The following is a list of Atlas and Mantle minor characters from RWBY, arranged alphabetically and categorically.

Miscellaneous Atlas credits:


Will Scarlatina

Will Scarlatina is the father of Velvet Scarlatina.

He is Human and was a big-shot engineer working with the Atlas Military, closely with James Ironwood. He and Velvet's mother, Meg Scarlatina, were in different kingdoms, possibly separated due to what Will described as different views on the world.

Velvet spent a summer with him before going to Beacon Academy. He is amazed at Velvet's invention of Anesidora, and showed the weapon to Ironwood in approval.[1] Due to this, Velvet was able to get a constant supply of Hard-Light Dust to power her weapon before the Dust Embargo limited her supply.

It is unknown if he survived following the destruction of the Kingdom.

Scarlatina is an alternative name for scarlet fever, scarlet is a shade of red. Will Scarlatina's name could also reference Will Scarlet, one of the Merrymen in the tales of Robin Hood.

Angry Businessman and Businessman

Jacques speaks with the Businessman

The Angry Businessman and Businessman showed up in "Tipping Point" and were present during the Schnee Dust Company's charity event. The Angry Businessman only had one line in which he expressed irritation when the Waiter, voiced by Kyler Smith, failed to bring him his double sundae. The Businessman also talked with Jacques Schnee. Later, they were among the crowd when General Ironwood scorned them for their apathy towards the Fall of Beacon.

Following Jacques arrest, they likely ceased business with the SDC due to his actions.

They are voiced by two co-founders of the abridging group Team Four Star, Nick Landis and Scott Frerichs.

Schnee Manor Staff

Faunus Waiter

The Schnee family employed both Faunus and Human staff members to work at the Schnee Manor. The primarily Faunus pretense upset Marrow Amin, who noticed the social issue during the banquet in "Cordially Invited".

After Jacques Schnee was arrested in "As Above, So Below", all of the staff quit working at the mansion and left Whitley Schnee and Willow Schnee to fend for themselves.

Atlas Ship Captain

The captain on the bridge of his Atlesian Airship.

This Atlas Ship Captain[2] was in command of one of the Atlesian airships above Vale in "PvP". When several giant Nevermores attacked the air fleet, he attempted to move his ships into a defensive position. However, unbeknownst to him, one of his ships was commandeered by Roman Torchwick and Neopolitan, who wreaked havoc amongst the fleet. The captain was killed when Roman fired upon his airship.

Over communications, he was designated with the callsign Blue Four.

The captain was voiced by professional voice actor Travis Willingham.


The businesswoman, on the far right

A businesswoman was seen chatting with Jacques Schnee and a businessman in "Tipping Point", regarding the wealth disparity between Atlas and Mantle. Later, since she was among the crowd when General Ironwood scorned them for their apathy towards the Fall of Beacon.

Following Jacques arrest, she likely ceased business with the SDC due to his actions.

She is voiced by Amber Lee Connors.

President's Secretary

The SDC President's Secretary in the manga

The President's Secretary is a character that has thus far only appeared in the manga.

The Secretary was an assistant to Jacques Schnee, the former President of the Schnee Dust Company, running matters that the President was too busy to attend to personally. The Secretary is seen supervising Weiss Schnee's combat training and has known the heiress for some time, observing her since she first started training.

While their relationship was based on a false pretense of politeness, Weiss actually had a very low opinion of the Secretary, whom she regarded as a puppet of her father. In turn, the Secretary had very little genuine concern for the heiress and had no qualms placing Weiss in great danger at her father's orders.

The Secretary first appears in Chapter 3 of the manga, watching Weiss' combat training, emptily praising Weiss' skill with her weapon and Semblance but stating that she must continue to devote herself in her studies at Atlas Academy. When Weiss stated that she has already decided to study at Beacon in Vale, the Secretary attempted to persuade her not to. After Weiss refused, the Secretary instead unleashed a dangerous Arma Gigas, which Weiss must fight as part of a dangerous test created by her father.

