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  • I was looking on RT's site for a hard copy of season 1 of Gen:lock,  but I didn't find it there. I did find it oon Amazon, but since it wasn't also on RT's store, I have a few doubts about its legitimacy, qualtiy, and authenticity.

    Can anyoone offer any info on this? Did RT actually press and sell Blu-rays, or are they boootleg?

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  • I edited the message to be ...less unhelpful :P

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  • Sup

    I noticed that you still have your demo for the vehicle page. What, can't bear to let it go? haha

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    • Just haven't thought much about my sub pages since editing doesn't always work, and it's been a little while.

      Thanks again for all your help and hard work.

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    • For me it's a certain kind of satisfying when you can just delete a prototype page after the real page goes public. Just edit, select all, delete, save page. You can stop worrying about it and just relax for a bit. Well, until another page starts bothering you at least, haha.

      No problem. It was a team effort. :)

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    • I'm more of the "don't delete memories or anything might be a little useful later."

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    • I'm kinda the same in certain cases, but when it comes to pages I can delete them knowing they're on the wiki anyway. I don't need a prototype one lying around.

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  • You've made it rather clear that You don't like my ideas, and I have made it clear that I'm not gonna stop coming up with concepts because one person dosen't approve of them. 

    So I'm gonna have to ask you politely to stop commenting on my threads. If you do it again, I'm not gonna argue with you, I'll just remove the comment.

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    • Tbh, I don’t think you can delete comments on threads.

      But Sentry, they’re right. We all get it, you don’t like their ideas but they have made it very clear they’re not going to stop. This thread alone is evidence that you need to just cut the act and stop bothering them. I can see how you could think they’re shitty (even though I personally don’t mind all that much), but you’re not helping anyone here by...harassing them about said ideas. If you don’t like them, then leave them alone. Simple solution.

      So please, just....just stop, dude. Just cut it out. Leave them alone. You’re only going to make the whole situation worse.

      Now if anyone excuses me, i’ll be leaving the thread before a shitstorm starts.

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  • EDIT Edit: Okay, so while these first few options aren't good for quick reloads/high capcity (compared to other guns), they are fun for having several options on tap with decent capacity for what they are. First up, a semi-modernized, single-action Lemat. With a mini-shotgun barrel underneath and nine chambers, you could have a variety of heavy (pistol) caliber rounds for the purposes you need, with an emergency option if someone gets too close. If you want to go for higher capaity, It's fairly unorthodox, reloading would be a pain (no simple shortcuts in the field), and I don't know if its action could be modernized, but it's also a 20 shot, double barrel revolver. The second barrel in particular lets you choose what you're shooting. I've also seen a triple barrel 30 shot version, but the 20 already looks awkward, and having to reload 30 chambers one by one would be quite a hassle. My top recommendation would probably be to emulate the sginature system of the MP-40/1. It has two magazines side by side. You load two, fire the first, and slide the first magazine to the side so the second can feed when the first is done. Or in your case, when you need to swap ammo types. I wouldn't straight up copy it, but this seems like a decent option. While the weight issues wouldn't be so much of an issue, unlike real life, there is the issue of it being more prone to picking up dirt, dust, debris, etc. It also adds to the maintenance requirements. That said, if you're willing to put in the time, maybe you could dual wield smg's with this setup.

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    • And those trucks are...

      well Amity looks good


      Those look like paddy wagons. Prison labor?

      Weird seeing Jaune fan boyu, but I guess that means he's taking more passion in the joob.

      What aboout a fishing hook is coomplimentary to all the good weapons on the team. I think you were assigned because someone felt bad for you. Still, nice to see a different doctrine than Beacon's shown

      If yoou're not smart,... fix that.

      I was hoping for Nora and Elm interaction.


      It might not be the school yard, but friendship tends to happen when compatible comrades are thrown into the crucible of combat. Even real armies don't seem this stiff.

      Ren's been working out in the comedy gym.

      Right Yang. No, Harriet, there can be, and often is more.  It actually helps militaries since you'll  work a lot harder to protect friends and comrades than co-workers.


      SIGHSEEINGH YES! Not enough in the past. Need more. This feels like Ruby pushing back against what harriet just said. No, you haven't seen the sights in so long. 

      That wasn't exploring, and you were only there for the last leg of the trip. Though, I think it's more than achy feet that should fur lined snow boots instead of heels.

      And now you're in the best(?) protected* kingdom, enjoy the relative security oof an urban environment. You're alive, show it.

      Chin up Ruby.

      Subtle, never going to happen, but dropping Marrow will help.

