Volume 6

Argus Limited

Still alive! [...] That sure was a close one, huh?
—Maria, to everyone


My name is Maria Calavera, and I am not defenseless! I'm just a little hard of hearing. And blind without my eyes, that are in desperate need of repair. [...] Okay, I'm starting to see your point.
—Maria, to Yang Xiao Long.

So That's How It Is

Enough! We need to get move on. It'll be dark before we know it, and every one of you is spewing negativity!
—Maria, to everyone
No buts! I understand that you're upset. Honestly, I'm still coming to terms with the fact that this is humanity's second time around. But, if we don't move, we die. And I'll be damned if I've lived this long just to die out here in the cold!
—Maria, to Yang

The Coming Storm

I'll tell you what. You keep that fire fed... and I'll find us a story to read before bed.
—Maria, to Oscar Pine

Alone in the Woods

Ruby... what color are your eyes?
—Maria, asking Ruby Rose about her eyes
You have a family? Friends?
—Maria, to Ruby
Don't think about them. Think about the people who love you. Focus on the thought of them, the way they make you feel. Focus!
—Maria, helping Ruby to use her Silver Eyes
Life... is beautiful. It is precious. And it must... be protected.
—Maria, talking to Ruby about life
I should have known. The signs were all there, but I'd never seen an entire settlement withered away like that. I suppose my mind just isn't what it used to be.
—Maria, talking about the Brunswick Farms
Well, isn't it obvious, girl? I had Silver Eyes
—Maria, to Ruby

The Grimm Reaper

I don't think you realize who I am.
—Young Maria, to Tock
But I wasn't... I went into hiding soon after.
—Maria, to everyone after losing her silver eyes
Well, I'm nothing but a disappointment, so you're well on your way.
—Maria, to Qrow Branwen
Child, a Huntress is supposed to protect others to the bitter end. But after I lost my eyes, I only ever looked after myself. Even after my surgery, I was too afraid to fight. Afraid someone would find me again, finish what the others started. You shouldn't aspire to be like me, especially when some of you are clearly stronger already. It's... comforting, seeing that your generation seems up to the task of inheriting this world. I'm just sorry I didn't do more to leave it in better shape.
—Maria, to everyone.

Dead End

You bring outside caschews on one flight, and suddenly you're placed on the additional screening list for life!
—Maria explaining why she and Cordovin hate each other
Now, now, let's not give up hope now. Maybe she's dead.
—Maria, cheerfully expressing contempt for Cordovin
Oh Cordo! You know, they say time changes people. But I see you've still got that stick right up...
—Maria to Caroline Cordovin before being interrupted by Ruby.
You know, I came out here to avoid the yelling
—Maria, to Ruby about her reason why she's at the backyard of the Cotta-Arc residence
If I have to explain it to you, it will just defeat the purpose. But if you're tired of not knowing anything, how about we discuss those eyes of yours?
—Maria, to Ruby
I had my father to teach me, and even he didn't have all the answers. But what he told me makes sense, given what I've seen.
—Maria, to Ruby on how her father taught her about the Silver Eyes
It wasn't really an official title back in his day. I only knew him as an old soldier, and an excellent teacher. I never attended one of those fancy academies of yours, but I scored higher on the license exam than any other Huntsman or Huntress that day.
—Maria, to Ruby about her father and not attending one of the Huntsmen academies
Heh, he would've scolded me for showing off. He'd never been able to find much information about our abilities. Just legends of warriors whose eyes shone like mirrors, reflecting the light of the world onto darkness. He found so little, in fact, that it made him cautious. How could such powerful bloodlines be so rare? Unless, something was actively seeking to destroy them.
—Maria, to Ruby
I tried to keep my powers a secret, but as you know, it wasn't enough. I owe my life to my training, and my Semblance. At the end of the day, those are still your most powerful tools.
—Maria, to Ruby
"Preflexes"! A silly name I came up with. Hard to explain, but I can sense everything better than most and react to attacks almost before they happen. Combine that with my training and secret ability to turn Grimm to stone, or blind them, or vaporize them. And that's how you become the Grimm Reaper!
—Maria, to Ruby about her Semblance and herself as the Grimm Reaper
I want you to think of all the times you've triggered your powers. What did those moments have in common?
—Maria, asking Ruby about triggering the power of the Silver Eyes
It's emotional, but more focused than that. Think, what is it you wanted?
—Maria, asking Ruby
It is the desire to preserve life which fuels the light inside you. And to make no mistake, it is light. Preservation is an extension of creation, or, at the very least, an enemy of destruction. The Creatures of Grimm were made by the God of Darkness, but your light comes from his brother.
—Maria, to Ruby
I always knew how to use the light, but never why it only worked on the Grimm. Then, Jinn showed us her vision. Were you paying attention?
—Maria, to Ruby
The light will only work in the presence of Grimm. Meaning the only practice you'll get will be a trial by fire. But, what you can do is focus on creating a state of mind that you can tap into when you need it. Don't think about your light as a means of destroying evil, but as a way to protect the people of Remnant.
—Maria, to Ruby
Interesting... Perhaps there was something that you just weren't seeing?
—Maria, to Ruby about Cinder Fall being affected by Ruby's Silver Eyes' power


Looks like you didn't give her enough credit either.
—Maria, to Qrow about Ruby's determination

Stealing from the Elderly

Missy, I was the Grimm Reaper! What part of "best Huntress of her generation" don't you understand?
—Maria, to Weiss
You hear that, Cordo? That's the sound of me not caring!
—Maria, to Cordovin

Our Way

You weren't half bad yourself today, Qrow.
—Maria, to Qrow
But you were there to help when they asked for it, and you were there to catch them when they fell. Literally, if I recall.
—Maria, to Qrow about how he caught Ruby in his arms after their battle against Cordo
Ha, you should have seen me when I was your age!
—Maria, to Qrow
You know, you make the trip up to Atlas over and over, but you never get used to that view.
—Maria, about Atlas
Oh, come on!
—Maria, when her prosthetic eyes start to act up again

About Maria

Course I do. You're the Grimm Reaper. And these... are the last sixty seconds of your life.
—Tock, before engaging Maria in her last battle.
I can't believe it. You... You're the Grimm Reaper, you were a legend! And then you disappeared...
—Qrow, to Maria
You never used your name, never showed your face. Lots of us thought you were just layin' low. Eventually, we just came to accept that you were probably dead. But the stories about you, I based my weapon off of yours. I wanted to be as good as the Grimm Reaper.
—Qrow, explaining about the legend of the Grimm Reaper
Thanks. You know, it was pretty incredible getting to see the Grimm Reaper in action.
—Qrow, to Maria

Minor Characters

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