In Chapter 4, as the fight continued, the Secretary continued to try to manipulate Weiss by claiming that her father loved her very much and that she should stay and support him since her sister Winter had left home. However, Weiss refused to be manipulated and shouted at them to stop. After Weiss defeated the Arma Gigas, the Secretary accompanied Weiss to a sudden charity concert. When Weiss wondered out loud if her father ever knew how hard she was devoted to being the best, the Secretary assured her that he knew very well.

Following Jacques' arrest, the Secretary likely quit working for the SDC due to his actions.

Schnee Corp Operator

The SDC operator who speaks to Weiss at the CCT

This unnamed Schnee Corp Operator[3] appeared in "A Minor Hiccup", answering Weiss' call to SDC headquarters in Atlas. She was at first surprised to see Weiss, but she reluctantly acquiesced to her request for some sensitive documents. She offered to patch Weiss through to Jacques Schnee, her father and to Winter Schnee, her sister, but Weiss turned down both of these offers.

The Operator has blue eyes and light brown hair cropped neatly into short bangs, and she wears a grayish-brown Atlesian uniform.

Interestingly, a character with a very similar appearance, but with green eyes instead of blue, was shown standing next to Ironwood, Penny Polendina and a squad of Atlesian soldiers in the Volume 2 Opening.

Following Jacques Schnee's arrest, it was likely that she quit working for the SDC along with the rest of the company.

She was voiced by Emily McBride, the former online store manager at Rooster Teeth.

Trophy Wife and Husband

The Trophy Wife and her Husband

The Trophy Wife and Husband showed up in "Tipping Point" and were present during the Schnee Dust Company's charity event, discussing the attack of Vale and how the Kingdom got what it deserved. Weiss overheard their conversation and became enraged. She began yelling at them and the other guests. Under emotional stress, Weiss summoned a white Boarbatusk that charged towards the Trophy Wife. James Ironwood saved the woman before the creature could attack her. She demanded for Weiss to be arrested, but Ironwood scorned the crowd instead.

Following Jacques' arrest, they likely ceased business with the SDC due to his actions.

They are voiced by Felecia Angelle and Chris Kokkinos.

Stephanie Santiago

In "A New Approach", on the news screen in the hallway of Atlas Academy, it said if a student wanted to have a meeting with Ironwood, they should contact this person.

The name Stephanie means "crown", bringing gold colors to mind. Santiago means "saint", bringing white colors to mind.

Stephanie's name could come from Saint Stephen, one of the first deacons of the Christian Church.

Atlas Mission Board

Sparks mission board names 1.jpg
Sparks mission board names 2.jpg
Sparks mission board names 3.jpg

In "Sparks", there was a mission board containing the names of many Huntsmen. Most of the names of these Huntsmen come from employees of Rooster Teeth who worked on Volume 7.

