"Maria vs. Nevermore" is a battle that occurred in "The Grimm Reaper".

Preceding EventsEdit

Maria Calavera walks along a rickety bridge, and the Nevermore approaches her from within the fog.

The FightEdit

The Nevermore approaches Maria, but just before it strikes the bridge, Maria readies her kamas and jumps off. In midair, Maria throws a kama at the Nevermore, lodging it in its wing. Maria then activates the gravity Dust in the kamas, pulling them together and thus launching Maria up to the Nevermore. She grabs her kama from the Nevermore on her way up and spins on her way down, slicing at the Nevermore and landing atop it.

The Nevermore attempts to throw her off, but Maria holds on by her kamas. The Nevermore loses some flight control, and Maria gains an upper hand when she throws a kama into a nearby crag, then using the gravity Dust again to force the Nevermore to collide with the large rock face. She retrieves her kama and throws it once more at the ground, and the Dust forces the Nevermore to dive and skid along the rocky ground.

Maria removes her kama from the Nevermore and takes a breath, not realizing the Nevermore survived the fall. It throws her off of itself and knocks her rolling with its claw. With Maria separated from both kamas, the Nevermore props itself up and jumps toward her. Maria is not defenseless as she appears, however, and activates her silver eye powers. This petrifies the Nevermore in midair, and its stone corpse falls to the ground and breaks apart.

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