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  • As an aspiring writer, I would like your advice.

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  • I just go here to have random thoughts. No need to comment.

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    • Hey, I can paste from Notes! Good to know.

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    • Okay, let’s go for a big one:


      Bella is the twin sister of Tara Camellia, one of the younger siblings of Erin Camellia, half-sibling of Jason Orcus, and the main protagonist of Dread Rising. She is currently a student in Minerva Academy.


      Bella is a light-skinned girl, with short, snow-white hair, and azure blue eyes. She typically wears an ivory-white hoodie, with a blue flower motif on it, and the symbol of a winged face on the back. She also wears a short, light-blue skirt, and turquoise slippers. On her left wrist is a lavender-colored friendship bracelet. She also occasionally wears a crude white mask, with a small black cross etched into the forehead. As an accessory, she wears a necklace with the symbol of a an inverted sickle on it. She also has samoyed dog ears on her head, which she covers with a beanie. And lastly, she wears a plain white scarf.

      She originally had dark brown hair with streaks of white at the tips, with an indigo blue sweater with a snowflake symbol on the front, and depicting a setting sun on the back.

      Her pajamas consist of a black shirt with white shorts, which contrasts with her sister’s white tank top with black shorts.

      Battle Outfit

      To be added...


      Bella is a shy, secluded girl. She is extremely nervous around large groups of people, and tends to avoid as much social interaction as possible, often quietly sitting in the background reading a book, or going over her own thoughts. When someone does try to talk to her, they will find that she is abysmal in even basic interaction. She is also afraid that people will resent her due to her half-Therian heritage, and thus never tells anyone, not even other demihumans. Part of the reason why she avoids talking to people is because she constantly has intrusive thoughts. She tends to avoid interacting with anyone nasty or intimidating, as to avoid being targeted by them. She is also terrified of storms, and will panic if there is even a hint of severe weather. She also has a habit of walking in circles if she is nervous or frustrated.

      She is also overly sensitive and apologetic, taking even the smallest things personally, and apologizing over trivial errors.

      When she does open up to someone, Bella is a sweet, kind and considerate person. She likes to please people whenever she can, and can be sympathetic, taking it upon herself to comfort people when they’re down. She is also quite selfless, willing to take the fall for anything. She is also very overprotective, and worries for her loved ones’ well being a lot.

      She finds solace in planting flowers, and has some knowledge on various species.

      To be added....


      Bella was born on the snow planet Heimur, in the town of Winterfall. She had a twin sister named Tara, an older sister named Erin, and an eldest half-brother named Jason. Her mother, Iris, had died just after the twins were born, and their father was emotionally absent, never bothering to connect with his children. He still fed them, and such, but never really bothered to bond with them, meaning they were primarily cared for by Erin. They also had a snow borer named Flake, which the twins would play with every day. However, Jason always resented his two younger siblings, and would bully them occasionally.

      She was constantly bullied at school due to her mixed heritage, to the point where she avoided interacting with anyone but her siblings.

      One day, she was confronted in the school corridor by another bully, but just before Tara could fuck shit up take matters into her own hands, and new girl stepped in, and broke up the fight. The girl introduced themselves as Laura. Laura Perdita. The two became very close friends as time grew on.

      But then things only went downhill from there.

      Laura stayed over for a sleepover. Meanwhile outside, a storm was brewing, but Laura helped Bella through her fear of them. While they were chatting in the upstairs bedroom, they suddenly hear Tara’s scream from downstairs. Bella rushed down and asked Tara what was wrong. She explained that Flake just ran outside after a draft of wind blew the pet door open. Laura suggested they go out to look for Flake, but Erin and Jason volunteered to go in their place.

      As their eldest siblings went out to look for their lost pet, Bella saw Tara sneak out the backyard. Immediately, she and her friend rushed out in an attempt to get her back inside, but she refused to listen, and trudged off into the whiteout. The storm was getting worse, but they couldn’t just leave Tara out there! Laura suggested that Bella go inside. At first she refused, but later went in after some persuasion.

      She went upstairs to take her mind off her stress. She started to panic when the storm only got worse. Just when she was about to go outside, Tara burst through the door. She was shaking profusely, and had tears leaking from her eyes. When Bella asked her what the hell happened what was wrong, she said that she didn’t know what happened. Laura just disappeared, and Flake was dead. Bella asked her to explain more, she just started sobbing, and saying “I don’t know” or “I saw them...” over and over again. Shortly after, Erin came in through the front door, saying that Jason also disappeared. After the storm ended, news reports came in saying that Heimur was hit by an elysian ray blast, which spawned a category 1 snow hurricane. The odd thing was that strange blue lights were sighted outside during the storm, along with mysterious beams striking the ground were also reported. Anyone who was caught outside in the strange hurricane mysteriously disappeared. Ever since then, she worried herself to death about that happened that day, but she absolutely refused to answer.