  • Amber Ackley. Amber is fossilized tree resin, and it typically takes on a brownish yellow-orange. Ackley means 'oak-meadow. Named after Amber Ackley.
  • David Tilton. The name David comes from the Hebrew name דָּוִד (Dawid), which was derived from Hebrew דּוֹד (dod) meaning "beloved." Tilton means "farmstead or village of a man called Tila." Tila is a personal name from Old English. Tilt is a Saxon word meaning "tent". Named after David Tilton.
  • Mae Levine. Mae is an English name meaning "pearl." Levine comes from the Hebrew name Levi, meaning "join." Additionally, Levine could sound like ravine, which is a body of water, bringing shades of blue to mind.
  • Rebecca Migl. Rebecca could be a reference to Rebecca Purple. Named after Rebecca Migl.
  • Urban McLafferty. Urban brings grays to mind. McLafferty is a ridiculous sounding name, sure to make you laugh and think of happy colors. Named after Urban McLafferty.
  • Cesar Altagracia. Cesar comes from the Latin word "caesaries" meaning 'head of hair,' bringing different hair colors to mind, such as black, gray, white, blond, orange, red, and brown. Named after Cesar Altagracia.
  • Leonel Pecina. Leonel is a Greek name meaning "young lion", bringing golden colors to mind. Pecina is a Spanish nickname meaning "mud". Named after Leonel Pecina.
  • Joel Mann. Joel is a Hebrew name meaning "Yahweh Is God", bringing whites and golds to mind. Named after Joel Mann.
  • Jimmiek Rankin. Jimmiek is a portmanteau of Jim and Miek. Jim, short for James, is an English name meaning 'supplanter', bringing grays to mind. Miek is short for Michael, which is a Hebrew name meaning 'Who is like God?', bringing golds and whites to mind. Rankin comes from the English name Rand, meaning "living on riverbank." A riverbank is a body of water, bringing shades of blue to mind. Named after Jimmiek Rankin.
  • Brandon Bruce. Brandon is an English name meaning "hill covered with broom." Broom is a prolific weed. Also, "From the beacon hill." A hill is an elevated landform and brings to mind green due to grass and plants. Named after Brandon Bruce.
  • Ryan Williams. Ryan is an Irish name meaning "little king", bringing golds to mind. Named after Ryan Williams.
  • Ethan Marler. Marler is an occupational name for someone who hewed or quarried marl, or a topographic name for someone who lived on a patch of clay soil. This brings shades of brown to mind. Named after Ethan Marler.
  • Jack Banta. Jack could be short for Jackpot, which is a dark shade of orange. It could also refer to a Jack in a card game, bringing red and black to mind. Banta is probably a habitational name for someone from Bant, in the 17th century an island in Friesland, now the village north of Emmeloord in the Noordoostpolder. This brings greens and blues to mind. Alternatively, the way the name is written on the Mission Board, "Banta, Jack" could loosely resemble "Vantablack", one of the darkest colors and paints ever produced. Named after Jack Banta.
  • Tim Reed. Tim is a Greek name meaning "Honored by God", bringing golds and whites to mind. A reed is a type of plant, bringing greens to mind. Named after Tim Reed.
  • Viola Varga. Viola is a Latin name meaning violet.
  • Ariana Filippini. Ariana means "Lioness of God", bringing golds to mind. Named after Ariana Filippini.
  • Sean Stephenson. Sean is an Irish name meaning "gift from God", bringing whites and golds to mind. Stephenson means "son of the crown", bringing golds to mind. Named after Sean Stephenson
  • Rachel Doda. Rachel is a Hebrew name meaning "ewe/female sheep", bringing whites, grays, and blacks to mind. Named after Rachel Doda.
  • Reid Fagerquist. Reid means "red-haired one". Named after Reid Fagerquist
  • Erin Winn. Erin is a Gaelic name meaning "peace", bringing calm colors to mind. Winn is derived from the Welsh word "gwyn", which means "fair" or "white". Named after Erin Winn.
  • Taylor Hasting. Taylor is a French name meaning "cutter", bringing steel colors to mind. Named after Taylor Hasting.
  • Scott Zenteno. Scott is a Scottish name meaning "speaker". Electronic speakers are usually black, while speakers could also be people who give speeches, nowadays using a silver microphone to do so. Named after Scott Zenteno.
  • Onyx Churmon. Onyx is a black gemstone.

Penny Project Scientists

Picture of the Penny Project scientists

Pietro Polendina, Arthur Watts and three other scientists were tasked by Ironwood to find the next breakthrough in defense technology. Pietro's idea was a robot capable of generating an Aura. Much to his surprise, his Penny Project was chosen over all the other proposals.

