The following is a list of Mistral and Anima minor characters from RWBY, arranged alphabetically and categorically.

Miscellaneous Mistral credits

  • Mistral Pilot, voiced by Stan Lewis
  • Train Announcer, voiced by Alena Lecorchick
  • A female Mistral Pilot, voiced by Reina Scully
  • Mistral Police Captain, voiced by Jamie Smith

Oscar's Aunt

Oscar's Aunt is a woman who lives on a farm somewhere in Mistral with her nephew Oscar Pine and is his only known relative. She has not made a physical appearance yet, but is heard in "Family" and "Punished" calling out to Oscar.

She is voiced by Marissa Lenti.[1]

Haven Tourist

V3 07 00120.png

An unnamed Haven Tourist was interviewed by a news reporter in "Beginning of the End" about his reaction after watching Yang punch Mercury's leg at the Vytal Festival Tournament. He remarked that the scene was disgraceful and "completely uncalled for".

He is voiced by Robert Reynolds.[2]

Heather Shields

Heather Shields was a Huntress from the Kingdom of Mistral. As Qrow attempted to enlist the help of other Huntsmen and Huntresses, he eventually visited Heather's home. The visit quickly ended on a sad note when it became apparent that Heather was missing in action and her family had no knowledge of where she was. It was later revealed that Heather was among the numerous Huntsmen and Huntresses killed by Tyrian Callows and Hazel, for Lionheart had given their locations to Salem.

The name "Heather" is derived from a flower that is found in colors ranging from white to various shades of pinks and purples. "Heather shield" is a type of medieval shield.

Heather Shields' Husband and Daughter

V5 Heather Shields husband and daughter.png

An unnamed man and his daughter (credited as Small Girl) were visited by Qrow when he asked them about Heather Shields. Annoyed at the man's lack of response, Qrow quickly became assertive but was interrupted when Heather's daughter appeared. She asked her father if Qrow knew where her mother was. Realizing that Heather was missing in action, he apologized to the two for bothering them and left. It is likely that they were later informed of Heather's death following the Battle of Haven.

The Small Girl is voiced by Emily Fajardo.

Mistral Pilot

Mistral airship person V4E12.png

The Mistral Pilot was a part of the crew that arrived in Kuroyuri to save Team RNJR and Qrow Branwen in "No Safe Haven"

The Mistral Pilot was voiced by Stan Lewis.

Mistral Police Captain

Downfall mistral authority lady.png

The captain of the Mistral police force arrived at the Battle of Haven in response to the White Fang's attempt to blow it up. The police force came with Mistral airships. The Captain is seen with Kali Belladonna, who most likely went to notify the authorities while the rest of the Menagerie Faunus went directly to Haven Academy.

She was voiced by Jamie Smith

Mistral Woman

A fatal encounter

A lone woman walked along a mountain path before encountering a badly wounded Cinder Fall. At first, she was concerned for Cinder, until she noticed Cinder's Shadow Hand and gasped. Cinder's Maiden eyes flared up, and the woman was killed by Cinder. Following this, she took the Woman's wardrobe and possessions to disguise herself in Mistral.

The Mistral Woman was voiced by Lauren Aptekar.

Ramen Shop Owner

V5 Ramen Shop Owner.png

The Ramen Shop Owner is a disgruntled worker who Qrow meets while trying to look for Huntsmen to help him out. He appeared to have a sour history with a Huntsman named Shiro Wan, as Shiro asked the owner if he could borrow 16,000 Lien from him and had not paid him back yet. The owner has a hobby of wood carving whenever he is not too busy. He also appears to be racist towards Faunus, having a "No Faunus" sign outside of his shop. He threatens Qrow with a knife upon learning he was looking for Shiro, but was surprised when Qrow returned and paid Shiro's debt. He was last seen muttering, "That idiot", upon realizing that Shiro was killed.

The Ramen Shop Owner is voiced by Nick Landis.

Red Haired Woman

V6 09 00031.png

The mysterious Red-Haired Woman bears some resemblance to Pyrrha Nikos, having the same color hair and eyes. She first appears in "Lost", when she approaches a memorial statue of Pyrrha while Jaune stands in front of it. The two have a heartfelt conversation about Pyrrha before the woman mysteriously vanishes, leaving her bouquet of red lilies near the statue. It is strongly hinted that this woman is Pyrrha's mother.[3]

The Red Haired Woman is voiced by Jen Brown, who also voices Pyrrha.

