RWBY: Grimm Eclipse

Chapter 7: The Island of Dr. Merlot

Ahhh, that's better. Sorry, but the reception is always so bad all the way out here. I hope you're enjoying your stay on the island. You're the first visitors I've had in, well, you are the first.
—Merlot, introducing himself to the player.
Oh, where are my manners? Allow me to introduce myself. My name's Dr. Merlot. You don't know me, but I most certainly know who you are. Nevertheless, I'm thrilled you're here. You might be exactly what I need for a very important... experiment.
—Merlot, introducing himself to the player.
Ozpin? Or shall I call you Oz like old times, chum?
—Merlot, to Ozpin.
Trying to make the world a better place is wrong? Say what you will about me. It won't change the fact that you're powerless to stop me.
—Merlot, to Ozpin.
Well, let's agree to disagree. I tell you Oz, it has been truly a pleasure catching up, but, unfortunately, it's time for me to run. Farewell, old chum.
—Merlot, saying goodbye to Ozpin.

Chapter 8: A Grimm Discovery

Admittedly, Mountain Glenn is a bit of a sore spot for me. Decades of hard work, countless research projects, not to mention all of the specimen I'd collected over the years - all lost without a trace.
—Merlot, reflecting on the work he lost due to the destruction of Mountain Glenn.
The work done at Merlot Industries was critical in the advancement of artificial intelligence and genetics. Without it, Remnant would still be in the dark ages.
—Merlot, explaining the importance of his organization.

Chapter 9: The Grand Tour

Making yourselves at home, I see? I want my guests to feel welcome, but my security team rarely feels the same way.
—Merlot, talking about the hostility of his androids and Mutant Grimm towards intruders.
Greetings, and welcome to Merlot Industries, where we're building a better tomorrow... today!
—Merlot, introducing the player to his laboratory.
Here at Merlot Industries, we take pride in innovation. Together, with your help... and a little of your special spark, we will build a better tomorrow!
—Merlot, about his organization.
Here we have the Engineering wing, the so called 'brains' of the operation, if you're not counting my own intellect. Don't be timid, there aren't any traps here... yet.
—Merlot,introducing the other characters to his engineering wing.

Chapter 10: Final Exam

My serum... [sigh] No matter... Thankfully, I may have already synthesized the perfect combination. It's still in a test phase, but so far the data is looking very impressive.
—Merlot, after the player destroys his serum.
Don't be shy, students. You could learn a lot from this enhanced specimen. They won't teach you a thing about this back at Beacon.
—Merlot, to the player about the Mutant Deathstalker.
Nature couldn't make a beast this deadly, so I did!
—Merlot, about his creation.
No! Nooooo! My one of a kind specimen! This is inconceivable!
—Merlot, when the player defeats the Mutant Deathstalker.
Let's end this with a bang!
—Merlot, about to blow up his laboratory.

About Merlot

Dr. Merlot hasn't been heard from or seen in ages...
—Bartholomew Oobleck, mentioning Merlot's long absence that lead to the belief of his decease.
That Dr. Merlot... As in the Merlot Industries one?
—Weiss Schnee.
Hold up. Dr. Merlot? As in the guy that's supposed to be dead Dr. Merlot?!
—Jaune Arc, expressing shock upon the discovery that Merlot is still alive.
He’s being far too nice.
—Pyrrha Nikos, surprised by Merlot's welcoming tone despite her and her teammates destroying some of his serum's processing tanks.
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