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  • the question I pose is "why raid my server a second time, even after I left you alone for so long?"

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  • how's it going?

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  • If I give you enough information, we can do a "Family reunion" Modern AU, I'll list the characters to be featured here.

    Ruby (Main POV)

    Alec Jack Whitesworth Senior (Adopted Guardian) [Ruby thinks of him like a Grandfather]

    Yang (near Biological Sister) [will get injured badly eventually and will become Ruby's Biological sibling through a blood transfusion.]

    Summer (It's a Modern AU so she's alive) [Will help Ruby map out her family tree]

    Other Characters

    Taiyang ("Captain Obvious" father) [disappears at some point]

    Qrow (Uncle, obviously) [Not an Alcoholic]

    Aria "Rose" Valentine (Cousin) [very quirky, but apparently loves British life.]

    Weiss (Childhood Friend)

    Blake (Childhood Friend)

    Penny (Ruby's Best Friend) [not an Android in this fic]

    Any ideas on a name?

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  • Mkay, I played with colours a bit to make it a little less intense and changed a few minor things sunch as the length of the tunic to make it easier to fight in. I ditched the chain as chain is heavy and cumbersome in real life, even if you're only wearing a small amount, and the trim that goes down the front because it's awkward to describe. I changed the long sleeves to be part of the under tunic and therefore the same sheer material and olive green, as otherwise she's going to be wearing at least three layers of clothing at all times.

    "Forest green fitted blouse with deep boat neckline and cap sleeves, trimmed in silver-green. Trim is wide around neck and thin around bottom hem, which is brought into a deep V at the front. Matching forest green triangular tassets attached to both sides of the tunic reaching to her knees. Underneath the blouse and tassets is a gauzy, semi-sheer, swan necked tunic in olive green, with long flounced sleeves. Bottom hem is cut to the shape of the tassets, but is slightly wider and longer to show around the edges. Bottle green leggings, tucked into knee high dark brown riding boots.

    Dark brown belt hung around hips on a slight angle, with a long tail wrapped around the belt twice and dangling down the outside of her right thigh, and a silver chape and buckle. Silver bracers around both forearms, with flounced sleeves of the undertunic showing around her wrists. A silver brooch that is roughly 2 inches across the widest points, set with an ovular peridot and pinned in the centre of the blouse neckline where the swan neck of the tunic comes down to."

    Mkay, how's that? Using all the right terminology and everything, it shouldn't be hard for people to know exactly what you want (even if they have to google it. I put the accessories in a separate paragraph to avoid it becoming a wall of text. I haven't included any weapons or holsters for weapons because I don't know how you want it all holstered and stuff, and I didn't include the straps around the right thigh because they would serve no purpose beyond 'just because', which is kind of a silly reason to wear extra belts. 

    There is room to put her emblem somewhere if you wanted; I suggest one of these options:

    • Changing the brooch from a plain ovular peridot to her emblem cast from solid metal and the defining lines etched in, like Ruby's.
    • Etched or painted onto her bracers, like Russel Thrush.
    • Replacing the belt buckle or chape (end of the belt), like Scarlet David's.
    • Just plain pinned to her belt like Ruby's was originally.

    I wouldn't make it too big though; this is an elegant outfit with a lot of fine lines and a big, chunky piece of metal would detract from that. No bigger than the length of her pinky across (or roughly 2 inches at most) is my suggestion.

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    • wow thats... amazing. thanks spirit i owe ya one.

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    • hey i got her thing down and now I'm onto Faye...the one with a faerie/fairy basis. If you wanna know the difference between the 2 besides spelling, simply go to google images and then look up one spelling and look at the pics, then google the other spelling and see the difference.

      She's the short girl who's modest in her dress but still somehow turns out to have a cute face yet look sexy in basically anything including a hoodie. I kinda have the creator with a cute violet/sky blue hoodie and was planning to give her a skirt but thats the extent of my thoughts for her outfit. I don't wanna find an outfit offline because that won't exactly encompass the feel of her cuteness/sexiness. 

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    • Ok i got the look down in my head but i don't quite know how to describe the shorts she wears underneath the skirt. Would you mind helping me with this? Sorry this is very embarassing for me right now. I'm not exactly used to this kind of thing.