Following the completion of the Penny Project, one of the scientists present in the photo went on to work as a developer for Human Nextwork, an in-universe game-development company known for developing RWBY: Amity Arena. While they all had rivalries, the developer and Watts shared an ingenuity for creating "killing machines", as well as a close friendship which had been thought to overcome what bickering they had. However, this was proven wrong after Watts faked his death in the Paladin Incident to take revenge against Ironwood and Pietro.[4]

The writers have stated that the lady in the Photograph with black hair is not Cinder Fall's mother.[5]



Bill was an employee of the Atlesian Command Center that appeared in "Strings". He had a habit of bringing coffee to his work area, despite there being a rule against it and his fellow co-workers always reminding him about it. Bill was later seen in "Amity" where he went speechless and dropped his coffee as he and his co-workers received a broadcast of Ruby's message to Remnant. Bill was later seen again in "Ultimatum" when an Atlesian solider informed Ironwood about the dozens of Schnee Dust Company ships heading for Mantle.

In "Worthy", Bill was killed in the attack on the command center with his co-workers by Cinder, Neo and Watts as his mug was shown on the floor.


Welcoming Cinder into her new "home"

The Madame of the Glass Unicorn was the business owner and adoptive "mother" of Cinder Fall. Having adopted and taken in Cinder from the orphanage in Mistral in order to have her work within her establishment as free labor.

Sometime in her past, the Madam had given birth to her two daughters and ran the Glass Unicorn, it was unknown if she was ever married or what happened to her husband if she had one. However due to needing more help to properly run the Hotel and likely not wanting to use her own wealth to pay for the wages of an entire staff, the Madam had apparently opted to instead procure an alternative method to acquire the needed help.

Journeying to Mistral, the Madam had gone and visited a Children's Home for Orphans in order to "adopt" a child. During her time in the home, the Madame had noticed and apparently selected the young Cinder Fall, as her adoptive daughter and proceeded to then bring her to her home kingdom of Atlas.

After introducing Cinder to her establishment and her two biological daughters, the Madam proceeded to explain to Cinder of her new chores and duties to help running the Hotel before giving her a loaf of bread to eat of the floor and ordering her to hurry up in order to get started on her new duties.

The Madam "raising" Cinder

During her time "raising" Cinder, it was evident that the Madam was incredibly sadistic, amoral and abusive towards the young girl, with her having made a point of barely feeding her, making her do all the needed house work for the entire hotel singlehandedly, granting her subhuman conditions to live by only giving her a old abandoned store room as her "bedroom" and her having literally forced her to wear a shock collar disguised as a necklace in order to shock her as punishments for any mistakes or blunders she makes or simply due to the fact that it amused her. The Madame was also shown to enable the bullying and abusive behaviors of her two biological daughters towards her "step-daughter".

Ultimately she would face her end after being killed by Cinder in retaliation for her treatment of her alongside her two children after pushing Cinder to the limit.

Despite having been killed by her, its been shown that the Madame's negative influence is still abundant within Cinder's mind due to abuse leaving deep psychological scars within her psyche. This is seen where Cinder herself unconsciously incorporated several of the Madame's personality traits into her own behavior and personality, notably the Madam's cruelty, sadism and controlling tendencies.

She was voiced by Linda Leonard.


The Step-Sisters

The Madam of the Glass Unicorn was also shown to have two biological daughters who acted as her assistants in managing and running their hotel alongside their mother and were the adoptive "sisters" to Cinder.

Similarly to their mother, the Two Sisters where shown to be just as amoral, sadistic and abusive towards their "step-sister" and greatly enjoyed tormenting her due to her situation as essentially being their personal slave. This is seen where the two greatly enjoyed increasing Cinder's workload by purposefully making messes, laughed whenever she made mistakes or blunders and bullied and abused her constantly. The two were also shown having made point of trying to purposefully getting her into trouble with their mother if anything happens as much as they can, implying that the two were aware of their mother's methods of "punishing" Cinder and were sadistically delighted by it.

The two were usually shown to typically having a haughty and arrogant look and demeanor in their faces when facing Cinder due to the difference in their "status" in their home.

It was implied that the two sisters were also somewhat responsible for keeping tabs on Cinder for their mother, with the two having implied to have either been spying on Cinder in her room or going through her things due to having found her recently gifted weapon from her mentor.