Shiro Wan

Shiro Wan was a Hunstman from the Kingdom of Mistral. He was an old friend of Qrow's. At some point, he came to owe the Ramen Shop Owner 16,000 Lien, but he never paid him back. When Qrow goes to enlist Shiro's help, he was nowhere to be found; Shiro was registered on a search and destroy mission for five weeks. After realizing that something happened to him, Qrow decided to pay Shiro's debt back to the Ramen Shop owner for him. It's later revealed that Shiro was among the numerous Huntsmen and Huntresses killed by Tyrian and Hazel, as Lionheart had given their locations to Salem.

"Shiro" is a Japanese word meaning "white" or "castle".

Mistral Huntsmen

Qrow's scroll 1

Qrow's scroll 2

A large amount of Huntsmen and Huntresses in Mistral were killed off by Hazel Rainart and Tyrian, as Leonardo Lionheart had given information on their identities and whereabouts to Salem. Qrow tried to contact many of Mistral's Huntsmen to aid in the defense of Haven Academy, but was unable to reach any. It wasn't until later when it became known that they were all killed due to Lionheart's actions.

Huntsmen on Qrow's Scroll

  • Shiro Wan. Means "white" or "castle".
  • Heather Shields. The name "Heather" is derived from a flower that is found in colors ranging from white to various shades of pinks and purples.
  • Blanka Griffin. Blanka means "white". Griffin is a shade of gray.
  • Boyd Raine. Boyd is from "Boidhe", Scottish for "yellow". Rain brings shades of blue to mind.
  • Amethyst Kreiss. Amethyst is a purple gem. Kreiss means "potter", bringing browns and oranges to mind.
  • Ivy Altham. Ivy is a green plant.
  • Aoi Rivas. Aoi is an adjectival form of the Japanese word "ao", meaning "blue, green." Rivas is derived from the Latin word ripa, meaning river bank or seaside.
  • Farrow Vaccaro. Farrow comes from "ferrous", having to do with the metal known as iron, bringing grays to mind. Vaccaro is the Italian occupational name for a cowherd.
  • Harkin Lunsford. Harkin is an anglicized form of the Patronymic Irish surname "O hEarcain", which is derived from the word "earc", meaning "red".
  • Roux Forhan. Roux is a girl's name of French origin, meaning "reddish brown".
  • Shani Fiorenza. Shani is the Sanskrit word for the planet Saturn, bringing golds to mind. Fiorenza is an Italian name meaning "flower".
  • Slate de Sena. "Slate" is a shade of gray as well as a fine-grained, foliated, homogeneous metamorphic rock derived from an original shale-type sedimentary rock composed of clay or volcanic ash through low-grade regional metamorphism.
  • Lali Choi. Lali is a Greek name meaning "well-spoken", possibly referring to writing, referring to the color of paper. Lali is also a Georgian name meaning "ruby". Choi is Korean for "a governor who oversees the land and the mountain".
  • Nova Carrillo. A nova is a phenomenon in space when a star explodes, bringing bright and fiery colors to mind.

Mission board 1

Huntsmen on Mission Board

  • Flann Lucero. Flann is a Gaelic name meaning "red-haired". It also sounds like the food, flan, bringing orange-brown colors to mind. Lucero is a derivative of "luz", meaning 'light.'
  • Azura Durham. Azura is a French name meaning "sky-blue".
  • Dove Cowan. A dove is a white bird. Cowan is a Celtic surname meaning "of the yew tree".
  • Fuchsia Lin. Fuchsia is a color between pink and purple. Lin comes from the Chinese word 林 (lín) meaning "forest" or 琳 (lín) meaning "fine jade, gem".
  • Stark Silver. Stark is intended to evoke the phrase "stark white". Silver is a type of metal, bringing to mind a shiny gray color of the same name.
  • Jay Hawkins. Jay could be from "blue jay", a type of bird with blue feathers. Hawkins is an English name meaning "hawking" or "falconry".
  • Lucero Hawthorne. Lucero is a derivative of "luz", meaning "light". A hawthorn is a type of flower.
  • Rory Andrews. Rory comes from the Scottish Gaelic word "Ruairidh", coming from ruadh ("red-haired" or "rusty") and rígh ("king").

