The following is a list of minor characters from RWBY, arranged alphabetically and categorically.


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Minor characters in Vale who have appeared in the series, including members of the Vale Police Department as well as the Vale News Network.


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Characters related to the Kingdom of Atlas, Atlas Academy and the Schnee Dust Company, which was headquartered in Atlas before its destruction.

Historical Figures


General Lagune was a military leader of the Human forces during the Faunus Rights Revolution. At the Battle of Fort Castle, the inexperienced general attempted to catch the Faunus off-guard in a nocturnal attack, failing to take into account their superior night vision. Despite having a massive army, he was defeated and captured. This eventually started a turning point for the Faunus to claim victory in the revolution. Lagune and his blunder were mentioned in "Jaunedice, Pt.2".

His name is derived from the word "Lagoon", which refers to small bodies of water.

Emperor of Mistral

TGW Mistral1.png

The Emperor of Mistral was the ruler of Mistral during the Great War. Before the Great War started, he appeared to have been okay with concepts like Slavery and suppression of the arts like the General of Mantle. However, he still allowed the arts to flourish in the main capital of Mistral.

Following this battle, the four Kingdoms gathered on neutral ground on the island of Vytal where they formed a treaty and planned the future of Remnant. Although the Kingdoms were ready to bow before the rule of Vale and it's Warrior King, he decided against it. Instead, the leaders redistributed territories, abolished slavery and restructured the governments. He eventually died and control of Mistral was left the the council of the Kingdom. Despite this, they turn a blind eye to much of the crime happening in the Kingdom.

General of Mantle

TGW Mantle2.png

The General of Mantle (unofficial) was the ruler of Mantle during the Great War. Before the war, a certian "incident" in Mantle made him come to the conclusion of suppressing the arts to prevent future grimm attacks, with the kingdom of Mistral soon following his example to a certain extent. He was also apparently okay with the concept of slavery in his Kingdom.

Following this battle, the four Kingdoms gathered on neutral ground on the island of Vytal, where they formed a treaty and planned the future of Remnant. Although the Kingdoms were ready to bow before the rule of Vale and it's Warrior King, he decided against it. Instead, the leaders redistributed territories, abolished slavery and restructured the governments.

At some point, it appears he helped Ozma use the Relic of Creation to raise the city of Atlas into the sky to give the people of the Kingdom a symbol of hope following their defeat. Due to advancing technology, the Kingdom of Mantle ceased to exist and was replaced with the Kingdom of Atlas with the Atlas Military and Schnee Dust Company leading it before the general's death.

Queen of Vacuo

TGW Vacuo.png

The Queen of Vacuo was the ruler of Vacuo during the Great War, she was shown to be a Faunus with horns and wearing a scarf.

At the start of the Great War, Vacuo remained neutral, due to Mantle and Mistral having established a presence in their territory in the years prior. When the two began pressuring Vacuo to ally with them, the citizens of Vacuo realized that if Vale fell, there would be no one left to stop Mistral and Mantle from conquering them. Vacuo rallied against Mantle and Mistral and pushed them out of the Vacuan territory and allied themselves with Vale.

During the Vacuo campaign, the King of Vale arrived and personally led his army alongside the Queen of Vacuo, thoroughly decimating the opposing forces.

Following this battle, the four Kingdoms gathered on neutral ground on the island of Vytal, where they formed a treaty and planned the future of Remnant. Although the Kingdoms were ready to bow before the rule of Vale and it's Warrior King, he decided against it. Instead, the leaders redistributed territories, abolished slavery and restructured the governments.

After this, the Kingdom was eventually drained of it's bountiful Dust supply by companies like the Schnee Dust Company and the Mistral Trading Company. Due to this, the people of the Kingdom began to resent the other Kingdom's before the death of the queen.

Her relationship to Malik the Sunderer, First King of Vacuo, was unknown, if there even was one.

Fairy Tales

The Warrior in the Woods

Warrior woods -1 .png

The Warrior in the Woods is the titular character of a Fairy Tale of the same name. In the story, she was a Silver-Eyed Warrior who protected a village outside a jungle from the Grimm. She was killed by an unknown force, unsure whether it was Human or Grimm. 

In the fairy tale as recorded by Glynda Goodwitch, the Warrior was a lonely vigilante who protected a village on the edge of a lush jungle from the Grimm. She was first encountered by a boy who had decided to venture deep into the woods during a game of hide-and-seek, going deeper into the jungle than anyone ever had before. The boy was attacked by a Boarbatusk, only to be rescued by the Warrior. The girl told the boy to go home and not mention her appearance, and disappeared into the trees without telling him what her name is.

One year later, the boy was once again attacked by a Grimm, only to be once again saved by the Warrior as she killed the Beowolf. This time, however, he was prepared with a dagger to defend himself and a gift for the warrior: new clothes. The woman accepted the gift and left with a warning that the next time he was on his own.

Another year later, the boy was now a young man who had grown slightly accustomed to combat. He is attacked by three Owl Grimm. He is once again saved by the Warrior, who blasts away an Owl Grimm with her Silver Eyes. The man had brought food and a newly forged weapon for the Warrior, hoping to have seen her again. The two ate together, and the girl explained she had lost her family to other Humans in her time, and instead chose to preserve life rather than end it.

