White Fang for their uncle's demise.

A young boy has blond hair and wears a light green long sleeves shirt, jeans, and brown shoes. A young girl has short black hair and wears a magenta dress.

After the White Fang members encountered Miss Clementine and her carriage later on, it's implied that she and her children were killed by them.


RWBY DC Comics 6 (Chapter 12) Jett.jpg

Jett[7] was the brother of Mrs. Clementine and the uncle of his sister's children. He was the Faunus Schnee Dust Company guard Adam shot at the Harbor of Haven two years ago. According to his sister, ever since he was almost killed by Adam, he became a different person. He became an alcoholic, cold-hearted, swore a lot, snarled at her children, and became obsessed with getting revenge on Adam, the White Fang, and the humans who used him. He fell off a bridge where he was walking. Blake thinks he died of a broken heart, but his sister thinks he died from a broken neck.

Jett comes from the English word "jet", which refers to the intense black color jet-black.

Picotee Pirates

RWBY DC Comics 6 (Chapter 11) Picotee Pirate.jpg

The Picotee Pirates are a group of pirates who attack Yang in RWBY Comic Issue 6 on her way to find her birth mother, Raven. When most run away, one was left behind who said he was not a member and was just traveling with them. He also almost punched Yang's eye. She berated him, telling him that he cannot take from others because something was taken from him. He fought her again using gloves that can generate and manipulate red lightning. She then proceeded to attack him with her bike, Bumblebee. As he runs, he was revealed to actually be the captain of the Picotee Pirates. When he makes it back to their ship, he tells the crew that she was not to have interference or interruptions from any pirates or bandits. The Picotee pirate captain was last seen on his ship wondering about Yang.

Picotee describes flowers whose edge is a different color than the flower's base color. The word originates from the French picoté, meaning 'marked with points'.

Diana’s Faunus mothers

Diana’s Faunus mothers are residents of Bird of Paradise Island somewhere in Menagerie. They are the ones who created Diana and give her life as their princess and sent her on the Twelve Trials of the Zodiac. Respectively most of the mothers' traits resemble an animal associated with the Zodiac symbols such as cow and ram.

It implies they are DC Comic counterparts of Amazons of Paradise Island.


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