Volume 7

A Night Off

Oh, funny. That's why we're here! So feel free to take a hike.
—May, to Marrrow

Volume 8


I know, Sector 3 is going to need the most help. I'm sending backup your way right now. Fiona, do you copy? We need transport from Sector 3 to the crater.
—May, to Fiona


Don't mention it. Once Robyn learned about Amity Tower, she wouldn't shut up about it. Wherever she is, I'm sure she would want us doing what we can to get it up in the air and get the world talking again. Besides, Fiona's got your friends helping out in my stead.
—May, to Nora
Between our secret weapon and my Semblance, you all couldn't be in better hands.
—May, to Ruby and the others


Fiona said your friends haven't been heard from in a while. Unfortunately, the last thing they're worried about is a couple of kids.
—May, to Ruby's Group abouy Yang's Group
It's chaos at the crater. Atlas has its army, but Mantle only has us. People are dying.
—May, to Ruby's Group
Mantle needed me, and to the Marigolds, that meant I wasn't their son anymore. And I made sure that everyone knew that I wasn't their daughter. So forget 'em. They've got Henry, yours have Whitley. You get what I'm saying.
—May, to Weiss
Which side are you on, anyway?
—May, to Ruby's Group

RWBY: Amity Arena

May is a Happy Huntress working with Robyn to uphold peace in Mantle. She is the cousin of Henry Marigold who lives in Atlas. Almost as if to prove that she is cut from a different cloth than Henry, May chose Mantle over Atlas and works day and night for its people. As a top graduate of Atlas Academy May has great combat skills and an amazing semblance allowing her to cloak nearby allies. However, even her semblance could not prevent detection by Penny Polendina. Hmm... what kind of sensors did Dr. Polendina implement in Penny...
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