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Midnight[1] is a pair of Dust-created, glass-based weapons formerly used by Cinder Fall. They appear to be based on an original metal version of the same weapon that Cinder is shown using in the flashback episode "Beginning of the End".

After the "End of the Beginning" she stopped using them in favor of creating swords using her Maiden magic.


Glass Version

Midnight consists of a pair of blades which combine to form a bow. It is stated to be made of glass and it seems to be created using bright orange Dust. With its dark, charcoal-like color, the weapon has a resemblance to obsidian, which is black volcanic glass.

In its swords form, Midnight is a pair of single-handed weapons that are similar to a European seax or a Moorish scimitar. The blade is broad and has multiple cutting edges, although the blades must be relatively light to enable the user to keep them balanced when using them in their designed dual-wielding form.

In its bow form, Midnight uses a straight bow design with a hand-grip built into the frame and is capable of producing multiple broadhead-tipped arrows that can detonate on impact.

Cinder is able to melt down and reform the arrows if something shatters them before they hit their target.

Metal Version

  • Metal blades
  • Metal bow
  • Inactive

In "Beginning of the End", it is shown that Cinder's current Dust-based version of Midnight is based on an older weapon that was constructed out of more traditional materials. Cinder used it in her battle to defeat Amber and also during a raid on a White Fang encampment.

She also used it to defeat a number of White Fang members to gain Adam Taurus' support. After that, she burns her original weapons with her newfound Maiden Powers further solidifying the White Fang's support.

While not using it, she carried her weapon on her back along with a sheath of metal arrows.

In her fight with Amber, Cinder was also shown being able to cause explosions where her arrows land, though it is unknown whether this is due to her weapon, her Semblance, Dust or something else.


  • The name "Midnight" likely alludes to the fact that Cinderella, Cinder's allusion, had to leave the ball at midnight before her magical spell ended.
  • The weapon is unlike any other bow in the sense that it does not appear to have any visible bowstring. However, the metal version of this weapon has a bowstring.



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