Eventually their abusive behavior towards their "step-sister" got them killed, after they found Cinder's sword and reported it to their mother and confronted her about it. Although what exactly happened is unknown, their bodies are shown lying motionless on the floor when Rhodes finds Cinder strangling her stepmother. It's implied that they pushed Cinder to the edge and caused her to snap, killing them so that she'd no longer have to endure their abuse and as vengeance for their treatment of her before proceeding to kill their mother.

Both sisters are voiced by Amanda Lee, also known as AmaLee.

Father and Child

Father and Child

They were citizens of Atlas that appear in "War". They almost get killed by the invading Grimm during the beginning of the Battle of Atlas, but manage to get to safety by evacuating to the city's Subways in "Risk".

Later in "Worthy", the two could be seen evacuating Atlas through the Evacuation Central Location of Ambrosius, where the two were caught up in the crossfire of Cinder Fall's attacks and nearly harmed if not for Weiss.

They are voiced by Matthew and Alexia Cruz, who they are both modeled after.[6]


Tortuga was a member of the Ace Operatives prior to their first onscreen appearance. At some point they died, presumably during a mission, and their position on the team was replaced by Marrow Amin.

Tortuga likely alludes to the tortoise from The Tortoise and the Hare Aesop's Fable. This could also imply there may be some connection with them and Harriet Bree.

"Tortuga" is the Spanish word for turtle, which typically have dark-green scales and brownish shells.

Male and Female Atlas Soldier Officers

Male and Female Officers

The male and female officers are two Atlas Military Soldiers that constantly appear throughout Volumes 7 and 8. They first appear in "Ace Operatives" while patrolling the tundra of Solitas. Later in "The Enemy of Trust", Neopolitan disguises herself as the female officer in order to steal the Relic of Knowledge from Team JNPR and Oscar Pine while sending multiple Atlas soldiers their way.

During "Divide", the female officer reported to Ironwood that they had both Robyn Hill and Qrow Branwen in their custody and was present when Ironwood killed Sleet. Later in "Strings", both the male and female officers were present at the Atlas Command Center and were among the people that complained about Bill spilling coffee in the office. Both officers were present in the command center in "Amity" when Ruby's message was broadcasted all over Remnant.

By the time of "Ultimatum" however, both officers were shown to be afraid of Ironwood when they reported that both Qrow and Robyn escaped. In "Risk" they nervously saluted to him as he walked by them. Both officers were later killed in "Worthy" along with the rest of the Atlas Command Center personnel by Cinder Fall, Arthur Watts and Neopolitan.

Kiersi Burkhart stated that both officers were background characters that occasionally appeared and that they were a set of characters she tried to place in Volume 8 as much as possible.[7]


Ilia Amitola's Parents

Ilia Amitola's Parents were miners in Mantle for the Schnee Dust Company, having been killed when an unstable mine exploded and caved in on them. It is heavily implied that Ilia's parents worked in the Schnee Dust Company Mine 2, seen in "Ace Operatives".

This event caused Ilia to join the White Fang in order to avenge them.

Mantle Miners

Truck full of miners

The Mantle Miners are Human and Faunus workers in Mantle employed primarily by the Schnee Dust Company, serving to find and mine Dust for the monopoly. Despite having equal pay, Faunus workers found they were discriminated against in labor, often being undervalued by their employers. They were also shown to work in dangerous working conditions such as unstable Dust mines and were shown to constantly be covered in filth like in "The Greatest Kingdom".

Miners in a mine

The miners later watched Jacques Schnee's broadcast about closing all SDC facilities in Mantle and were shown to be annoyed at him. Following Jacques arrest, they all quit working for the company due to his actions and evacuated to the crater in Mantle until they were sent to Vacuo using the Evacuation Central Location.