Mission board 2

Second Mission Board

  • Ayress Umbra. Ayre is a nickname for a man who was well known to be the heir to a title or fortune, bringing golds to mind. Umbra is Latin for shadow.
  • Cyan Kratz. Cyan is a light shade of blue.
  • Zach Hyacinth. Zach is a Hebrew name meaning "Yahweh has remembered", bringing whites and golds to mind. A hyacinth is a flower commonly found in shades of blue, purple, pink, and white.
  • Inigo Nash. Inigo is a shortened form of Indigo, a shade of blue-purple. Nash is an English name, meaning "at the ash tree".
  • Caroline Teale. Caroline refers to Carolina Blue. Teale is a lengthened form of Teal, a shade of green-blue.
  • Carmina Griffin. Carmina is a form of Carmine, a shade of red. Griffin is a shade of gray.

F. Pickerel

F. Pickerel was a Mistralian Huntsman who was responsible for the incarceration of Tyrian Callows after his serial killings across Anima. Following this, Tyrian was set to be transported to Atlas on an airship. Pickerel insisted that the ship needed more security, but he was ignored and was then removed from the case due to his lack of cooperation. After Tyrian was freed from imprisonment, Pickerel was later found dead in his home.

Pickerel might be named after the Pickerel frog and likely represents the Frog from the fable The Scorpion and the Frog with Tyrian representing the Scorpion.[citation needed]

Madam Xahn

Madam Xahn

Madam Xahn[4] is a healer from Mistral. She is also the one who helps Ruby recover from her depression by going through the Garden maze. She last appeared after helping Ruby deal with her trauma.

"Xahn" may come from the Greek word xanthos (ξανθός) meaning "yellow" or "fair hair".

Brunswick Farms

The settlers of Brunswick Farms

Brunswick Farms had people living in the settlement before they were killed by the Apathy. They were first seen in "The Coming Storm" on a picture.

Bartleby was the head of one of Brunswuick's households, he and his family were amongst the founders and leaders of the settlement. Maria Calavera inferred he was highly ambitious, always coming up with new schemes to aid the Farms. He wore a straw hat, and a blue vest over a white shirt. Bartleby had short brown hair, brown eyes and a beard. His wife had pale skin and brown hair, green eyes and wore an orange waist coat, covering her head with a coif.

At one point, Bartleby and Brunswick's Huntsman encountered the Apathy in the woods, with the Brunswick Farms running low on income to pay Huntsmen protection fees, Bartleby took to using the Apathy to his advantage, drawing two of them from the woods into the cellar. Bartleby lied to his wife, using the excuse that he was sealing the waterway in order to clear his head and planned to tell her the truth the next day. However, before he could do so the rest of the pack arrived in the settlement, ultimately killing everyone by making them too apathetic to do anything. Weiss Schnee found the corpses of Bartleby and his wife in their bedroom, having died in their sleep.

The names of the three respective families in Brunswick Farms were the Brunswicks, the Putnams, and the Melvilles.[5]

Amongst the settlers, a Huntsman and a Farmhand worked as a security for a high income. The Huntsman was a tanned man with a goatee who covered his hair with a cowboy's hat, wearing a beige duster coat with ammunition straps across his stomach. His weapon was a Dust rifle. The Huntsman's skeleton was briefly seen in the waterways as Team RWBY escaped the Apathy.

  • Brunswick is a German city related to the "The Wild Huntsman", a Headless Horseman-like legend. It fits the Color Naming Rule by being partially named for Bruno, Duke of Saxony, which derives from the Germanic brun, meaning "brown" or "armor". Brunswick is also a shade of green.
  • Bartleby alludes to the character Bartleby from the short story Bartleby, the Scrivener. In the story, a Wall Street lawyer hires a new clerk who, after an initial bout of hard work, refuses to make copies or do any other task required of him, with the words "I would prefer not to."
  • "Putnam" is derived from the Old English word ham, which means farm, and either the Old English personal name Putta, or the Old English word putta, which means hawk. The place-name taken as a whole means "farm belonging to Putta," or "farm where there are hawks."
  • "Melville" is a surname of Norman origin. It is a habitational name from any of the various places in Normandy called Malleville, from Latin mala 'bad' + ville 'settlement'. It could also be a reference to Herman Melville, the author of the short story "Bartleby The Scrivener".

Human Supremacists

Human Supremacists

In the "Volume 6 Adam Character Short", the White Fang were ambushed by several Human Supremacists while traveling. During the small skirmish, Adam Taurus incapacitated several of the supremacists to defend Sienna Khan and Ghira Belladonna. After he killed one with his Semblance the others run away, calling them freaks as a parting insult.

