Please...Stop this...
—Mata, to members of the White Fang

Mata is a sheep-based Faunus who first appeared in "Necessary Sacrifice".


Mata is a tall, tanned, muscular young man with short dark hair and peach eyes. He wears a plain white shirt, peach cargo pants and black sneakers. His Faunus trait heritage appears to be that of a sheep, possessing two horns on each side of his head.


Mata appears at first to be surprisingly timid and reluctant for his size, as seen when Sun Wukong attempts to recruit him. Despite this, he is the first person to declare help in defending Haven Academy from the White Fang after the incident at the Belladonna Family Home, showing courage and desire to stop the unnecessary bloodshed. This is further shown when pleading with a White Fang member to cease their actions.


  • His name is likely derived from the Spanish name "Mata", meaning "wood" or "a forest".
    • "Mata" is also a colloquial term used by some Spanish and Portuguese speakers which generally refers to any vegetation that is larger than grass, but smaller than a tree.
    • Ironically, "mata" is also the command form of the word "matar" in Portuguese, which means "to kill."
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