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    • Sorry, I was at work. Boy shorts, hot pants, bike pants are all adequate names for a pair of very short, very tight pants.

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  • Please don't revert images, your files were at a lower resolution. Screenshots should be 1080p quality. If you have a question about it, please contact an admin.

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  • I'll be Posting every Chapter thus far in a Course of 1 per Hour in the Days to follow unless I have to make up for the Hours, hope you Enjoy and Recommend it to Someone, A Friend or Acquaintance, or even someone who you think might Like it.

    With Care and Consideration.

    Yours Truly TheoldStone1000

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    • Rwby>The Rose family Files by Theoldstone1000.

      (Actions or comments) I do not own RWBY or any of it's characters, I own Whitesworth as my own name. And Team HCHN as my OC Team

      Chapter 20: Food War in bound part 1: Chaos of Love

      Whitesworth's POV

      "Whitesworth! Here! Come sit with us!" Nora Burst out, "Quiet! Quiet. I'm still Recovering my Hearing impaired by your Shouting, the Acoustics in the Theatre helped it No Thanks to you! But yes I will sit with you, and try to Keep you in Line making sure a food fight doesn't break." I was impaled by a Rose-berry Cream pie, "Stop that, Stop right this very Nanosecond!" I shunned, "Sorry (Not sorry) *Snicker*" Nora said almost Cheekily, "All I wish of you Nora is to prove you can Behave in front of me, but even so you've Deafened me, Threatened to break my legs twice and Throw this pie at me! Which is Remarkably Tasty I dare add, Compliments to Whoever made this!" I explained holding a Straight face the Whole time, "Needless to see you haven't shown much faith in me, is that it? Is that why you hate me?" Nora Stated movingly, "I really Respect you, but I don't always see the Gentle nature in your tone, and the Stress I have isn't towards you, it's just that you Remind me of Carol Marie, My deceased first wife in such a way that it kills me to even Mention it!" Whitesworth explained Softly, "I'm sorry I remind you of her!" Nora stared towards the far window while Saying it, "I'm glad I didn't see her Glare in you or the arrow wound. Or even the Fogginess in her eyes the moment she died on that unhappy New Years in 47!" I explained emotionless, "That's very depressing! But no food fight today I said to myself this morning! I just want you to like me for who I am!" Nora Explained, "I do respect you, I like you, but this stress is starting to go to my head! It wasn't that easy for me to admit, but, I respect you for what your capable of, not what you remind me of, Understand the Guilt I felt for the past 70 long and Helpless years I spent, I wasn't the same after that incident nor could I ever love another woman like her, the woman who Changed my life for 20 years and beyond the dark times I suffered, it scourged me for it!" I explained expressing Pain in my sentences, "Brambles and Jags may Destroy yer Timbers!" A Familliar voice Shouted. "Larsenger? Is that you? You scurvy Drake!" I said, "Aye! But you've the perfect scheme. I just know that Ivan, Jenkins, Harold and James will follow." Larsenger stated finally going forth, "I'll break his legs! Force of habit!" Nora burst out, "Not if he Cuts yours off first! He'll amputate you, rendering you unable to do a thing." I explained Slowly, "I have a bounty code to keep up! Now I have to go for a walk" Larsenger said as he walked out, Dagger withdrawn and Cutlass in Hand. "He'll be back. Swearing like the Grizzled Sailor he was Born to be. If not Picking a fight with someone!" I explained, "If it's Cardin, I'll break his legs!" Nora said uneasy, "Well he'll have no legs to Break!" I replied.

