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The Menagerie Guard is a Faunus law enforcement organization in Kuo Kuana, Menagerie, that appears to function as a police force. A member is first seen in "Welcome to Haven".


The Menagerie Guard is a Faunus law enforcement organization in Kuo Kuana, that functions as a police force on Menagerie. They guard the chieftain's house, oversee gatherings and events and are able to arrest criminals.

However, they are unprepared when they are attacked by larger forces such as the White Fang, with some members losing their lives and cowering in fear.


A guard is first seen guarding the Belladonna mansion because of the looming threat of the White Fang.

They are next seen overseeing the chieftain Ghira Belladonna's speech to the Faunus of Menagerie. After White Fang member Ilia Amitola reveals herself and challenges the chieftain, the captain of the Guard, Saber Rodentia, and the other members chase after her.

When the White Fang assaults the Belladonna House the Menagerie Guard is there to defend the chieftain and his family with several members even losing their life. Some Guards seemed to be unprepared for actual combat, especially against such an attacking force and cower in fear because of it, but with the help from the Belladonna family, Sun Wukong and even Ilia, they managed to defeat the attackers. The Menagerie Guard is then seen arresting the terrorists involved in the attack on the house. Saber also attempts to arrest Ilia, but Blake and Ghira let her stay.



A Menagerie guard carrying a spear

The members of the Menagerie Guard share a distinct uniform It features black and white cloth, metallic plates on the hips and a belt across the chest fastened with a yellow sash. They wear pauldrons on their shoulders with some featuring what appears to be the Menagerie Guard symbol. Some members wear a hood with a metal plate on the forehead. Faunus with animal ears have hoods that let the ears go through. The guards wear open-toed boots fastened together with two yellow strings.


Members of the guard have access to some weapons. The guard in "Welcome to Haven" carried around a spear and another wielded it in the attack on the Belladonna Mansion. Another was seen using a pistol.