Volume 2

Best Day Ever

Ooh, Emerald! Master thief! Please don't take my money! I barely have enough to get by!
—Mercury, mocking Emerald Sustrai's confidence in her pick-pocketing
It's false advertising!
—Mercury, regarding Tukson's store catchphrase
You're an inspiration to every punk with a gun and a ski mask.
—Mercury, mocking Roman Torckwick's work


Learning is SO MUCH fun.
—Mercury, to Emerald
I HATE waiting.
—Mercury, after being told to stay put by Cinder

Burning the Candle

Wouldn't miss it for the world.
—Mercury, to Yang, about the Beacon Dance

Dance Dance Infiltration

I guess the general's had enough fun for one night. Should we intervene?
—Mercury, to Cinder Fall

Volume 3

Round One

So, how are the new friends?
—Mercury to Emerald about Team RWBY


There's not going to be a next time, Blondie!
—Mercury to Yang in her hallucination
Why'd she do that? Why'd she attack me?!
—Mercury, after Yang attacks him

Beginning of the End

My dad always said... "if you need to know a city, ask the rats."
Oh doc, tell me, will I ever walk again?
—Mercury, joking with Emerald


Let's just keep this between us friends.
—Mercury, to Ruby as she fails to call for help

Battle of Beacon

Oh, I'm getting all of it.
—Mercury to Cinder, as he records the downfall of Beacon

Volume 5

A Perfect Storm

We're the guys you should be afraid of.
—Mercury, to Raven Branwen

The More the Merrier

C'mon guys, is that any way to greet your old friends?
—Mercury, to everyone
Hey there, Blondie. I'm thinking you owe me an apology for my leg, don't ya think?
—Mercury, to Yang

Haven's Fate

You've gotta be kidding me...
—Mercury, as Leonardo flees the battle

Volume 6


All my life, my father trained me to be a killer, an assassin like him. And then moments after I killed him, you two showed up looking for someone with my exact skills. Just felt like it was meant to be.
—Mercury, to Emerald about his father
You're in denial. And if you're gonna start having a crisis of identity or some crap... keep me out of it.
—Mercury, to Emerald
He never went easy on me! Every day of training was a beating. And when I unlocked my Semblance, he stole it with his! "This is a crutch!" "This makes you weak!" He told me I could have it back when I was strong. So I got strong, but I never got it back! I've had to work harder than anyone to get where I am. You may not like it here without Cinder, but I think I'm right where I'm supposed to be!
—Mercury, to Emerald about his past
Minor Characters

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