For the member of the Happy Huntresses, see May Marigold.

May Zedong[2] was a member of Team BRNZ. She fought alongside her team against Team JNPR as part of the Vytal Festival Tournament in the episode "New Challengers...".


May was a young girl with light tan skin, dusky rose hair and gray-blue eyes.

She wore a red and white hoodie with blue tracksuit pants and a distinctive black beanie that covered her left eye. She also wore a large black scarf and red canvas sneakers.

Powers and Abilities

She was integral to the tactics of her team, forcing enemies to seek cover and retreat as her teammates gave chase. She would also interfere and distract enemies when her teammates entered into close-quarters combat.

She was highly adept at maneuvering into high locations to gain a better firing position, using her rifle as a climbing axe for leverage. However, she tended to be less effective when deprived of cover and a favorable vantage point.

Unlike the rest of her team, she was not shown entering into close combat with opponents.


Main article: May's Rifle

May's weapon of choice was her Sniper Rifle that could also function as an axe.


  • She makes a brief cameo appearance at the fairgrounds during "Round One", just before Team RWBY are shown eating.
  • The name "May" is another name for the hawthorn flower.
  • On the AfterBuzz TV for RWBY Volume 3 Episodes 1 & 2 Review, Miles Luna and Kerry Shawcross stated that her name was Zedong. Miles said, "She's a purple mushroom I think", suggesting a color allusion for her name.[3]
    • Miles and Kerry also stated that her name is not related to the Communist Chinese leader Mao Zedong, and the similarity in names was purely coincidental since her last name was named after a purple mushroom that Miles had read about.[4]
  • According to designer Erin Winn, she gave May a beanie covering her eye because she thought it was cool.[5]


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