Prior to the start of the series, May attended and graduated as a top student from Atlas Academy. Rather than joining the military or staying in Atlas, she decided to help Robyn Hill pursue a career as a politician in Mantle, to prove she is cut from a different cloth than her cousin, Henry Marigold.[1] Due to her support and passion[2] for Mantle, the Marigolds do not consider May their "son" anymore, which May responded to by choosing to assert that she wasn't their daughter anymore, either.


Mantle Elections

May and Marrow arguing

While Robyn Hill and Fiona Thyme blocked a supplier route with a barricade in the tundras of Solitas, she had been waiting, concealing herself and Joanna Greenleaf with her semblance whilst waiting for the vehicle that Ruby Rose, Penny Polendina, Clover Ebi and Qrow Branwen were riding in in order to find out why large sources of Dust and building materials that were being transported to Amity Colosseum. After being detected by Penny, May revealed herself and Joanna on Robyn's orders. After a stand-off, the Happy Huntresses agreed to let them through, deciding they would find out why all the Dust and building materials are being transported to Amity, no matter what it took.

Later, May is present in Robyn's election party, where she argues with Marrow Amin over Ironwood sending the Ace Operatives to make sure nothing happens. Once Tyrian Callows murders the partygoers, framing Penny, May attacks the Atlesian Huntsmen.

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Fallout With Atlas

May participates in a raid

Following this, the Happy Huntresses take on vigilantism, hijacking supplies from the Amity Communications Tower for Mantle. May is seen using her Semblance to hide the hijacked trucks from view.

After Arthur Watts turned off the heating in Mantle, May is seen defending Mantle from the Grimm along with Nora Valkyrie, Fiona, and Marrow.

Upon Salem's arrival, May and the Happy Huntresses took initiative in aiding Mantle against the waves of Grimm in the city. The group devises a plan to bring the citizens to the Mantle crater, with the goal to convert mine shafts into shelters and loot refineries for fuel. Once Ruby's Group comes to contact with the Huntresses and informs them about Ironwood's betrayal, May volunteers to help the group reach Atlas' military base in order to send a call for aid to the rest of Remnant.

May takes Ruby, Penny, Weiss Schnee, and Blake Belladonna to a building owned by Snow Snow Shipping, a Schnee Dust Company subsidiary, to use their pneumatic tubes to get to Atlas. Using the correct tube, the group arrives the Atlas Command Center and uses May's Semblance to reach Central Command, where where Penny uses Pietro Polendina's credentials to enter. May objects that she cannot get them through, but Penny explains that Ruby's Semblance should be able to carry all of them, leaving May to find an escape route.

After a fight with the Ace Ops, the group finds May in a hanger. As Penny leaves to the Amity Communications Tower, May and the group take a severely injured Nora Valkyrie to the Schnee Manor where they could treat her and rest. Despite Whitley Schnee's resistances, Ruby convinces him to allow them to stay, and Weiss and May take Nora to another room.

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The Battle of Atlas

May asks Ruby and the others which city to save, Mantle or Atlas.

The group stays in the Manor as Salem launches her offensive in the city of Atlas. They take Nora to Weiss' bedroom in hopes that she could rest. There, she watches Ruby's broadcast to the world with Ruby herself and Blake, horrified to see the message cut short.

Ruby, Weiss, and Blake begin to wonder if they should help fight the Grimm, just before May Marigold enters the room and tells them that Fiona has not heard from Yang's Group. May wants the group to go back to the crater in Mantle, which is also under attack, but Weiss wants to stay in Atlas. Weiss asks about May's family, and May tells her that the Marigolds do not consider her their "son" anymore, likening Weiss' situation with Whitley to her own situation with Henry. The conversation starts to become heated, and Ruby steps in to calm everyone down. Just outside the door, Whitley is listening in, and he thinks to himself.

In the entrance room of the Schnee Manor, Ruby tries to suggest finding and rescuing Qrow Branwen and Robyn Hill, but May tells her that Qrow and Robyn cannot save them and they need to choose for themselves whether to fight for Mantle or the City of Atlas. They are interrupted by Klein Sieben knocking on the front door. After Weiss lets him in, he reveals that Whitley called him to care for Nora. Touched by this, Weiss hugs Whitley, who hugs back after a second. The moment is ruined by a loud rumbling sound, followed by a crash. Ruby, Weiss and Blake run over to a smoking crater in front of the manor, to find Penny Polendina, who reaches out and apologizes before losing consciousness.

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Leaving Atlas

May seeing a Tempest ravage an Atlas Airship

After Penny's unexpected arrival, May herself proceeded to separate from the group and head on to Mantle using her Manta. Later on the way down, May would observe that one of the Atlesian Airships being split in two by one of Salem's Tempests.

May herself would later call Ruby and tell her not to beat herself up over her and her friends for not accompanying her to Mantle, noting that with the scale of Salem's forces, there may not be much of anything they can do.

When Ironwood begins to attack the SDC transports from Mantle to Atlas, May contacts Ruby to warn them about it. Later, when James delivers his ultimatum to Ruby's Group and the citizens of Mantle, May and Joanna comfort Fiona who breaks down into tears at his threats. May is later present in the crater when a portal created by Ambrosius appears. After Joanna has stepped through the others follow shortly afterwards with the civilians of Mantle and assist in getting people to the other side with May happily saying "Knew you kids wouldn't let us down." She is also shown reacting in fear after some civilians are exploding off into the void by Cinder. She is later seen with Joanna and Fiona in Vacuo protecting the refugees from the attacking Grimm.

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