Unnamed Father

Maria's father was also a Silver-Eyed Warrior, and as such, was responsible for teaching for her to control her silver eye powers. He also taught her combat skills more generally and is said to be a more modest person, Maria said he would have scolded her for showing off her fighting prowess when she earned her Huntress license.


Ruby Rose

Mentor and student

In "Alone in the Woods", Maria is initially annoyed by Ruby, a child, telling her to go to sleep. But after discovering the girl has silver eyes, she decides to help her to use her powers to destroy the Apathy in the cellar. After they escape Brunswick Farms, she admits to Ruby that she herself had Silver Eyes. In "The Grimm Reaper", she seems touched when Ruby asks for her training to teach her how to use her powers. In "Dead End", Maria cheers up Ruby, who believed she was letting everyone down, by teaching her what she knows about Silver Eyes. In "Lost", Maria is seemingly impressed by Ruby when the girl stands up to her uncle.

In "The Lady in the Shoe", Maria saves Ruby from being attacked by Caroline Cordovin. In "Seeing Red", she helps Ruby in getting close to the Colossus to destroy the cannon. In "Our Way", Maria is hesitant over Ruby using her silver eyes to defeat a Leviathan. She later breathes a sigh relief when her pupil successfully uses her powers to turn the giant Grimm into stone.

Weiss Schnee

In "Stealing from the Elderly", Maria hushes Weiss' concern for her prosthetic eyes, proving that she is capable of flying an airship.

Yang Xiao Long

When Maria first meets Yang, she was offended that Yang calls her a defenseless old lady, but soon conceded her point. After Ozpin sealed himself away and the group becomes concerned, Maria quickly takes charge and refuses to let Yang talk her down, telling her and the others that they should find shelter before they freeze to death.

In "The Grimm Reaper", after Maria reveals her past as the Grimm Reaper, she tells the group not to try and become like her. When she states that some of them are stronger already, she looks back towards Yang, who looks away in guilt over her treatment of Maria.

Ozpin's Group

Qrow Branwen

Maria does not shy away from showing disapproval of Qrow. In "Alone in the Woods", Maria gets annoyed when Qrow decides to go to drink while the others are preparing to leave. She later calls him an idiot for being drunk while she and the others are trying to escape the Apathy. Despite Qrow's adoration for her when learning Maria used to be the Grimm Reaper he had looked up to and based his weapon from, Maria sullenly calls herself a disappointment and cites that by following her example, Qrow is becoming one as well. She rolls her eyes at his comments when the heroes regroup in the Cotta-Arc household. Her impressions of Qrow continue to dwindle downwards in "Lost" after she and Team RWBY find him drunk out on the sidewalk. After Ruby stands up to him, Maria comments to Qrow that he did not give her enough credit.

The old Grimm Reaper and Qrow

In "Our Way", however, Maria complements that Qrow didn't do so bad. When he laments on how the student did most of the work, she tells them that he was there for them when they asked for it and to catch them when they fell, literally in Ruby's case. When Qrow expresses how great it was seeing the Grimm Reaper in action, she jokes that he should've seen her when she was his age.

Salem's Inner Circle


Tock was sent out by her master in order to track down and kill Maria, then infamously known as the "Grimm Reaper" during the height of her career as a Huntress and successfully ended her career despite having failed to kill her.

During their confrontation, Tock was completely confident that she could defeat her and did not back down despite Maria's initial attempts to frighten her away by using her fearsome reputation. After a lengthy battle, Tock successfully destroyed Maria's eyes. She then acknowledged Maria as a worthy opponent, and then tried to get Maria to beg for her life. But Maria defied her, despite being blinded, by throwing one of her Kama's at her, which she later called back to her and stabbed Tock's back before decapitating her.

As stated by Maria, despite having successfully dispatched her, it became evident that Tock had left lasting damages to Maria's psyche. Following that battle, Maria became immensely paranoid and fearful for her own life due to realizing that there was someone actively hunting people like her, causing her to abandon her life as a Huntress in favor of saving herself even after she had prosthetic surgery that gave her cybernetic eyes and restored her sight.