Drunk Mann and Drinking Buddy

Drunk Mann and Drinking Buddy during the Mantle riot

Drunk Mann and Drinking Buddy are characters seen sporadically throughout Volume 7. They were citizens of Mantle, first seen in "The Greatest Kingdom" getting into a drunken argument with Blake Belladonna after overhearing her saying Mantle appeared to be an awful city. They claimed that the state of Mantle and Atlas was brought on by helping other Kingdoms and they should just leave them to rot. Mann was then thrown into a dumpster by Weiss after he mocked Blake for being a Faunus. As both leave, Buddy recognized Weiss and tried to chase after her but tripped and fell in a drunken stupor.

Drinking Buddy was later seen in "Sparks" throwing a trash can at a broadcast screen after Jacques announced the closure of all SDC Operations, causing a riot to start in Mantle. Drinking Buddy was arrested for the riot in Mantle in "A Night Off" while Drunk Mann was also later seen in the same episode voting during the election, although whom he voted for wasn't shown. In "Cordially Invited", they were later seen together witnessing a snowfall in Mantle. In "As Above, So Below", they were once again seen together with the crowd creating a bonfire with stolen fire Dusts from the shops to keep themselves warm as possible during the riot. Drunk Mann was later seen watching Robyn Hill and General Ironwood reveal the truth about Salem to the Kingdom.

In "Amity", they are both seen together with the crowd and Joanna Greenleaf as they watched Ruby's message to Remnant about Salem attacking Atlas. In "The Final Word", they are both seen together with the evacuees of Atlas and Mantle during the Grimm attack in Vacuo.

Drunk Mann is voiced by Joel Mann and Drinking Buddy is voiced by Dustin Matthews, and the characters are caricatures of said animators.

Thirsty Moms

A "thirsty" mother giving Jaune a casserole while five others giggle in the back.

The "Thirsty Moms" are a group of women who appear in "Sparks" fawning over Huntsman Jaune Arc as he escorts their children home from school. One woman insistingly gives Jaune a casserole which he awkwardly accepts. Jaune's response of "Oh, another casserole." implies that this is a reoccurring event which has already happened several times with these mothers. Nora smirks while watching this, commenting how it's definitely the haircut that has them acting this way towards Jaune.

In "A Night Off", two of the mothers are later seen being arrested by the Atlas Military for participating in the Mantle riots. Later that night, the same two, and a third among the mothers can be seen amongst those killed by Tyrian Callows during the massacre at Robyn Hill's rally.


Mother, or "Shovel Mom",[8] is a blonde woman from Mantle who first appeared in "Sparks" alongside the Thirsty Moms who fawned over Jaune as he escorted her young son across a street. She is also the daughter of the Disgruntled Grandmother, who was notably racist against Faunus and pro-Atlas, much to her discontent.

She is among the crowds fleeing from Grimm in "Out in the Open". In "Refuge", she agreed to follow Yang's lead in the evacuation. While travelling through the streets towards the Crater she carried a large snow shovel, likely as an improvised weapon in case of a Grimm attack. In "Risk", she is seen hugging a Faunus woman after hearing Ironwood's speech. In "Worthy", she is among the first refugees to pass through the portal to Vacuo along with her son and her mother.

"Shovel Mom" was a character that Paula Decanini tried to include in Volume 8 as much as possible to give the audience a recognizable face that they could latch onto and empathize with during the Mantle conflict.[9]

Mother is voiced by Jenn K. Tidwell.

Thirsty Moms' Children

The Thristy Moms' Children being escorted across the street by Jaune Arc

A group of five small children from Mantle consisting of three girls and two boys, each belonging to one of the Thirsty Moms. They first appear in "Sparks" when Jaune Arc escorts them across a street whilst their mothers fawn over him.

