Season 1Edit

Evil PlansEdit

What up, evil dudes? Got the Kitten Killer 9,000 up and ready to...
—Mercury to Cinder and Emerald

Season 2Edit

Magic ShowEdit

I'm sorry, it went off by mistake, okay? But hey, at least I kind of ruined their fun. That's a kind of victory, right? An evil victory?
—Mercury to Cinder and the others

Season 3Edit

Evil InterviewEdit

I'm tired of always doing the dirty work around here and being treated like a peon! I demand a raise! Also, I want a fancy hat like Torchwick!
—Mercury, to Cinder

Girls' Night OutEdit

Cinder puppet!! NOOOOOO!!!
—Mercury, to his puppet after Cinder destroyed it

Nefarious DreamsEdit

Cinder, try and figure out robotic foot massages...
—Mercury, talking in his dream for Cinder

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