The following is a list of Ancient Past minor characters from RWBY, arranged alphabetically and categorically.

Salem's Unnamed FatherEdit

V6 03 00005

Possibly Salem's father or one of her guards

Salem had a cruel father who locked her in a tower where she was cut off from everyone else. Many warriors attempted to save Salem but fell to her father's power.

As he was a part of the first iteration of Humanity, he had magical abilities.

Fat KingEdit

TLF kingdoms

The Queen, Zealous King and Fat King challenging the Gods

The first king Salem visits, called Fat King in the concept art.[1] She hurts herself with an axe to show her immortality. He is surrounded by food and drinks.

He resembles typical medieval European nobility.

Stern QueenEdit

The second monarch Salem visits, called Stern Queen in the concept art.[2] Her throne is made out of pillows and is guarded by soldiers on each side.

Her dress has an Eastern aesthetic.

Zealous KingEdit

The third leader Salem visits, called Zealous King in the concept art.[3] He appears to be a warrior-leader. He is shirtless and has a tattered robe. His belt features a golden skull. Salem kneels, and he joins her. As he yells, we see his soldiers wear knightly armor with horned helmets and wield swords and axes.

He resembles a barbarian.

Ozma and Salem's DaughtersEdit

V6 03 00065

Ozma and his four daughters

V6 03 00063

Eldest daughter showing magic

Salem ozma daughters family painting

Family Painting

In "The Lost Fable", the second Ozma and Salem used their magic to become rulers of the land. Salem gave birth to four daughters.

It was unknown if they would be able to wield magic as their parents were anomalies, but when the eldest daughter revealed she could use magic it gave Salem an idea. She planned to take over the world with new magical humanity, horrifying Ozma. When Ozma tried escaping the castle with his daughters Salem found out and the two got into a large magical fight that destroyed the castle. The details of their fight are not seen, but team RWBY look on in abject horror, and at the end is shown the burnt doll of one of the daughters. Lamenting that "we finally had freedom", Salem kills Ozma's incarnation.

The Eldest Daughter was voiced by Jenn K. Tidwell and the Youngest Daughter was voiced by Lauren Aptekar.

  • The sisters wear dresses reminiscent of the four seasons and the four Maidens, blue (Winter, who also has ice crystal-like details), pink (Summer, whose yellow skirt also has a big Sun), green (Spring, whose bow and dress trimming also has a leaf-like pattern) and orange (Fall, with the upper parts in brown, similar to Amber's clothes).
  • The eldest daughter in blue also has a chain headdress and belt like the ones worn by Jinn.

Ozma Incarnation's FamilyEdit

V6 03 00071

In "The Lost Fable", the family of one of Ozma's incarnations is briefly seen. It was shown that he had a wife and two children. They have tan skin and brown hair. The mother has blue eyes, while the children have Silver Eyes, unlike their parents.

Malik the SundererEdit

Malik the Sunderer is the first king of Vacuo, having died over 1000 years ago. Though his lineage is so old, it's now untraceable, rumor has it that Malik's family lineage has a crown-shaped birthmark on each family member as a sign of kinghood. Allegedly, the Asturias family are descendants of Malik, though Gillian Asturias' lack of a natural birthmark heavily implies this to be untrue.[4]

Malik is the Semitic term translating to "king." It is also a common name for boys in Greenlandic, meaning "wave". To sunder, as in his title, means to break into two or more pieces or parts and to sever.



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