Maria herself came to regret her decision to run away from her life as Huntress in her elder years, with her having admitted that her choice had left a deep sense of regret and shame in her heart decades later due to her believing that she had cowardly abandoned her duties and honor as a Huntress.


Caroline Cordovin

Witch vs. She-devil

Cordovin is Maria's enemy. She does not get along with her and calls Cordovin a she-devil. After Cordovin claims Atlas sent her to Argus to uphold its citizens, Maria counters by suggesting that she was deployed to get far away from the kingdom. Her ire with Cordovin is so great that Maria becomes unabashedly cheerful when suggesting that Cordovin may be dead.

In "Stealing from the Elderly", Cordovin is downright furious at learning Maria hijacked an Atlesian airship, and Maria in turn greatly annoys Cordovin by eating cashews over the radio in response to Cordovin threatening her and Weiss. She later states that Cordovin has completely lost her mind after she blasted her and Weiss with the Colossus. In "Seeing Red", Maria easily provokes Cordovin into readying the missiles on the cannon so Ruby can decimate them. In "Our Way", Maria is shocked to see Cordovin finishing off the Leviathan that was petrified by Ruby.

Pietro Polendina

There has not been much interaction between them, but Pietro was the one who built Maria's prosthetic eyes after she lost her real eyes. Maria often comes and visits him every ten years to perform maintenance on her prosthetics. In "The Greatest Kingdom", when she visits Pietro at his clinic, he forgot her until she has to remind him.

Later it was revealed that Maria and Pietro are old friends with each other and have known each other for a longtime, with Maria having a very high personal opinion of Pietro and deeming him to be Atlas's brightest mind and greatest inventor. Pietro in return reciprocates this and also sees Maria as a very dear and old friend.

During Ruby's Group arrival in Atlas, Maria primarily stayed with Pietro while Ruby and her friends stayed within Atlas Academy as they worked with James Ironwood.

In "Worst Case Scenario", Maria can be seen comforting Pietro when the elderly man reveals to Ruby, Weiss, and Maria that he cannot donate anymore of his Aura to restore Penny if she gets destroy again.

Later as seen in "As Above, So Below", Maria showed strong concern for him due to the massive riot erupting all over Mantle and later the massive Grimm invasion, she would attempted to have him come with her into the Clinic to safety.

As seen in "Amity", Maria attempted to give advice to Pietro about how to deal with Penny due to his overprotectiveness for her and later comforted him after Penny lost consciousness and fell off the atmosphere due to the attempt by Arthur Watts to overwrite her A.I.

Penny Polendina

Due to her close friendship with her father Pietro, Maria is shown to have a close relationship with Penny as well and cares for her as the daughter of a dear friend of hers. This is seen where she tries her best to comfort her father when he is worries and stressed for her safety.

Penny helping Maria

Maria worried for Penny

As seen in "Amity", Maria is shown to respect Penny as her own person and believes that she has the right to make her own choices, this is seen where she attempts to convince her friend Pietro to be less severe in his parenting and give Penny more leeway to making her own decisions and actions. Penny in turn was shown to reciprocate Maria's care for her and was shown to be friendly enough with her to assist her in things, this is seen where Penny gently helped her board her construction mech to prepare for Amity Communications Tower's lift off and later saves her from being killed by Neopolitan.

Later Maria's care for Penny is fully shown when she was willing to enter into battle against Cinder Fall in order to protect her. Later when Penny makes he decision to help maintain Amity's height herself for the transmission, Maria was shown to fully support her decision.

After Penny was short-circuited by Watts' hacking, Maria comforted Pietro and looked just as worried for Penny as well.


Oscar Pine

There has not been much interaction between them, but Maria helps Oscar up after the impact from Qrow's punch sent him flying into a tree. In "The Coming Storm", Maria seems to be kind to Oscar and offers to read him a story while he keeps the fire going.


During Cinder's raid on Amity Communications Tower in "Amity", Maria was shown having a battle against Neo, where initially Maria held the advantage over her and Maria made a point of infuriating her due to her easily out maneuvering her using her Semblance.

Later after successfully throwing Maria off her feet after taking advantage of her concern for Penny, Neo would then attempt to kill her using the hidden blade of Hush before being blasted by Penny.

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