Not to be confused with Lisa Lavender, the Vale News Network reporter.

Mina Lavender is a member of Team SMMK, a team of Huntsmen who appeared in Kuchinashi recently, carving themselves a reputation for being annoying, in part due to their overly self-indulgent theatrics. She is revealed to be a part of the Wave along with her team, serving as an antagonist in RWBY: The Grimm Campaign. She makes her debut in "Where There's Smoke...".


Mina is a tall and spindly woman who wears a helmet that covers her face. She has black hair and wears purple clothes with silver armor. Underneath her helmet, she is revealed to be a Faunus with long elongated fangs heavily implied to be a rare arachnid type.[1]


Mina, like the rest of her team, was okay with working for a criminal organization like the Wave if it meant that they got paid in the end. She was also okay with using violence on Daff to threaten Team SAFR and later blow up the side of a mountain to kill them.

While working for the Wave, she was shown to be quite the actress when she disguised herself as a reporter using her last name to infiltrate Javi Pastel's mansion. She also acted as extra security for their convoys carrying Magic artifacts when Team SAFR attacked them.

Despite working for the Wave, Mina and her team had no real loyalty to them as they left Lemon to fend for herself after stealing one of their magic artifacts for themselves and used it to teleport off Lemon's stolen ship.

Powers and Abilities

Mina wields a shotgun-axe as her weapon, while her Semblance allows her to produce spider webs as weapons. She is a capable liar, easily passing herself off as a reporter.


  • The name Mina means With Gilded Helmet and is of English origin. It is also a Persian name meaning 'blue glass, gem', and a Japanese name meaning 'south'.
  • She has no connection to the reporter, Lisa Lavender.


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