      12 Days later

      "Nothing personal but, You are getting a bit Ahead of yourself! Just saying, but this isn't Britain anymore so people aren't as Vulnerable as England! So don't try to attack!" I explained, "We need to make a good impression on this place!" James Explained. "Yes! You must realize this isn't Earth!" Ivan Finished, "Aahahahaa! I'm Queen of the castle, I'm Queen on the castle!" Nora started maniacally, "Not on my watch, the crystal mirror of Alcatest! The Mystic wall of Ember-veil!" I chanted as a wall of crystal and a wall of Fire appeared either end of me, "Destroy him!" Nora and Ruby shouted, "that wouldn't be wise, at all, I knew something like this would happen, Ivan! Charm Ruby, the Girl with Black hair with red highlights! and the Others I'll summon a mist to confuse them!" I said as both sides of me became empty again. "Care to Dance Luvs, mystic Wind Spirit of Dargall!" Ivan Chanted as his Crystal orb started blowing Strong gusts, "Icy mist of Valdaleste! Mist of Foggy memories!" I combined my Chants to Create the Illusion of the Mythical country of Ghost Gate, "Gravity Corpse Gates" I chanted as but hundreds of Frost Gates Arose from the Spell and Imprisoned the Girls and Boys in my Favor, "Now stop this madness! Now!!" I darted as the Frost Gates, Mist and Winds Dissipated into Ivan's Orb, "The mysterious energy I Kept Sensing, your orb! It's the orb of the Elements of Garstorr, I know why you Wield it, Did Psycrone Choose you as a Sorcerer?" I asked Marvelling his Ice Blue Eyes, "A sorcerer of Remnant!" He replied looking at my now Drained Posture, "Infure the Ice Wizard chose me as it's Host!" Ivan Continued, "Because you're the King of Charmers?" I asked Jokingly, "Yes and I have a Pure heart!" Ivan replied, "I was only joking but thanks for Clarifying that!" I replied just barely smiling, "Meow! Blakey over here!" Yang said Wooing Blake (Incoming Bumblebee Ship), "Coming! (Stupid Cat names!) not like I have anything better to do" Blake grumbled, "Hey! I just saved Lunch from Becoming a Dead Zone! And this is what I put up with!" I darted Away from the Talk i was having with Jenkins (Out of context) I walked off grizzled, brown eye open and a sharp glare wherever I looked, I walked into that Cardin fellow, "Move it!" He darted, "Die you dry act, I will desecrate your body and petrify it in stone!!!" I darted back Furiously as I locked my scythe around his firm but cut up Arm, "Admit or else!!!" I darted as furiously as before, "Ok ok geez." The bully walked off, "Good blazes can't I get a..." Suddenly, a spear tip grazes my chin, "Ghh bah I gah, Pyrrha! May I ask why this is at my neck?" I asked, "Vera del bumin frind ('I will weaken you' in my best Mistrillian)" Pyrrha remarked in fluent Mistrillian, "Gustefure's ghost! Whatever it was, I don't like it." I replied trying to run, my body was Weakened by an estranged poison, "*Hack* what was that argh.." I fell unconscious but barely breathing, "Target achieved!" I faintly heard from Pyrrha before completely falling just as well. reaped as anything.

      Pyrrha's POV

      After I estranged Whitesworth according to Yang's 4 step plot to get Whitesworth to spill his Secrets about how he Knows so much about Remnant in the time he was here, "the lobster is in the trap, I repeat the lobster is in the trap!" I gestured Yang, "The crab is blue I repeat the crab is blue." Yang Whispered to Nora as we tied our victim up. "Stop! Fiends!" The other men shouted, "Never!" I shouted back as I kicked up a sophomore steel plate at them, "We must Rescue her!" One of them said as he caught the plate, "Attractive eh, Kiss metal you fool!" The man remarked my Semblance and threw the plate back to me, (yes this ends up being quite an Intense chase scene) I needed to duck but my semblance attracted it landing right into my face hard, "Take this!" Another one of them said as they threw a Polero-Tether at Blake, tripping her Legs tied, "Splash 2! Fire 3 James fire the White Ray!" The man said as James Fired a Very large Cage like net! "Grab Whitesworth quickly!" I commanded taking the plate from my now Bruised face, "take the burn but not the ice. Tesseract ghost!" The men shouted as a blast of burning light surrounded us, "Mmm.. Why am I tied up!" Whitesworth Sprung awake.