By the next year, the village had expanded and the forest shrunk as a result, as such the Grimm grew closer. The boy found the Warrior’s hut, only to find that it was empty and the Warrior in the Woods was gone, having died alone by some force– whether Grimm or Human he wasn't sure. The boy regretted not being there with her, having fallen in love with her Silver Eyes the first time he saw them.

According to Ozpin, The Warrior in the Woods is superficially a cautionary tale discouraging children to stray far alone, or relying too much on others to save them. However, it is also an inspiring tale to help others in any way you can.

In the animated adaptation of the story, she was voiced by Hannah McCarthy.


Poppy after she is possessed by a Chill Grimm

Poppy was the older sister of Oak in the Fairy Tale "The Grimm Child". One day, she decided to dare her younger brother to go into the woods alone despite their parents and the adults in their village having a rule against it. After he did however, Poppy began to worry something might have happened to him after a while passed and decided to find him herself. While she found him, she noticed how different he looked with pale white skin and red eyes while taking him back to the village.

After some time, she passed out and later woke back up in the village, only to find her parents and Oak dead. After trying to look around the village for help and to learn what was happening, she found that the entire village had been killed and decided to head back to her house and pack up her suitcase to leave the town. When she tried to find her suitcase under her bed however, she found something else underneath it as well. She then realized that it was her own dead body and learned that she had been possessed by a Chill Grimm that took control of her brother's corpse by the time she found him. She then realized that the Grimm then possessed her and killed the entire village in the process while thanking her for helping it to so.

In the animated adaptation of the Fairy Tale, Poppy was voiced by Kdin Jenzen.


Oak was a young boy from the fairy tale "The Grimm Child". In the story, he was dared by his sister Poppy to go into the woods alone and ended up possessed by a Chill Grimm in the process. After Poppy found his body, she brought it back with her while taking note of his appearance being pale white with red eyes. After he was brought back to the village they lived at, the Chill left his body while possessing and killing the rest of the village until it eventually killed Poppy.

It was noted by Ozpin that Oak's possessed appearance wasn't in the original version of the tale and notes that it was added after a fairy tale about a witch living alone in the Woods spread around.

In the animated adaptation of the Fairy Tale, Oak was voiced by Jenn K. Tidwell.

The Hunter's Children

A picture representing the Hunter's four children

They are the children of the Hunter from the fairy tale "The Hunter's Children".

In the animated adaptation of the Fairy Tale, the Hunter's children were voiced by Tracie Frank, Gabe Kunda, Bindy Coda, and Matt Sinclair.

The Man Who Stared at the Sun

The Man Who Stared at the Sun


Characters related to Menagerie.

Miscellaneous Menagerie credits:

  • Menagerie Guards, voiced by:
    • Gio Coutinho
    • Stan Lewis
    • Jenn K. Tidwell
  • Faunus Civilians, voiced by

Worried Mother

Sun tries to recruit Mata, but his mother won't let him go.

The Worried Mother is the mother of Mata that appears in "Necessary Sacrifice". She is a Faunus with ram horns on her head. Sun tries to recruit Mata to help defend Haven Academy from the impending White Fang attack, saying he would love to have someone with his skills on their side. She, however, pulls him back inside their house, adamantly telling him he is not going anywhere.

She is voiced by Victoria Holden.


Characters related to the Kingdom of Mistral.

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Vytal Festival


These three unnamed contestants were finalists in the Vytal Festival tournament and appeared in the episode "Fall".

According to production artist Erin Winn, who designed the characters, the character with the feathered cap's general design and outfit is based on The Three Musketeers, and the hooded character takes design cues from Aladdin. The character with the futuristic outfit is from Atlas and is visually compared to Halo.[1]

The characters based on The Three Musketeers and Aladdin are imagined by Erin to be from Mistral and Vacuo, respectively.[2]



The paramedics arrive on scene

Two paramedics arrived to Mercury Black's aid when the masses saw Yang Xiao Long break his leg in "Beginning of the End". They put him on a stretcher and carried him off to an ambulance so that he would be escorted to proper medical attention. They expressed concern for Mercury's well-being and note that Emerald wouldn't leave his side. However, unbeknownst to them, the ambulance they brought Mercury to was commandeered by Cinder and Neo, who both also donned the paramedic uniform.

One of them is voiced by Jon Risinger.

Unidentified Contestant

The unidentified contestant

This unidentified Vytal Festival contestant had the misfortune of facing Cinder's team in the team round of the tournament. After Cinder Fall sent him flying, he fell next to an undercover Neo, who proceeded to violently stomp on his face. The rest of his team was easily defeated by Cinder's team. Following their defeat, he was never seen again after that.

He was seen wearing a black outfit with a dark-gray flak jacket or armor and boots. He has tanned skin, closely shaved brown hair and bright turquoise eyes.

White Fang

Characters who were members of or related to the White Fang.

