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Doctor Merlot used an island as his base of operations during the video game RWBY: Grimm Eclipse.


The island was situated somewhere in an uncharted location and featured a large laboratory complex. The many of walls in the complex were covered with pipes, cameras and computer screens. Most of the floor tiles were hexagon shaped, with some having holes containing spikes to impale intruders. The island had multiple radio towers, allowing those on the island to connect to the CCT. The island had many metal fences. The island also had big wooden stakes planted into the ground. The outside of the island also had a dock as well as many crates and barrels. The island was populated by Grimm, Merlot's mutant Grimm and his security robots. The island naturally produced a mysterious radioactive substance that Merlot used for his mutating serum. Many of these toxic pools had pipes that collected the ooze and sent it to the laboratory complex. The terrain of the island was mainly sandy with the plant life being similar to that which was found in deserts.



After his experiments helped in the fall of Mountain Glenn, Doctor Merlot moved his experiments onto an island where he continued his research in secret. With people believing that he died in the incident, he was left alone to continue his studies in isolation.


Team RWBY infiltrated the island and fought against many Grimm, as well as Doctor Merlot's own mutated Grimm and security robots. After fighting through his laboratory and defeating his Mutant Death Stalker, he activated the laboratory's self-destruct system before all of them escaped.


  • Doctor Merlot and the island are a reference to the science fiction novel The Island of Doctor Moreau by H. G. Wells. The destruction of Merlot's lab on the island is a reference to the destruction of Moreau's complex at the hands of his experiments when they were starting to turn back into regular animals following Moreau's death in the Novel.
  • The island was uncharted and as such wasn't on any map.

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