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  • I've heard good things about it, but I wanted a second+ opinion.

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  • Sup, I was wondering about Pyrrha. Specifically her shield. What is it based on again?

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  • Happy Birthday Doom.

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  • So I'm doing some research for a new gaming mouse and headphones. Any recommendations?

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  • Hi Sentry 616. 

    It's me TEOR-MMMM, I am here to let you know that the thread Who really is Yang Xiao Long has been deleted. At this point, I have understood the folly of my actions, but I wish to also leave such matters under the bridge, but for me, I wanted it to be permanent and never go back to such thoughts, so I deleted it. 

    But still, I want to thank you again for your help in clarfiying things for me, my anxiety got the best of me, but now I'm better. 

    If you want to know why it was deleetd, this is my explanation to you about it so you won't be left in the dark about it.  

    Thanks again, TEOR-MMMM

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  • I am just wondering if the weapon that i posted recently on Weapon Foundry Works?

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  • I still don't buy it. Goodbye nice lady, sorry you're about to be brtually murdered by an abomination.

    Quit your whining Nora, we barely saw you guys in that house, and if you wanted to see different things, you're in a capital city.

    Not the plan I expected, and I doubt it will work the way he intends.

    A hint of mom there Yang, but you're in Booster Gold territrory here, not old Deadshot or Deathstroke, so you're fine.

    Natural explanation and curiousity? Yes please!

    Any question? DARN RIGHT THAT'S DANGEROUS! No precognition: Hallelujah! Question limit and cooldown: A bit excessive don't you think?

    Hello new comic relief. AKA granny

    Darn straight Yang.

    Public opinion matters more here than in most places, but they were already tense and anxious. Maybe some mental discipline classes would be better than ignorance!

    Thank you. I assumed Oz had bitter experience that served as negative reinforcement. Glad to know he has reasons and itsn't a complete moron.

    And lett's throw that goodwill and sympathy for Oz right off the train. Along with Jin.

    Oookay that's ominoous, and her appearence explains the statue.

    Gah! Exposition tease! Anway, CInder the hideous fugitive everybody! How long to the manhunt? Wait, it took her a month to get here and find out she was hunted? WTF? Nice music thoough.

    So crime boss. With a temper, sweet toth, and American southern accent.

    I would have gotten a fire Dust crystal, but subverting your enemi's assests is quite delicious.

    So Hazel is looking for them too. Great. Maybe not a crime boss, but an info broker.

    So we have a 1st/2nd gen being. Neat! So you're Prometheus if he got Zeus' endorsement. NEAT!

    You didn't ask all three Oz? Let me guess, you were saving them for an emergency.

    Drawing on Qrow!> Nice to see uncle trusts her. EEEK!

    Okay... can we not scare peopple when they ask for answeres.

    She was human. This is going to get awkward. Wait, that's the end!? Gah! Stop taunting us!

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    • See you in a week Gen:Lock.

      Stop celebrating you porly dressed idiots, this is a major incident. Also, you're all going to be disciplined for not keeping an eye on the scopes, assuming you live.

      Ammo detonation, good call.  Still not sniper range. One missile left? Based on the amount of missiles in one pod, and the assumed 5 other pods, I find that hard to believe. Also, that missile catch last episdoe was BS. I would have thought Cordovin would be out of missiles though, or are there more that get loaded into the tubes?

      She shoots, and misses. Well hopefully this will remind you that you need practice being a sharpshooter, and eventually a sniper.

      Any flight training Oz? Not coming out yet I see.

      Why did you call them apes?

      BOLD MOVE!

      THey build those Mantas sturdy don't they.

      Blah blah blah, just die already. Tag team him into a grave!

      Low blow A-hole.

      And now the fun starts. Nice timing Blake. YES!!!!!! HE'S DEAD!

      Stab damage + bleeding out + potential spinal damage X passing out underwater = oh so dead.

      Nice going pipsqueak.

      Not a bad design for Grimmzilla. That's a lot of killer kitties. Let's hope they don't remember that they could just bombard the city.

      Finale's going to be fun.

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    • Last one of the Volume.

      I'm already watching, and why isn't the second episode up yet? You dropped the first two at the same time. You can cut the adds

      So they can have doors, it's just not obviious that they do, and they're not the most convenitently placed. Still a bad design.

      I'm a guy, so I'm not going to attempt to analyze the thinking behind these new outfits.

      Yeah, I totally believe that thing is rated for intercontinetal flights. Someon'es been practicing. Still doesn't have an Atlas IFF or authorization codes.

      Show off.

      Referencing your kills, why do I feel like one of you is going to take a shot at the other? Apart from the spoilers I mean.

      I like what they're going for, but this isn't dynamic enough for a battle.

      Put a sock in it you dwarf of a hag. This is only happening because you used a purpose built mech meant for fighting a Grimm just like this one on a bunch of Hunstmen (in training) instead of AA batteries or another aircraft. Go to heck.

      Try talking to a mirror.

      This is on Adam Blake. and he's dead!

      Well Oz is still hiding, so you're the de facto expert in terms of experience.

      I like that there are multiple levels, but we know that's coing to fail. Ididn't even finish typing before fwoosh.

      That's a good combo, but what are the others? 

      Still want to see her summon episode 8's Nevermore.

      Yes focus one the...trauma. Ooops.

      Thanks Jin, you actually answered my question. You're a macguffin, not a character. Thanks for clearing that up. A nice macguffin.

      SUMMER! YOU GO RUBY! That's a song I want to hear more of.

      I get why big boy broke out, but shouldn't all the fodder have been drowned at least?  Never mind, we get to see the mecha drill stab. Happy Sentry.

      That's a start Cordovin, but it is a good start.

      Good choice Qrow. And you get to be complimented by your idol.

      So how is Blake going to stay warm?

      I see the normal knees mentality is here again. Can we see some more weapon nerd next Volume?

      That's what I thought was likely.

      Already? Corsses fingers for visible border defenses. DANG IT!

      Why would you design it like that you stupid elitists? You're even higher in the cold air, which I'd assume means you have to adjust for air currents. Not to mention the Dust requirements of jsut keeping it aloft in ideal conditions. Before anyone brings up Amity, that was an arena, this is a Damocles city! Even ignoring all of that, what about expansion?

      Whoops, forgot about the post credit scene. Of course she made a flying monkey. Also, we got to see her directily maipulate their forms. That's a lot. What was with that last bit of her summoning the goo?

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  • May as well move over to message wall. My favorite on The Last Stand (album) is a tossup between The Final Battle (for the specific event it covers) and Winged Hussars (becaused the Winged Hussars did, in fact, arrive.)

    Overall my favorite Sabaton song is probably The Ballad of Bull or Man of 3 Armies.

    The Van Canto cover of Primo Victoria is also (in my opinion) one of the best covers of all time.

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    • You have, frequency doesn't make it any better though. You have my sympathy.

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    • Know what does help?

      Leaving in a state where cannabis is both fully legal and readily accesible.

      Which probably the only good thing to come out of our current elected officials tbh.

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  • Hear me out. What if you used fried green tomatoes instead of normal slices of bread and put the bacon and lettuce between that?

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    • that's not how you normally make them?

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    • No, and I regret that this hadn't occured to me in the country of "fry it all."

      For people on low-carb diets, like a relative of mine, it could actually be a good option.

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    • I'm not sure fried tomato's beats normal bread on carbs, but lettuce wrapped Tomato and bacon should.

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    • Though the latter option lacks the crunch of toast.

      My relative recently found a viable low carb breading, and I only brought this idea up because I love fried green tomatoes.

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