      Ironwood has a hard job, but he seems to be doing his best, particularly at being just. I can eympathize. Careful Jaune, an outside perspective is needed, but he has a lot of power and he's under a lot of strain. A volatile combination.

      Are those "H" pins on his collar? For headmaster? Jimmy, you really need someone new in charge of uniforms.

      He's acknowledgin advice, excellent. He wants some non-military types to help because he thinks they can make a difference. Almost as good.

      annnnnd, taking a moment to find either my calm center or my wrathful one, since I caught a glimpse of him before I got to work on an assignment. Would have liked the confrontation later, but oh well.

      So that's not just Winter's unique ship? Makes sense, but it's not a design I'd use.

      I'll try calm, but I have wrath's engineering on standbye.

      You weren't using it, and he's government, specifically military. He might actually have that right, especially in drastic circumstances. Thought so.

      The temptation to tell someone to fire a warning shot must have been knawing at him. I know it would with me.

      You're noot anyone's friiend Jaques. I've seen yoou type, you only care aboout money, power, and prestige. You'll do whatever it takes to gett all or it you can, and it will never be enough.

      Hold Firm Weiss. Stay your fist Yang, and stay your Blade Blake.

      I said stand firm,, not advance, but this could be good.

      Does he have his Aura unlocked or is he just being dangerously stubborn? Or is CRWBY going to ignore the fatally cold temperatures of this tundra?

      Yeah, the one decent person besides Klein left. She had less to distract yoou.

      For once the time it takes to type is helpingt, since I can't stand him.

      Don't let him get to you Weiss, this is...

      Blake seems the most angry over the manipulation. Nice touch.

      Uh, huh. That entrance totally say thanks. And there it is.

      Firendship is important, nice to see Weiss getting support.

      They're worth at least 80 of you outiside of the money and company yoou married into.

      I hope that "family sting" festers under that overpriced suit.

      That was a look of weary disgust from Winter. Can't say I


      Penny! Are you trying to give everyone a near* heart attack!? I like the upgrades, including the proojector funtionality, but good golly, there is either a setting that needs to be turned way down, or Penny hasn't been getting enough healthy socialization. no, it's gotta be both.

      Awfully chipper for where you were almost* destroyed Penny.

      Deliberate symbolism in universe. I approve.

      Is it just the lighting, or is winter looking even paler than in V3?

      Temps?  FULL STATUS!? I mean, when compared to some we've seen, they're worth it, but... wow.

      Wathed Penny's tablet at half spped to check for chicanery, notived when Ren had his out, it said class c, so there's potentially two others. Also, the authority is granted by Atlas, and the place oof issue to match. might be relevant at some point.

      "broothers know you deserve it" thanks for the worldbuilding

      Nice to see some idealism still under that weary beard.

      Socially awkward, 

      I agree Nora, thanks for saying that Qrow.

      A sheet cake is a little underwhelming, but short notice and when there's rioting, a big extravagant tower of taster isn't always tactful. Nope, still has the swords, but I doon't think they attacked to strings anymore. Could be wrong. Also, only 6 at the momemt.

      I take it back, that's a pretty good looking sheet cake. 6?

      haha prostethic arm jookes with an android. hilarious

      Of course Yang would take selfies.

      You've earned it Ruby, besides, it won't last. Take it in while you can.

      Command is a heavy burden Ruby, especially if you want to do what's best and and what's right. This is soomething you'll have to adapt to.

      Thanks for the pep talk Qrow. and bringing up Summer

      The "last misstion" ooh! "A Summer secret"

      That's what heroes do. They'll follow that star, matter how hopeless, no matter how far.

      II would note the convenience, but having physical locations does have some advantages, annnnnnnd there's the issue of Watts. If he hacks this open, then Huntsmen will drop like flies.

      Nice that Ren and creepy get a moment. They're both pretty tranquil.

      It's called passion. For others I'd say a need for a paycheck. some, a need to leave the school life drastically.

      I'd check before being pedantic Weiss.

      And you apparently.

      Seriously, don't you have walls around Matle? and at least a .50 mg every 100 meters to say nothing of all the gunships and warhips?? If we don't see any actual defensive here, but we do in vaccuo, ...

      Is this a crack at the peoople who mispell and mispronounce his name? DOn't setttle when its's your name.

      We're basically looking at a larger Future Nora here. OOne who doens't have anyone to check her diet... hm, I had a thought.

      because no one want to escort a bunch of toddlers. even if there is combat, they're just major liabilities.

      he A$$hol3

      Annnnnd Salem is fishing for tycoons. This guy let himself in Jaques, don't trust him. I know you're going to work with him, but for pete's sake, don't trust him.

