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Melodic Cudgel[1] was Roman Torchwick's signature weapon.


Melodic Cudgel initially appears to be a normal cane; however, when used for combat, the base of the cane raises a reticle for aiming, while also uncovering the muzzle. It fires an unstable flare or discharge of what is possibly Dust, which creates a distinct whistling sound when airborne and explodes on impact.

Melodic Cudgel is shown to be capable of firing at least two types of projectiles: one with a red flare, and one with a white flare. Its explosive capabilities are enough to detonate Dust crystals, as seen when Roman fires a shot at a red crystal during the episode "Ruby Rose". The weapon is also capable of blowing large holes in the pavement, as shown in "Black and White".

Melodic Cudgel is also capable of firing multiple shots in quick succession, as seen in "Black and White", displaying a high capacity for ammunition. The cane also seems capable of fending off both bladed weapons and the projectiles fired from ranged weapons, such as Sun Wukong's personal weapons, Ruyi Bang and Jingu Bang. Its handle can also be used to grapple opponents, disarm them, or lower their defenses, as seen when Blake Belladonna tries to launch an offensive on Roman.

The handle is also attached to a tether and can be fired over long distances to reel in a fleeing target. The body of Melodic Cudgel is also very flexible, as seen in "No Brakes", when Roman bends it to a significant degree, but it returns to normal.

Roman was proficient with Melodic Cudgel in close quarters combat. The handle of Melodic Cudgel is also capable of hooking its own flares, which Roman then throws at enemies.

In "Heroes and Monsters", Roman was seen fighting and beating Ruby with the weapon until he gets swallowed whole by a Griffon. The weapon was most likely lost afterwards as it was swallowed with its owner.


  • A cutout from the red portion at the bottom of the cane resembles Roman's emblem.
  • According to the DVD commentaries for Volume 1, the reticle was a late addition to the design.
  • The shape of Melodic Cudgel, as well as it's bright, firework-like projectiles, is likely a reference to a roman candle, a form of firework that spits brightly colored flares much the same way the cane does.
  • In Amity Arena, Roman's Valentine outfit paints the red sections gold and replaces the gray hook with a crimson incomplete heart.



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