      Whitesworth's POV

      I struggled to pull one of my Daggers to cut my rope constriction, "Gotcha! *Sound of cutting rope* Good, now Admit defeat to the Planetary Guardian and a Master Sorcerer! I can't bare to fight you" I shouted as they Dropped their Offence and mourned my words, "We felt Jealous of your Comrades and thought they would be better than us" Ruby admitted, "Only in their most modest traits, they'd only be here the Month! What did you think, they weren't here for an eternity you know!" The rest of them felt silly and very Guilty, "I was hoping you'd come around!" I said amazingly confident, "Fools die but never desecrate by themselves! The bacterium in the body help the process" Jenkins added, "Correct! And I was and always will be that help in Desecrating" I explained unpleasantly, "So you would've forced us onto the end of our Auras! For shame!" Pyrrha stopped me, "My Reaper's eye is and always was the Cause of Corpse Desecration, and an unknown amount of Spectral energy is the Affected Result! I'm not proud of that Anymore! My purpose as Guardian is to Protect and even as unintentional Happenings going as far to seeing someone...never mind, to the point you feel guilt, lust and Dreadful Emotions, I just don't mean a thing out of it! I am sorry if any of you feel ashamed of my actions and feel Angered by my behavioural patterns, I'm going to catch some Fresh air." I walked off feeling miserable about everything I caused, "He'll be back! He just needs time to 'imself Young ladies and Gents!" Jenkins said in a rather impeccable English Accent, "Correct!" I shouted trying to get the door.

      2 1/6 Hours later.

      Pyrrha was Looking for me and Ruby to tell me something and for Ruby to Apologize for earlier, "I need more time! *Falcon Impersonations* That should keep her busy for a white Hour!" I stated quietly releasing a small C.U.T.T.E.R. X-21 Mk.VII and Released it into the Air to Squawk like a Falcon, "Oh! A bird of Prey, Better Follow it to find Whitesworth!" Pyrrha Said Thinking it was Flying in my Direction, "Works every time!" I cheered silently, "Whitsworth! Where are you?!" Nora Called out, "Scree! Scree!" I Screeched like a Northern Screech owl, "Oh! Hello?! Have you seen my Friend?" Nora asked, "Hoot hoot!" I replied in owl, "To the tower!" She shouted as she ran towards Beacon Tower, "Dark arts of the Disappearing act" I chanted in silence as I disappeared into the library, "Dark arts of the Viscous body!" I chanted as I sank into a Liquid form, "Hehm. I better get moving because they don't expect my form!" I said as I rushed in my current form, "So far so." Suddenly Neptune screamed as loudly as he could and hid behind Sun Quivering, If anyone asks, I went left!" I said in secrecy, "Ok! Whatever y-you say" Neptune replied, "Excellent! Dark arts of the Shadow Tribe!" I chanted as a clone jumped opposite to me, I started worrying when Blake and Weiss were in Bound of my Path, I jumped still in my Liquid form almost creating a backwards waterfall for just long enough for Weiss to get Absolutely soaked by the jump, "Sorry" I gestured, I was starting to believe they were chasing me so another clone started towards the chair over to my left and took position, I was safe, so I thought until Jaune Spotted my trail and assumed it was a break in the pipes until he saw there was no pipe leading in