Jupiter Vasilias

Jupiter Vasilias is Neptune's older brother.[6]

When Neptune was four years old, Jupiter attempted to teach his brother how to swim by throwing Neptune off a pier in Argus. When rising up from the sea, Neptune unintentionally brought some of the ocean water back with him in a bubble where he couldn't breathe or see. To get out, Neptune used his Semblance to pass the bubble of water onto Jupiter, who was lucky to have a Semblance that allowed him to turn the bubble into vapor to also escape. Nonetheless, this event traumatized Neptune, who thinks he almost killed his brother because of his Semblance, causing him to develop aquaphobia.

Jupiter alludes to Jupiter, the god of the skies and thunder in Roman mythology, who is the counterpart of Greek mythology's Zeus. His name fits the color naming rule due to Jupiter's association with the color yellow.

Vasilias Family

Neptune's family are well known for being remarkable swimmers, and live on the coast of Argus. Neptune's mother is a lawyer.[7]

Hiyoko Daichi

Hiyoko Daichi is Yatsuhashi's younger sister.

When Hiyoko was still a baby, Yatsuhashi used his Semblance on their mother and accidentally made her forget about Hiyoko. He took care of his younger sister for the rest the day until their mother was able to remember her again.

Hiyoko (ひよこ) means "chick, child" in Japanese. Hi (日) can mean either "day" or "sun". Yo (曜) translates to "weekday" and ko (子) to "child". Her name could be a reference to the term "Sunday child".



Tums is a pilot from a southern Anima port who often makes rounds to Kuchinashi to transport Huntsmen across the continent, appearing in "The Mission". He is laid back and friendly, but something of a bumbling fool.

Tums at some point nearly took Qrow Branwen on a mission but missed the chance to meet the celebrity he is enamored with. During "The Mission", he crashes along with his ship in a Grimm attack. He was later shown to have been rescued from the ship in "Heists and Holidays!" and now works as a truck driver for the Pastel mansion auction.

Tums is an antacid made of sucrose (sugar) and calcium carbonate (CaCO3).



Alabaster is the sheriff of Kuchinashi, having replaced the previous one who was killed by the underworld for having failed them. A former Huntsmen, he appears to be rough around the edges and is distrustful in nature due to that and is said to be somewhat corrupt for turning a blind eye to all the crime in the city. Alabaster wields an enormous broadsword which doubles as a gun and wears several layers of thick leather coats and a sheriff's badge. He has a bad reputation at The Skillful and has some past history with professor Takaya. In SHEATHE ME!, he and his men believe that Team SAFR attempted to kill Daff and didn't believe their attempts to prove their innocence. He arrests them but later lets them go free after being convinced by the Taskmaster who acts as their lawyer.

Later, he and his men act as security for the Pastel mansion auction throughout Heists and Holidays! and Secrets and Scrolls!. Later in Razing The Stakes, Taupe states that the Wave killed everyone in the city guard, including Alabaster. However, it is revealed that he survived in Can You Hear Me Now? and is being held prisoner by Grayden and his men. When he recognized Fenix Nemean, he blew his cover by asking about where the rest of his team is. Later in Out of the Woods, Into the Fire!, Fenix rescues him when the encampment is attacked by the Wave and take him with them back to Takaya in Sewer Sanctuary!. While he states that he also wanted to get a message out to the rest of the world, Asher and Arrastra are under the impression that he also had ulterior motives. When they bring him back to the sewers, they allow Takaya to throw him into the dungeon due to not fully trusting him but he hears Arrastra stand up for him. Later in Evident Evidence, Team SAFR ask him for help getting into the sheriff's office after the Wave take it over and keep their magic artifacts locked up there. He agrees to help them in exchange for being reappointed sheriff of Kuchinashi if they succeed and the group gets him out of jail to help infiltrate it with them. When they reach the evidence room, multiple guards had been alerted when Asher messed up his plan to distract them and Asher and Arrastra make it inside while Alabaster was locked outside. He manages to fight them off in Escape Tank-tics!, but when the group accidentally alert people outside the sheriff's office to their presence, they are forced to leave Alabaster behind. Pyke attempts to check if one of the dying voices belongs to him when they escape, but is unable to tell the difference.

Alabaster is a mineral or rock that is soft, often used for carving, and is processed for plaster powder. It is usually white in color.

Not to be confused with Alabaster, who goes by "Bast" from Vacuo.


Buck is described as one of the biggest Faunus women the cast had ever seen, with filed off antlers as her trait. She is a worker at The Skillful, and makes sure only the right people enter the tavern. She wields a heavy rifle as a weapon.

A buck is another name for a deer, bringing browns to mind.