      A few weeks passed, and no trace of Laura or Jason was ever found. Leonard had fallen ill. When he was taken to the hospital, it was revealed that he had contracted brandiel poisoning, a toxin found only in the brandiel hemlock, a Heimurian plant that is only fatal if ingested.

      There was no known cure.

      Erin fell in anguish after their father’s apparent suicide. They had to move to the city, Niflheim, into the custody of Lily, Iris’s sister. The months went by as they gradually began to adapt to their new surroundings. When Bella turned 15, she learned that her cousin and Lily’s daughter, Ava, was planning on attending Minerva Academy. Knowing this inspired Bella to attend as well. Jason and Laura were out there somewhere, and she knew it.

      And so, this is where our heroine’s story begins.

      Powers & Abilities

      Bella is a Conjurer, and thus can summon a weapon made from Ether, but it has not manifested yet. She has trouble narrowing down her other feats, but she does plant flowers, mainly as a hobby, and has some knowledge on them.

      Coming soon...


      Jason Camellia

      Their relationship wasn’t really that good. Jason didn’t like Bella or Tara that much, and bullied them for it.

      Erin Camellia

      Erin was always kind of motherly to her younger siblings, since Leonard was always emotionally absent through the duration of their childhood. She grew distant from them after the death of Leonard.

      Tara Camellia

      Before the incident, Tara and Bella were very close. They would often play together, talk about dreams, wrestle occasionally, etc. However, Tara was always overprotective of her twin.

      After Laura disappeared, their relationship became strained. Tara never told Bella of what happened to her.

      Leonard Camellia

      Bella and Leonard weren’t really close. Leonard always seemed to be a sullen man. She wasn’t as devastated as she thought she would be after he died.

      Iris Camellia

      Bella never really knew Iris, since she had died after the twins were born. She always wonders what it would be like to have grown up with her.

      Laura Perdita

      Laura was like a third sister to Bella. As her best and closest friend, Bella is convinced that Laura could still be alive somewhere, and worries about her every day.


      Flake was the family pet, a young male snowborer. He was known for trying to burrow into the furniture...and the floor. They still loved him dearly, though, Tara especially.

      Lily Aster-Camellia

      The sister of Iris, and Bella’s aunt. They had a...decent...relationship, though Lily was a tad bipolar. Bella and her siblings never got to see her a lot after Leonard’s death. They stayed at her apartment in the city Niflheim, since they had nowhere left to go. Their old house still remains on Heimur, abandoned, untouched, and unclaimed by a new family.

      Ava Aster-Camellia

      The only daughter of Lily, and Bella’s cousin. Ava never really Interacted with Iris’s family a lot, so they weren’t that close. They barely even got to see each other.

      More coming soon....


      Coming soon....


      • She is inspired by Ruby Rose from RWBY.
         * Coincidentally, both characters have connections to flowers.
             * Camellia is the name of a flower that blooms in the winter.
         * Both characters also have a deceased mother.
             * However, Bella is the only one of the two with both dead parents.
         * Both characters also have an older sister.
      • Out of all characters, Bella is the one went through the most development in the series.
         * Her previous incarnations were named Scarlet [something], Mia Bellatora, Mia Torres, Ava Torres, Ava Frost, Ava Camellia, Iris Camellia, and finally, Bella Camellia.
             * She originally had red hair.
             * Iris is also the name of a flower that blooms in winter.
      • She is terrified of Azuran storms, but snowstorms still do worry her a bit.
      • She prefers exciting fantasy adventure books, with happy endings.
      • She was born on May 3rd, and is 15 years old.
      • She is also a bisexual.
      • She also likes peace and quiet, and is a people-pleaser.
      • Bella sleeps curled-up in a fetal position, similar to the “snowball” sleeping position for dogs.
         * This is what inspired her nickname; “Snowball” from Tara.
      • Her mask originally belonged to Saki Violette, who had discarded it.
      • Her Therian traits come from her mother’s side.
      • She is of Albian descent.
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  • Please do not re-add the "Jinn looks like Paimon from Magi" trivia to her page. We do not add coincidental trivia, or else every page would have a trivia section a mile long. Only similarities that are confirmed by RT to be on purpose are added to the pages.

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  • Same username there as here. ZAVAZggg.

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  • Each species has their own name for their elders, the term "Alpha" is exclusive to the elders of Beowolves.

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    • Glitchee123z wrote:
      This is an argument I am staying out of.

      I'd honestly suggest just closing the thread tbh.

      (To do so, go to the very first post, click the box that says more, and then select close this thread at the bottom of the options list)

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    • I know how to. Thanks, anyway.

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  • Regarding the Manticore image, it was just me struggling to get a screencap out of this video without the play button or extra text. I wanted a perfect sideways image, but once I got that 3\4 view I decided to go with it. But when the episode gets public it will be easier to replace!

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  • Hello,

    Love the new avatar, is Ruby trying to drown her sorrows in Death Stalker rum?  And where'd you find it?  Either way, I love it. ^_^

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