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Little to nothing is known about Melanie's history. However she was born alongside her twin sister to a known criminal and gang leader Lil' Miss Malachite who operated in lower Mistral, where she then presumably grew up alongside her twin Miltia Malachite. The exact circumstances are unknown but eventually she and her sister moved to Vale and started working as bodyguards for Junior Xiong in his club.

"Yellow" Trailer

Melanie and Miltia are first seen at the bar next to Junior, but he sends them away when Yang Xiao Long takes a seat next to him. After Yang assaults Junior and defeats his henchmen, Miltia and Melanie confront Yang themselves and hold their own against Yang's brutal fighting style, even knocking her down.

However, Melanie is knocked back soon after, and Miltia is forced to fight Yang on her own. She is unable to compete with Yang's speed without her sister and is soon sent flying through a large glass column.

Melanie rejoins the fight and seems able to at least defend against Yang, but is soon taken out by a series of quick punches and a kick to the head. When Junior returns with his weapon, Melanie can be seen trudging away from the fight, wounded but alive.

Painting the Town...

Melanie is seen briefly in "Painting the Town..." She is seen sitting by the entrance of the Club, next to her sister, seemingly observing Yang talking to Junior. When Neptune Vasilias tries to talk with them both, they tilt their heads and walk away.

After this is it currently unknown if Melanie like her twin or boss survived or fled during the Fall of Beacon and the Grimm invasion of Vale.

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