Opal is the woman who runs The Skillful. She is an older woman with a youthful appearance who has a scar running down the side of her face, carrying herself with a strong posture. She wears old, battered armor.

A famous now-retired Huntress, Opal traveled in the same circles as The Grimm Reaper, having stopped her work and disappeared at one point. After the incident where Abigail Pyre set Asher up and almost got him killed in the Skillful, she has since created a rule against fighting in her bar. She allows Pyke Rite to work with her barkeeper Cram during the Pastel mansion auction.

Opal's Semblance is described as a blood rush which causes lightheadedness and fatigue. She needs to extend her hands to use it.

An opal is a gemstone that comes in a variety of colors.


Cram is a barkeep who works at The Skillful under Opal. He and Pyke Rite work as servers during the Pastel mansion auction. His name refers to cranberry, a shade of red.


A brief look at Daff

Daff is a man who is physically reminiscent of a younger Qrow Branwen, being 10-15 years younger than the famous Huntsman, but having the same haircut and beard. He wears a city guard uniform, having connections with Kuchinashi's guard after he quit being a Huntsman. However, unlike Qrow, he's much more jumpy and is more eager to be friendly and helpful towards newcomers. When Team SMMK are trying to find out why Team SAFR are looking into the strange incidents around Kuchinashi, they beat Daff up to the point he starts bleeding in A Rocky Start and later has to be sent to the local hospital In SHEATHE ME!. In the past, he preformed a few tasks for the Taskmaster.

Later, when Pyke Rite visits him in the hospital in Heists and Holidays!, he gets annoyed by his erratic behavior and tells him to leave his room and starts losing trust in the group. He also states that he will be part of security for the Pastel estate mansion auction. He later runs into Pyke and Fenix Nemean at the auction In Secrets and Scrolls! and finds their activity there suspicious. Pyke attempts to apologize for lying to him the other day, but he states he already blew his chance and attempts to call their actions in. However, when Fenix notes that he is also breaking the rules by eating on the job, he says he will give them until he finishes his cocktail before he reports them. Before they leave, Fenix notices Daff putting the flower Pyke just gave him In his pocket. In Razing The Stakes, Taupe states that the city guard were all killed by the Wave, including Daff. However, the dialogue and the beginning of Can You Hear Me Now? reveals that some of the guards are missing or captured.

It was revealed in Airship Hijinks that Daff had indeed survived the attack, but was now working for the Wave in his City Guard uniform. He recognized Fenix Nemean when he was disguised as a Tacco delivery man infiltrating Kuchinashi's airport. After he told Fenix why he joined the Wave and felt like he betrayed everything he originally stood for, Fenix easily manages to convince him to help their cause and asked if he could help them reorganize the city Guard in Alabaster's place. Following this, he helped Fenix stay undercover so he could infiltrate the ship, guiding him through the hanger.

In Greek, the meaning of the name Daff is bay tree, or laurel tree. The Greek mythological nymph Daphne was rescued from the unwanted attentions of the god Apollo by being turned into a laurel bush.

The Taskmaster

A silhouette of the Taskmaster

The Taskmaster is a former Huntsman who is active around the Hedges, having lost his license at one point due to his various connections to criminal activities. He s a confident looking gentleman who carries an air of professionalism wearing a fetching suit and a winning smile that hides a capable liar.

The Taskmaster is a broker with connections all throughout the city, using this information to keep himself more powerful than anyone else. He may not have a criminal empire, but everyone owes him favors. To find him, one needs a brass coin with an 'x' etched onto it so that others can guide you to his location.

In the past, Daff performed a few tasks for him and he has become fond of the boy. In SHEATHE ME!, he acts as the lawyer of Team SAFR and gets them out of prison after they save Daff from death. He tells them that after they help him get an item from Javi Pastel's property, he will give them the information each of them wants to know.

He later returns in Sewer Sanctuary! after Arrastra and Asher track down two people he had spy on them in order to give Asher his payment for helping him out. He informs him that the woman he is looking for, Abigail Pyre, has returned to Kuchinashi under a different name, "The Hearth".



Taupe is a young 13-year old boy who works as a guard in a Kuchinashi Dust shop. He is a student of Kuchinashi's combat school. When he was younger, he and his family moved to Kuchinashi but they were attacked by bandits along the way. A few of them managed to make it out alive due to Taupe's quick thinking, but not all of them made the trip. He was saved by a Huntsmen and has wanted to become one to help other people ever since.