      "creepily so" still my fave Salem lieuie

      you know each other? And he's supposed to be dead? panic button now! Or does he have dirt on you? Dirt that might be recovered by a certain former heires...

      well now 's been caught and Watts is realling him in.

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    • Okay, now that I've got enough School work and tried to talk to a streamer while his broadcast was suttering, and it's 8:30, time to give my runing* thought Too easrly for that, and it's getting annoying, especially with the en-un-ci-at-ing Those pants are weird, but at least they look warm. Tooo early for that Rubyerr, tooo late, why am I tired and grouchy!? Don't give in so easily Jaune, if you need coffee, you  swing at anyone who tries to take it. Soome of those updates are worrying old, also, Urban McLafferty UP AWAKE QROW This is what the job means AN ACTUAL WALL< I NEVER!  Nice combo and punch rate UGH! NOT FUNNY! DOON"T "HELP" NORA! Show some appreciarion Winter, she did it, and so many other tricks. Yay, training for the new weak link. Sparring, it's been so long. Bringin two cups, that's thoughtful WAKE UP NORA! Nice to see Ruby holding up her idealism If only these new outfits and their return hadn't been spoiled by Flynt's VA. So it still have spray mint duds. I see someone didn't learn about not taunting the heavy hitters, also low blow. So Nora's a witch now. FN doesn't impress... yet.The effects on Neon improved, and she sounds less hisgh pitched. Not crazy about her outfit, but at least it is warmer, not warm enough, especially for someone who practically bleeds Aura with her fighting style, but it is less tacky and... He's too young! Stop flirting! At least the boys wear dumb outfits fort eh climate too. Isn't that right boring with a plunging neck line? Cover those arms, oor I've geting the scarves and a stapler. This is part of the job kiddo, commuting is an almost cons, annnnd if it's cold enough for Penguins, then either we should turn the Remnant globe upside down, or I need to yell more... just handed over a major strategic fuel depot to the shippers... I'm going to be very busy. She's sapient, she needs social interaction. And I thought she was stunted before. We all want that Penny dear, but even if you were runnying 50 instances, each with twice your current effectiveness, you'd just end up with more responsibilities and desires. Indeed Ruby, quire normal. His Semblance affects him, so unless yours overpowers his, it's not going to go your way on this ride. 6? Atta girl. Hi Robyn, pleast be resonable. Also, lamby has a dual repeated crosbow staff with bayonets. Ridculous, but awesome. Please tell me that that you have huntresses without bow style weapoons Robyn, because that could get old fassst. Thoose outfits are practical, but not thick enough Needs more insulation, especially if you were waiting out here for a while. Smart woman. I want to trust her, she seems reasonable and likable, so why can't I? Please don't fight, it wastes precious time and resources. Is Penny really down to just 6 blades? She had 10 or 12. annd true invisibility, crud also, way to suck the unique ridculousness out of the weapon by making it the group's standard issue. Thanks for wasing evberyon's time and Aura.Tracker? apparently not Healthy training, competition, and rivalry.They needed this. Winter has looked like she's needed a hug all season. Achuckle will do for now. And Weiss still is her own person, good. Yeah, Winter does look paler and maby a little more yellow. Oh? Huh, Winter's back pouch looks like the one Weiss used to wear. This looks like a guarded hospital, so Winter Maiden? Annnnd those are transfer tubes. We shouldn't be seeing those here. They're not needed.  Audio is maxed, but I'm still having trouble... Ironwood is grooming Winter. If you're the only one allowed, then why are the pods there? Now you get it Weiss. It should bother you more. It's a chance to do good, but you lost the choice Pyrrha had, and those pods.... If you say so Winter. 17:35 is going to be a meme isn't it? Those miners look ticked, and antler boy doesn't have a helmet... OOOOH FUCK YOU JAQUES People don't seem to be buying this bullshit. Well they can't trust an Asshole like you. Who picks  a wasp for a News Station!? Well he just created a riot. Like an idiot. Or a presi AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and that's the end, with some very nice concept art. Go away DC Daily, I'm not giving you attention until you treat RT right.

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  • Are you ever gonna have any actual criticism or are you just gonna berate everything you don't like?

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  • Mind adding a link to the new thread to your last post on the old one?

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  • I'm surprised you replied to me six minutes after I had my characters joke about Enabler. Do you use some kind of bot or do you legit watch the rp lol

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  • I've heard good things about it, but I wanted a second+ opinion.

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