RWBY: The Grimm Campaign

The Corrupt Huntsmen

Mina and her team first appear loudly entering the Huntsman club, The Skillful. The group pompously offers to pay for Fenix Nemean's tab, choosing a guest at random, and goes off to eat on their own. Fenix and Pyke Rite approach them, asking what they're celebrating and why they're paying for his tab. Sil, Team SMMK's leader, informs them the team struck a big payday, and asks the two to leave. A miscommunication between the teams involving alcohol leads to a bar fight, but the teams are kicked out by Opal.

It's later revealed that they have been paid by The Wave to keep anyone from interfering with their plans. When they learn that Team SAFR is investigating the strange incidents in Kuchinashi from Daff, they beat him up to the point of bleeding. Later, they attempt to kill the main protagonists by detonating multiple bombs to kill them in a rockslide.

Mina is left by Asher to be arrested

After this attempt to kill them failed, they start asking about Team SAFR around the hedges. During the Pastel mansion auction, the team try to steal Javi Pastel's Scroll before Team SAFR do. Mina Lavender disguises herself as reporter Lisa Lavender, under the guise of wanting to interview the Huntsmen. She finds Pyke as a server, but he manages to avoid suspicion. Later, she finds Asher Mora just as he locates the Scroll. She tells him she is a reporter, but Asher doesn't believe her when he finds a shotgun in her purse and asks her who she really is. When Asher has trouble getting the Scroll, Mina states she can help get it for him with the help of her own Scroll in exchange for her purse. After she helps him, she steals back her purse and both her Scroll and Pastel's Scroll. She tells Sil she has it, but Asher uses his Flash Semblance to blind her and steal Pastel's Scroll back from her and gets her arrested instead.

After the Wave take over Kuchinashi, team SMMK gets Mina out of jail. Later, she and Marton confront Team SAFR again when they attempt to stop the Wave's trucks containing magic artifacts from leaving Kuchinashi. After they fight for a while, Grimm controlled by Lemon's Magic Necklace come down the mountain to engage Team SAFR. When they try to get out of the way of the Grimm however, the truck they were on ends up getting flipped over by the army of Grimm.

Later when the Wave decided to ship out all of their magic artifacts out of the city through a stolen Atlesian Airship, Sil and Khaki were stationed at the airport as extra security with Sil barking orders at the Wave guards. After Khaki runs into Fenix again, she almost recognized him before being distracted by an explosion caused by Pyke's group. After all infiltration groups attack the guards stationed at the airport, Sil tells the ship to take off before he ends up getting shot at by Fenix in a turret.

Once Team SAFR infiltrated the Wave's airship, Team SMMK managed to get onboard the Wave's ship and encountered Team SAFR again in the artifact holding room. After Pyke attacked a volatile artifact and it caused the room to catch on fire, Team SMMK took a band artifact from the room and used it to teleport out of there while leaving Lemon to fend for herself.

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