Taupe is impressed by Asher Mora, offering to help him with his mission in "Curious Cats & Friends". When they meet again in Heists and Holidays!, he informs Asher that Team SMMK have been looking for his team in the hedges and that professor Takaya has been asking around about his team as well. He also tells him that he will be part of security for the Pastel mansion auction. He later calls Team SAFR in Razing The Stakes and tells them that the Wave had killed everyone in the city guard.

He and most of the other students join the resistance against the Wave, while also still looking up to Team SAFR. In "One is the Funniest Number", he noticed something about the two students Takaya sent to look into the sensors in the sewers being sabotaged, Razz and Fuchia. While he excitedly confronted them both about it, all three of them disappeared. When Team SAFR found footprints and what they believed to be Taupe's blood at the scene, they attempt to search for him.

During the events of "In Search of Taupe", Team SAFR learn that Taupe is actually quite an artist when they search his apartment and is even trying to paint pictures of his family that he struggles to remember. They also learn that he was taken prisoner by the Hana Guild at their main compound after they learn that the two students Taupe was suspicious of where actually agents of the Hana Guild. After they find him tied up in their main compound, they learn it was a trap set by Vermillion Raddock to lure Team SAFR to him. After they struggle to fight off Vermillion in Hana't Today!, they manage to escape the Hana Guild's main compound with Taupe and outrun Vermillion after he tried to pursue them.

Following his rescue, Taupe feels guilty for getting himself captured and realized he had a long way to go before he actually became a Huntsman, despite Team SAFR trying to cheer him up. However, he starts feeling better after hearing Pyke say the Hana Guild were scared of Taupe. He also helps the Team when they were trying to stop the Wave from shipping off any of their remaining artifacts. During the attempt, he led Takaya's other students to fight against members of the Wave so Pyke could get onboard the stolen ship that they were using.

Taupe is a dark grey-brown color.


Takaya is the Headmaster of Kuchinashi's combat school, being Taupe's favorite professor. He is currently organizing a resistance to protect the city as the police don't do much in Kuchinashi. In "SHEATHE ME!", Takaya is described as one of the few people one can trust in the city.

He starts asking about Team SAFR in Heists and Holidays! when he heard from Taupe that Asher Mora could get him an honorary huntsmen licence. Later, both Asher Mora and Arrastra Skye visit him at his school and he tells them about his resolve to help take down the mistral crime families. He asks them if they ever need help with the crime families, they can rely on him to help them out.

After the Wave commenced their attack on all of their enemies, Takaya becomes the leader of the resistance fighting against them. However, doing so has taken a toll on his mental health. After Team SAFR return in Sewer Sanctuary!, he tasks them with finding more allies to help their cause and stop the Wave from selling all of the magic artifacts in their possession. He later sends some of his men to help Team SAFR escape into the sewers in Escape Tank-tics!. After they return to him again, he is glad that the team brought multiple magic artifacts back with them but regrets that Alabaster was left behind since he could help them re-organize the city guard. Team SAFR later inform him of the security system for the sewers being sabotaged by someone in "A Rebellious Reunion" and plans to send two of his students, Razz and Fuchsia, to look into it.

When he is reunited with Team SAFR in "One is the Funniest Number", he asks them to give his people the artifacts they retrieved so they could look into what they could do since they could be dangerous. Later, when he learned from Razz and Fuchsia that they were agents from the Hana Guild and that they already knew everything about Takaya and his operations, he became worried and plans to eventually relocate their base. After learning from Team SAFR that they rescued Taupe from the Hana Guild, he tells them that the Wave are making a final attempt to ship off all their magic artifacts to the capital city and that they need all of the help from their allies to stop them, including his students. He also reveals that he doesn't really like Templeton due to his personality.

"Takaya" is a Japanese name meaning "respectful one."

Unnamed Faunus Woman

An unnamed fox Faunus is a prisoner in Kuchinashi, who informs Arrastra Skye about Takaya's trustworthiness. She is a worker for a mining company.

Javi Pastel

Javi Pastel was a member of the Pastel Company, a family mining business in Mistral. In recent history, Javi Pastel took the Pastel mining company into Kuchinashi as an offshoot for his family business to make a name for himself. There, he found that the Kuchinashi mountains were host to an ancient civilization that was left in ruins, and contained a treasure trove. Javi's findings caught the interest of the Hana Guild and the Wave, who tried to buy off an item from Javi. After Javi sold one item to the Wave, the Hana Guild gained a new leader which stopped the dealing of narcotics and changed the organization into a more shadowy group. Soon after, Pastel turned out dead as the Wave claimed another item from his estate before their rivals. Later in Secrets and Scrolls!, Team SAFR later learn that he was apparently shipping things all around the world when they reach the secret passage in his manor and they find Sabyr claw marks all around the passage. Pastel was the one that imported the Sabyr's from Solitas to Anima that were encountered by the group a few days earlier. He also hired bandits as hired muscle in case anyone came looking around his Estate's secret passages. The team later find a video log from Pastel experimenting with the magic necklace he found in the mountains and using it to control the Grimm he had. In the video, he was shown to be arrogant and greedy when he used the necklace to make a Sabyr kill a woman he tied up and gloated that selling it would make him rich.