Miscellaneous White Fang credits
  • White Fang Goons, voiced by
    • Chris Martin
    • Austin Hardwicke, an animator at Rooster Teeth
    • Miles Luna
    • Dustin Matthews, an animator at Rooster Teeth
    • Josh Ornelas
    • Luis "Paco" Vazquez, producer at Rooster Teeth
    • Willem W. Keetell, an animator at Rooster Teeth
    • Jenn K. Tidwell, animation coordinator

Ilia's Associate

Firing at Blake and Sun

While not confirmed to be a member of the White Fang, Ilia Amitola's associate was targeted by Blake Belladonna after she got information off of Ilia's Scroll and decided to take back the White Fang. He is a male Faunus with dark scales on his skin. When he noticed Blake and Sun Wukong approaching him in a village with Blake drawing her weapon, he first attacked and then flees while horrifying the faunus in the village at shooting them in broad daylight. Though his manner was one of panic, he had the skills to attempt to keep them at bay throughout the chase by using his environment to his advantage. However, Ilia had to come to his rescue when Blake managed to temporarily capture him. He quickly ran off, leaving Ilia to deal with the situation. He appeared in the "Volume 5 Blake Character Short".

Trifa's Associate

Yuma and Trifa's Associate.png

This unnamed White Fang assassin appeared alongside Ilia, Yuma and Trifa when they attempted to ambush Blake in "Alone Together". He bears resemblance to Ilia's associate, but has fewer scales, darker skin, eyes and shaved hair. After Blake's exchange with Ilia, he was commanded to bring the restrained Blake to Menagerie's docks along with Trifa in order to take her to the White Fang Headquarters, only for Sun Wukong to appear and knock him down before they could do so. He was persumably either arrested by the Menagerie Guard or ran away following this.

Ancient Past

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RWBY Chibi Characters

Characters who debuted in RWBY Chibi.

Floyd the Geist

Floyd interrupting Mike and Marty's coffee break.

Floyd is a minor antagonist from the Rooster Teeth animated web series RWBY Chibi, the non-canon comedy spinoff of RWBY. He is a mischievous and pesky Geist Grimm that serves under Cinder Fall.

In "Cannonball!", Floyd goes to annoy a pair of Beowolves, Mike and Marty, by calling them "possums" and "dingoes". He brags about how he is a major part of Cinder's nefarious plan, and how he's bigger and more powerful than a Beowolf when he is in his Petra Gigas form.

He is voiced by Kerry Shawcross, who also voices Neptune Vasilias in the same show.

Mike and Marty

Mike and Marty on their coffee break.

Mike and Marty are a pair of minor antagonists from the Rooster Teeth animated web series RWBY Chibi, the non-canon comedy spinoff of RWBY. They are a pair of cynical Beowolf Grimm working under Cinder Fall.

Though Beowolves appeared throughout the series, the first episode to debut Mike and Marty specifically was season 2's "Cannonball!". In "Cannonball!", they bail on a meeting held by Cinder to complain about how her plans and speeches are redundant. They go to get some coffee and take a moment to mourn the loss of a Grimm named Larry that was killed by Yang. However, they are interrupted by Floyd the Geist, who begins harassing and annoying them by bragging and calling them names, causing Mike to want and attack him. Marty holds him back and lets Floyd go, but the two decide to go eat some "innocent humans" to calm down.

In "Monsters of Rock" and later "Battle of the Bands", a Beowolf is part of the band Trouble Clef, and may be either Mike or Marty.

In "Grimm Passengers", Mike and Marty try disguising as humans to hitchhike in people's cars so they can kill and eat them. They first try with Team RWBY, who do not fall for their tricks and pass them by. Cinder pulls up and does not recognize them, and attempts to kidnap them by offering them candy. Even though Mike and Marty recognize her, they decide to take up her offer because they believe she actually has candy. However, when Cinder realizes who they are, she boots them out of the car and drives away. They then try to share a taxi with Jaune and Ren, the latter of which is much more gullible than the others and has to have Ren tell him no.

Mike is voiced by William Ball, and Marty is voiced by Joe Nicolosi.

Other Characters

System No. XX

System No. XX after happily becoming Team RWBY's pet rock at the end of the episode.

System No. XX was the main antagonist and final boss of BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle. It is a machine originally designed by Clavis Alucard to create new possibilities. However, a flaw in its design led to the machine invading the worlds it observed and using them as power bases. To prevent the machine from destroying worlds to create new ones, Clavis sealed the System away using the Keystones of the four selected universes (BlazBlue, Persona 4: Arena, Under Night In-Birth and RWBY).

However, the seal on System No. XX was accidentally undone by Clavis Alucard's daughter, Rachel Alucard, leading to the machine summoning warriors from the four selected worlds and having them fight in Tag Battles in the "Keystone Tag Battle Tournament" inside the Phantom Field, telling them lies as they need to collect the 4 Keystones in order to escape and go back home to their universes.

There are multiple endings, depending on which Episode the player chooses.

In the RWBY Episode, after being defeated, System is sealed inside the RWBY Keystone. Team RWBY then returns to Beacon with the Keystone, planning to keep System as a pet.

She is voiced by Carrie Keranen.


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