the opposite direction, "An obvious trick of the eye!" He stunted as he closed his eyes, I jumped upwards, "Dark arts of the Disappearing act!" I chanted as water Splashed the window without me in it, I ended up in plain sight on top of Beacon Academy and just as Summer looked up towards me, "Keep Ruby, Pyrrha, Nora, Blake, Weiss and Yang busy while I Meditate Please" I pleaded loudly, she Nodded and Went to go find the people in Question, I was worried about what happened, I was close to fainting when Jaune spotted my leg dangling from the roof, he was confused (He didn't slap himself or anything in seemingly utter guilt) he just walked off, "Natterghasts at this hour? Good blazes" I thought to myself, I ducked out of sight and hid from the Shagra, "Phew! I believe it's time to get back on my podium and Stand seldom!" I said to myself as I climbed back onto the podium and stood in seldom until it blew over, I was indeed terrified at this point, "Whitesworth!" Some familiar voices Echoed, I didn't know whether to fear them or fly down and meet the owners of the voices, "I can indeed try to go down and risk it, after all I do take risky situations boldly." I said only grunting in pain, I flew downwards, "There he is! We need to talk to you!!" Nora shouted as I imitated the same scenario that happened, with a barrel roll I flew upwards then descended to the ground, "likely contemporary in fact! I had to relax and take a long needed break, just for a while, I tricked you into thinking I was everywhere to give myself a chance to escape, I wanted to say but it would blow my cover!" I explained panting from my tired escape act, "We could've just let you be!" The other in exception to Weiss who was still sopping wet, "Weiss so serious!" Yang Joked as she got Weiss a towel, "not funny but thanks for the Towel" Weiss remarked cross, "This and even my old age pressure me on a daily basis! But I can stand you for as long as I've known you, I'm sorry I haven't been seeing you lately, I needed time away from you, I hope you'll understand." I finished as I gave each of them a hug respectably but petting Blake like a true friend for knowing my pain, "I know but this is somewhat cuter than pretty much any kitten" I remarked, "We'll see who gets the last purr" Blake remarked grinning evilly, I scratched behind the now obvious Cat Faunus and gave her a soft Nuzzle, (Kitten love incoming) she purred lightly but with the nuzzle she Mewed on her own hugging me "Nya~<3" Blake blurted, "Here kitty kitty." I playfully said, "Ok ok you win!" Blake surrendered laughing, "Good! Because if anything should happen in my absence, it will be on my head! I invited Team HCHN to learn from you all so they can improve their skills, And get to know you all better! Can you stay out of trouble?" I pleaded and got a yes from them (2 Very wells and 1 Sure came with them), I was relieved until Pyrrha's Spear Pinned me to a tree, "This isn't helping!" I grunted, I used Viscous body to get myself free without a Scratch or tatters on my coat, "My fingers slipped! I swear!" Pyrrha apologized, "That be alright my lady, but not in THAT way alright?" I forgave her, I tracked the Vessel and it was just landing outside of the Campus, "Harold Fairwitz is famous for Defeating Projectile related Huntsmen and Huntresses and Helen Fairwitz wins to the opposite Weapons." Weiss Explained.

