Marton is a member of Team SMMK, a team of Huntsmen who appeared in Kuchinashi recently, carving themselves a reputation for being annoying, in part due to their overly self-indulgent theatrics. He is revealed to be apart of the Wave along with his team, serving as an antagonist in RWBY: The Grimm Campaign. He makes his debut in "Where There's Smoke...".


Vermillion is a tall man, dark-skinned man with long dirty blonde hair. He wears goggles over his eyes, and a red coat beneath a shoulder cape.


Marton, like the rest of his Team, was okay with working with a criminal organization like the Wave if it meant that they got paid in the end. While working for the Wave, Matrton acted like extra security for them like guarding their convoys containing magic artifacts from Team SAFR.

Marton was also okay with using violence on Daff to threaten Team SAFR and later blowing up the side of a mountain to kill them.

Despite working for the Wave, Marton and his Team had no real loyalty to them and left Lemon to fend for herself after they took one of her magic artifacts and used it to teleport off her stolen ship.

Powers and Abilities

Marton wields a club which uses Dust to cause smokefields while his Semblance lets him nullify the effects of Dust around him.


  • In Hungarian, the meaning of the name Marton is Warrior of Mars, bringing about red colors.


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