The blonde girl is visibly disgusted by the attention her mother is giving to the young Huntsman. The blonde girl is later shown being carried across the street by her mother while the dark-haired boy and the grey-haired girl in the blue coat are cowering in an alleyway in "Worst Case Scenario". The dark-haired boy is seen again in "Cordially Invited", where he tells his mother that it has started snowing after Arthur Watts deactivates Mantle's heating grid. The dark-haired boy and the blonde girl are among the crowds in "Out in the Open", where Jaune has them demonstrate an orderly marching order to the other evacuees; the dark-haired boy is later seen boarding a Manta and is evacuated. In "Refuge", the light-haired boy is seen traveling with his mother and grandmother to the Mantle Crater, and later watches Ruby's broadcast in "Amity". In "Risk, the light-haired boy is seen taking shelter in the mines with with his grandmother and a young Faunus girl. The light-haired boy, his mother and grandmother are among the first refugees to pass through the portal into Vacuo in "Worthy", and are among the survivors in "The Final Word".

The dark-haired boy, credited as Mantle Child, is voiced by Brooke Olson.

Ivy Brown

Ivy Brown ran for a seat on the Atlesian Council at the same time as Jacques Schnee, Robyn Hill, and Pearl Wistier.

Ivy is a genus of plant. Brown is a popular color.

Pearl Wistier

Pearl Wistier ran for a seat on the Atlesian Council at the same time as Jacques Schnee, Robyn Hill, and Ivy Brown.

A pearl is a type of gemstone. Wistier comes from wisteria, a lavender flower.

Fiona's Uncle

Fiona's uncle helping in the Mantle evacuation

Fiona Thyme's Uncle is a Faunus man from the Mantle Crater who first appeared in "Divide" helping Oscar Pine. He is later seen helping out in the Mantle evacuation led by his niece and the Happy Huntresses.

In "The Final Word", he is seen with the evacuees of Atlas and Mantle during the Grimm attack in Vacuo.

He is a short man with a mustache and small glasses. He is a badger Faunus[10] and his traits are badger hands and claws.

The uncle is voiced by Rooster Teeth Productions co-founder Gus Sorola.

Disgruntled Grandmother

Disgruntled Grandmother with her daughter, "Shovel Mom", and her grandson

Disgruntled Grandmother, or "Racist Grandma"[8], is an older woman in Mantle who appeared in "Refuge", declaring her discontent with being near the "animals from the slums," and preferring to be sheltered in Atlas. She is first rebuked by Yang, then by her own daughter.

In "Risk", she is horrified as she listened to Ironwood's speech, hugging a Faunus child along with her grandson while holding the hand of Fiona's uncle, indicating that her views on Faunus have changed. In "Worthy", she is among the first refugees to pass through the portal into Vacuo along with her daughter and grandson, and among the survivors in "The Final Word".

Disgruntled Grandmother is voiced by Christine Stuckart.


Crimson is a Huntsman in Mantle who aided the Happy Huntresses with their plan to evacuate its citizens to the Mantle Crater in "Refuge", appearing only in voice when speaking to Fiona.

Crimson is voiced by César Altagracia.

Crimson is a shade of red.

Original Comic Characters

Mr. Alban

Mr. Alban

Mr. Alban[11] is a old, rich noble man in Atlas who has a strong hatred towards Faunus and he doesn't care whether they are rich or not. He accuses Bruce Wayne of stealing his valuable antique pocket watch and calling him a thief. He is also one of few people who knew about Bruce's Faunus heritage and exposes his identity in front of all rich nobles in Schnee Manor.

Mr. Alban is a old man with faded brown short hair with white streaks and light blue eyes. He wears a navy suit with white collar shirt and bow tie.

"Alban" comes from the Latin word albus meaning "white".

Mr. Lloyd

Mr. Lloyd

Mr. Lloyd[12] is one of the rich nobles in Atlas. He is the one who stole Mr. Alban's valuable antique pocket watch because it has unstable Dust inside. After being captured by Weiss and Bruce, they choose not to get him arrest, but instead treat it as competition for the guests at the Schnee Manor.

He is secretly working for Starro, who took control of James Ironwood in Atlas.

Lloyd is derived from the Welsh word llwyd meaning "grey".


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