Javi as a boy's name is of Spanish and Portuguese origin, and the meaning of Javi is "bright". A pastel color is a soft and delicate shade of a color.


Grayden is the leader of a group of vagrants living out in the vast wilderness surrounding Kuchinashi having long ago chosen to leave the city behind to escape the ever-increasing corruption, poverty, and crimewaves. He meets with Fenix Nemean in Can You Hear Me Now?, and the rest of Team SAFR in Out of the Woods, Into the Fire! When they need to send a message requesting reinforcements to help with the situation in Kuchinashi. While hostile towards them at first, he allows them to use the relay tower to send it as long as they don't attract the enemies of his people. He and his people manage to survive the Wave's attack on the settlement thanks to Team SAFR. After believing Asher's words about finding him and his people a new home, he follows Team SAFR to the sewers they have made their base.

During the Wave's attempt to ship off their magic artifacts using a stolen airship, Team SAFR ask Grayden and his men for help stopping them.

Grayden could come from the name Graydon meaning "gray hill".


Templeton is a technician and an old acquaintance of Takaya's that works in the hedges scroll shop. He is said to be a bit "Squirrelly" and seems to annoy people trying to get to the point. Later, Takaya revealed that he actually didn't like him that much due to his personality. He meets Asher Mora and Arrastra Skye when they are asked by Takaya to find info about where the Wave are keeping all of their magic artifacts in Sewer Sanctuary!. He points them towards the sheriff's office being the location that they are looking for. Later in "Evident Evidence", the group ask him for items that they could use to infiltrate the sheriff's office and he agrees after Alabaster tells him about what they need. After they return with a case containing multiple magic artifacts, they give him the case to see if he could help open it for them. Later when Fenix and Pyke visit him again in "A Rebellious Reunion", he asks them to do a favor for him with dealing with the security for the sewers being sabotaged. He also manages to open one of the cases and gives them the "Cloak of Displacement", an artifact that can displace light.

After the group rescued Taupe from the Hana Guild, Templeton regretted that he never realized that Razz and Fuchsia were both working for the Hana Guild and were behind sabotaging the security system. After this, he gives the group the other artifacts he managed to unlock, including a magic amulet that allows it's user to not be seen by the Grimm and some ancient form of Dust that has the ability to regenerate it's user's Aura but is said to be unstable.

Razz and Fuchsia

Razz and Fuchsia are two of Takaya's students that were sent to look into the sewers sensors being sabotaged by someone. Taupe noticed something about them and excitedly confronted them about it, but all three of them disappeared. After Team SAFR find footprints and what they believed to be Taupe's blood, they attempt to find them.

During the events of "In Search of Taupe", Team SAFR learn that they were actually agents of the Hana Guild sent by Vermillion Raddock to keep an eye on Takaya's resistance and sent Taupe to the Hana Guild's main compound under Vermillion's orders. After Team SAFR finds them stealing from the apartment next to Taupe's, they threaten them and tell them to report their actions to Takaya under the threat of death from Team SAFR. Professor Takaya later revealed that they both did indeed tell him everything they knew.

Razz is short for raspberry, which is a dark reddish color. Razz is noted to hold multiple Raspberries in his hands.

Fuchsia is a vivid purplish red color named after a flower. Fuchsia has Fuchsia colored hair.


Kent is Taupe's best friend in the academy and informed Team SAFR of what happened to him and the two students that were looking into the sewers sensors being sabotaged. When they arrived at the scene and found footprints and what Team SAFR believed to be Taupe's blood, Pyke tells him to go back and tell the rest of his team about what they found and to go back and join the other students.

Kent means "coastal district", bringing blues and greens to mind.

Beeve and Keister

Beeve and Keister are two members of the Hearth that Abigail sends with Team SAFR to help them rescue Taupe from the Hana Guild. They are both described as gothic and are highly skilled assassins. When Team SAFR signal them for help at the Hana Guild's compound, they start a distraction while leaving rescuing Taupe to them. They later drive a convoy stolen by Asher Mora and manage to help Team SAFR escape the Hana Guild's main compound with Taupe and outrun Vermillion Raddock when he pursued them.