      A/N: Quick note about the Story, Whitesworth was fairly Seldom alone and was very grizzled and Stressed by all the Attention he was getting recently, almost like you could imagine a love Hexagon we'll se you later.

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    • Rwby>The Rose family Files by Theoldstone1000.

      (Actions or comments) I do not own RWBY or any of it's characters, I own Whitesworth as my own name. And Team HCHN as my OC Team

      Chapter 22: new arrival, a maestro and in desperation

      Quickie: meet the arrival Aran Ghost

      Height: 67 inches (5 foot 5 inches) Eye colour: mixed Red/Emerald

      Weapon: Shroud and Dagger (MMW: Mystery Mimicry Weapon)

      Semblance: Necromancer's touch (Gives even skeletal corpses or Statues life)

      Attire: Ghost White (Dress shirt,Cape and Topper), Black(Ribbon on Topper, Ascot and Inner Coat), Violet(Necrotope in his hand)

      Quote: "I The Host of the Stark white expressions I leave are On your luck", age:17

      Whitesworth's POV

      I was looking over Beacon with Ruby, "Hm? I didn't expect that Airship to arrive for another hour, Ruby! Wait in the dorm until I get back alright!" I said strictly as my form shifted to a Hyperion Shrike and disappeared, I was in the Dorm hall when my form returned normal as I walked, I ran into that Cardin fellow, "Hey watch it!" He said fist up, "Do not try it against our new arrival, he seems Scarier than he looks! Do not challenge him, is that clear!" I explained vainly, he grunted, "who says old man!" Now that set me off enough to slash his head off but instead I repeated myself, "Is that Clear!!!" In an even stricter and Furious voice, "Yes Sir!" He said Saluting and Sweating in fear, "Good, I don't even know what I'm dealing with either!" I said as I walked off Jaune watching my performance in awe, "Boy I wish I had his courage!" He thought to himself, "Maybe one day!" I shouted back to him. Later A boy Dressed in Stark White Clothing walked over to me, "I take it you're my escort" the Red/Emerald eyed boy asked, "Certainly! And you are?" I asked the Boy, "Aran Ghost of Mistral! A little Birdie told me the Mistral Champion Pyrrha Nikos goes here! Am I correct?" Aran asked, "Why, Yes she does attend Beacon! Why do you ask?" I said trying to cover up my Surprised look keeping 1 eye closed, "Why is your other eye closed? It's been scaring me to look!" Aran asked upon noticing my Closed eye, "It's better left unknown young lad!" I replied in Bare emotion at all, "Well, Forget I asked!" He darted slightly, "Well, I know but may i ask what your weapon is?" I asked him as we neared Ozpin's office, "This shroud!" He replied pulling out a small cloth covering what looked like a sword, "That won't help you, then again...Show me what's under that Shroud." I stated with mixed laughing and Seriousness, "Here! It's a dagger hiding in a cloak like the Ghostly Cloak and Dagger mixed together to make 1 weapon" he explained as he lifted the Shroud and Drew it from a Sheath he customized himself, "I take back what i said, That will help you Significantly!" I stated in a pure Gasp, "Whitesworth, I've heard all about you, how you fight and even what you deal with every day, I heard that Pyrrha has Taken a fall for you out of love, and you got Chased by Nora Valkyrie, Let alone a loosely tied Towel being the only thing she had on!" He stated as if he knew me, "Yes! I've still got 4 More Girls After me, I've needed more Space from them on Valentines day, and the following days, I'm in Fellowship with Teams RWBY, JNPR, STRQ and HCHN, I have a wide Respectability with the others!" I stated, "and now my little Birdie" he stated as he Morphed into a Sparrow, "So it was you I saw in the window that day and every other time, I wanted to know why the Sparrow was everywhere I was!" I said in realization, my unpleasant stare was averted when Yang Rushed towards me, "What is it! I'm in the middle of this, so please wait!" I said in forlorn anger, "Come in Whitesworth! I know your out there!" Ozpin gestured to me, "Ok. This is the arrival we were expecting, meet Aran Ghost." I stated walking in with Aran "Ok. His weapon is... A dagger covered in a shroud! And his semblance is... Hereditary from his Father's side" Ozpin remarked in confident waves, Why I felt dumbfounded was beyond me, "Any previous educations before I continue?" Ozpin asked, "Why certainly! First 3 years I was homeschooled, Next 2 attending Aaltos' Venom Academy, the 3 years to follow were at Signal and my first senior year was at Haven academy!" Aran explained Brightly but he remained Straight faced, "Here, Follow me!" I commanded respectfully, he followed me to RWBY's Dorm, "Is anyone in?" I asked as I heard Ruby coming to the door and open it, "Hello! Oh." She said with brief happiness, "Surprised, I noticed a slight hint of discomfort in that "oh" you muttered." I asked concerned about Ruby, "Well. The new arrival was in my 6th Grade Class at Signal and he Kept on Scaring People with his tricks. I can't ever forget or let alone Forgive him for his tricks, oh yeah, I have someone I want him to meet" Ruby explained, "I've been requesting a Battle with you Ms. Nikos, I've heard a lot about you being in love with both that Jaune fellow and Whitesworth!" And with that Pyrrha was Red in the face, so red that it could've even put both Ruby's Cloak and a Vial of Fire Dust to Shame, I was interrupted by a sharp punch to the back, "Graaaah!!! What was." Before I could finish, I was out, "What was that!" I asked waking finally, "I wish to Challenge Pyrrha and Aran!" The strong Stern man requested, "Well no need to assault me like you did!" I darted hissing between puffs, "We meet at that battlefield" he added pointing out to the Eternarock Battlefield outside, "Settles it then, the Eternarock battlefield at 12 bells!" I concluded.

      12 bells (Matter of Speaking)

      "20 paces and start What's your name?" I explained then asked, "Alexandre Obsidian the 4th" he replied, "Pyrrha Vs Alexandre, Commence!" I shouted as they turned towards each other, Pyrrha felt a shiver as her Emerald eyes met with Alexandre's Fuchsia ones

      Flashback through Pyrrha Date: June XX, 20XX

      The Achilles girl fought 99 people and defeated them all, it was time for the last of her 100 battle Gauntlet for the week, "I get to face you! What an astounding privilege" the man said.

