Volume 7

A New Approach

Questions are for the weak. But we're all on the same team now. Not that I'm happy about it.
—Marrow, to Ruby's Group

Ace Operatives

This society is set up for Faunus to be at the bottom, and humans are willing participants. They benefit from doing nothing to help us.
—Marrow, to Blake and Weiss

Pomp and Circumstance

Some of us are all asset, zero liability.
—Marrow, to Jaune
Hey, do you guys smell that? Smells like... fresh meat.
—Marrow, to Elm Ederne and Vine Zeki
We need someone to escort children to pre-primary school down in Mantle. There's not actually any danger, but the parents fret, and that attracts Grimm. [...] Perfect! Thanks... Juan... Jwan... Jim?
—Marrow, giving Jaune his first Huntsman mission

A Night Off

Sure, we won't have any problems, as long as you stay within the law.
—Marrow, to Robyn Hill
This wasn't us, I swear.
—Marrow, to Robyn after the attack in her celebration party
We've got a long night ahead.
—Marrow, after the attack by Tyrian Callows

Cordially Invited

Words out of my mouth.
—Marrow, leaving Jacques Schnee's banquet after realizing the only other Faunus present were servers

With Friends Like These

I know you Schnees are used to getting what you want. But it's time to let this one go!
—Marrow, to Weiss
I'm trying to arrest her, not kill her, Hare. You're being excessive!
—Marrow, to Harriet

Volume 8


We were holding back!
—Marrow, to Weiss about their last battle
You could stop all of this, Penny. Just open the vault, hand over the relic, and you'll save Atlas.
—Marrow, to Penny


I… I have a job to do, and I'm going to do it.
—Marrow, to Ren


But... they're just kids.
—Marrow, about Team FNKI being on the front lines during the Battle of Atlas
Come on, Juan.
—Marrow, quietly hoping for Yang's Group's success
Would you say the same thing if it was your sister inside? Are you gonna tell her what you did to her friends?
—Marrow, to Winter


You call this saving Atlas? Doing Salem's job for her?
—Marrow, questioning Ironwood about saving Atlas
I believed in you! I thought we could work towards something better. But now you're throwing it all away.
—Marrow, to Ironwood
Do you even believe what you're saying anymore? Do any of you believe in anything?
—Marrow, to the Ace Ops and Ironwood
I used to wear this rank with pride. Now I see it for what it really is: a collar.
—Marrow, to Ironwood


So, you're not arresting me?
—Marrow, to Winter
Then why did you hit me?!
—Marrow, to Winter

About Marrow

You don't like this either. In fact, you don't want to be a part of it at all anymore.
—Ren, to Marrow

RWBY: Amity Arena

Marrow Amin is one of our Elite Ace Ops. He is a Faunus, but unlike much of the riff raff, he is loyal to our general and Kingdom. His semblance is also extremely powerful as it is capable of slowing down entities with a word. As the latest addition to the Ace Ops, Operative Amin still leaves a lot to be desired compared to the more veteran members like Clover or Elm. This was most salient during interrogation resistance training where his poker face was continually betrayed his tail.
RWBY: Amity Arena
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