Beeve could come from "Beaver", a semi-aquatic animal with brown fur.

RWBY: Roman Holiday

Honey Wine

Honey Wine was a member of Spider who used to operated in a local Mistrali nightclub, The Luck of the Mountains. She was used by the organization for her Semblance, which made those who listened to her song feel good and prone to listening to her suggestions and ignoring their surroundings, making them easy to pickpocket.

Sometime in the years Roman Torchwick had worked for the group, the singer had been given permission by Lil' Miss Malachite to relieve herself as a member of Spider and become an independent singer in Vale. Lil' Miss allows this, in exchange that Honey Wine share information and help her with favors. Honey Wine opens the Harmony Club in the City of Vale.

When Roman was at the start of his criminal career, he meets with Honey Wine to discuss business when Melanie Malachite and Miltia Malachite appear at the Harmony Club. She later is asked to work with Lil' Miss to kidnap Roman, having learned he deserted Spider. She accepts and uses her Semblance to knock Roman out.

"Honey" is a sweet sticky fluid made from beehives, typically in an amber, yellowish-brown color. "Wine" could bring reds and whites to mind.

Brick and Mortar

Brick and Mortar were members of Spider, who worked in Sakura Park to scout pickpocketing victims for The Luck of the Mountains and to enforce the group's force.

They intercept a young Roman's attempt at robbing a man, and introduce him to Lil' Miss - setting him on a path to join Spider.

"Brick" is a pale shade of red. "Mortar" is a shade of brown or beige.


Chameleon was a spy of Spider and Roman's first partner, who was useful for a Semblance which matched her namesake.

At some point, she and Roman attempted to spy on a rival of Lil' Miss named Jack Plum, but having failed to do so, she'd received various facial scars in an ensuing fight.

Years after this, she contacts Roman about Plum's return and his affiliations with The Mouse and Parrot, a rival gang. She tells Roman the location in hopes they could both redeem themselves for past failures, but is found out by Spider and is beaten for not telling Lil' Miss first.

More time after this, she'd somehow returned to Spider's good graces, having been gifted an invisibility suit to help with her Semblance's shortcomings. She is sent to assassinate Roman, but is unable to shake her feelings for him, allowing him to live. It is unknown if Spider had found out about this.

She is described by Roman as not being the most intelligent person, and easily breaking under pressure. As a result, she had poor control over her color-changing Semblance. Roman was aware she had feelings for him, but considered her a liability, instead being content just stringing her along.

Chameleons are green scaled reptiles that can change their skin tone to blend in with their environment.

Jack Plum

Jack Plum is a gangster who rivaled Lil' Miss at a time, being a member of The Mouse and Parrot. He has connections to a corrupted Mistral councilman.

At some point, Roman and Chameleon attempted to spy on him, but were found out. They barely escaped with their lives.

He is a reference to Little Jack Horner.

Plum is a round fruit with violet-purple skin.


Badger was a bouncer for the Parrot gang, and a contact of Roman. He was killed by the Capivara Grimm his boss had been keeping in the basement of the club before it escaped.

"Badger" is the name of a nocturnal mammal with a brown-furred torso, and black and white striped fur on its head.

Paul Parrot

Paul Parrot is the leader of the Parrot gang, which went to war with Spider. He killed his uncle, the previous owner of the syndicate, taking it for his own. Parrot was founded by Paul’s grandfather.

Parrot had a deep tan, from his time on the northern coasts, greasy, black hair that was kept slicked back, bushy brows, and a hawk-like nose. He wore a deep green tuxedo with a yellow bow tie and matching waistcoat, embroidered with an iridescent feather pattern.

He had a pendent for being sadistic and cruel, keeping a Capivara Grimm in his basement to watch his victims suffer a grizzly death.

Parrots are tropical birds which can range in a variety of beautiful colors of feathers, most commonly blues, yellows, and reds.


Bisque is the owner of the Broken Memories shop in Mistral Below. He is responsible for the shop's black market operation, reverse-engineering Atlesian technology.

"Bisque" could refer to bisque soup, a shellfish soup made from a lobster, typically coming in a brownish-orange colour.


Gunmetal is a blacksmith operating in Mistral. He designed Hush for Neopolitan as a custom commission from Roman Torchwick.

His name comes from gunmetal grey, a shade of grey.


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