      End of Flashback

      "Recognize me now?!" Alexandre said with mock anger, "*Gasp* you. I thought you!" Pyrrha was at a loss of words, "my 100th battle was against you!" She added, "You never forgot what happened that nice Warm day all those months ago." Alexandre stated as his Claws dug into Pyrrha's Shield, "I stopped my aggression against you and you knocked me out, (Arkos confirmed as Jaune was behind Pyrrha, bad idea!) "Get out of there Jaune! You'll get hurt!" I shouted, "Jaune!" Pyrrha replied as she and Jaune were knocked clear across the Campus , "Jaune! Pyrrha!" I shouted as I ran in their general direction, "she's Changed quite a lot! I remember that not even She could be Fazed by the eyes of her challengers! That isn't the Pyrrha Nikos I remember at all!" He explained half-angered.

      2 hours and 1 scared Pyrrha later

      "I wasn't ready" Pyrrha weakly wilted and with hands pounding on my chest, "Please! Alexandre wants to apologize" Alexandre walked in, "Pyrrha! I'm sorry for what I put you through." I cut him off, "No. I asked her to come to the battlefield! But you meant to apologize for going rough on such bad Pretences!" Alexandre nodded, "I needed time to plan but I never thought you'd change any being the Mistral Champion! Again my." Pyrrha stopped him, "I forgive you! Honestly I do, but Whitesworth was the one to blame for this." She explained in a calm Demeanour, "I deserve the blame but not any Beating you intend on giving me in the months to come." I explained how I deserved my guilt, "you may Shrug me off, Decide never to speak to me or even Disregard my kindness but you can't attack me for my Mistakes!" I added playing a recording of Dell of Vale, "That's the Music we could hear upstairs!" Pyrrha said Shocked, "Aye, I was the one who was Playing the tune!" I said Head down, "He was the greatest Pipe organ player this side of Vale!" Yang cut in, "Was that really true?" Pyrrha asked with a Tear escaping her left eye, "Sure I might never be forgiven but. At least I know you appreciated my Playing!" I said still in the same position, "But I do Forgive you, I knew about the challenge because I saw Alexandre Punch you in the back and explain his terms, honestly I never knew quite why you asked me." She explained and with that I sat in my rocker like a gentleman again, "I never knew how kind hearted you were, I have a good weapon but i could never care as much as you did! I guess I'm seeing another side of the Pyrrha Nikos I remember. Thanks for opening my eyes!" Alexandre said.

      Quickie: meet Alexandre Alexandre Obsidian Eyes: Fuchsia, Semblance: Cybernetic strength, Height: about the same height as Harold Fairwitz, Outfit:Jet Black Coat, coal Black boots, Coat extensions from the Collar and a Grey Vest, Weapon: Clawed Gloves, Quote: "I was defeated but not left uninjured, but Venom academy took me because of my persistence" ________________________________________________ Yang's corner (First time in forever, Frozen reference)

      Yang: After so damn long!

      Whitesworth: Ah yes, I remember the good and bad times we had in this segment.

      Aran: remind me again, why we're here?

      Alexandre: Theoldstone1000 invited us

      Yang: Ever hear about the Kitten in the box next to me, don't worry this is a Plush kitten that meows when you hug it

      Whitesworth: just like week one (walks over to the box and pulls out a Kitten then hugs it)

      Toy kitten: Mew mew mew

      Whitesworth: Thanks for the Change in the joke

      Yang: Well thanks for hugging it

      Toy kitten: Mew mew mew Prr Prr Prr Mew

      Whitesworth: I'm a cat lover

      Blake: Whee! (Hugs both Whitesworth and the Kitten)

      Toy kitten: Mew Prr Prr

      Everyone: Aww

      Toy kitten: Mew I love you.

      Everyone: We love you too

      A/N: Alexandre and Aran will reappear in Chapter 28, More of the Characters' Pasts will be revealed and Whitesworth gets an unexpected visit from Pyrrha whilst he's training and Yang remembers how odd Whitesworth can act, there's more backstory to come, See you then.

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  • To explain what I meant by "We do not have cropped screenshots." which was my edit summary:

    The images contained within the image galleries are all supposed to be full screenshots. Not cropped like say, profile images would be due to the necessary ratio for those images. Such is why the image you added was removed.

    Also in future, if you do wish to add screenshots to the image galleries it is preferable that they be in 1080p or 720p. And also put into the gallery according to the code, which would likely be easier to do in the source/classic editor.

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