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The Mantle Warehouse[1] is a warehouse in Mantle serving as the location for Happy Huntresses' election victory party. It first appeared in "A Night Off".

In "The Final Word", it was destroyed when Atlas crashed into Mantle and both cities were flooded.


The warehouse is a large space with lights hung by rafters on the ceiling. It has brick walls with stained three wide, stained glass windows on the left and right sides of the room. Tables are set on either side of the room, allowing partygoers to discard cups. Robyn Hill's election posters are hung in all walls. Loudspeakers are built into the room.

In the front of the warehouse, a stage is built with a screen behind it, allowing for announcements and pulbic speakers. On either side of the stage, banners of the Happy Huntresses' emblem hang down from the ceiling. Behind the banners, there is a private space allowing for speakers to prepare for an audience.


During the Mantle elections, Robyn Hill used the warehouse as the site for a premptive election victory party. Penny Polendina and Marrow Amin were tasked by James Ironwood to watch the party, in the event that there was an attack by Salem's forces. This causes friction with the Happy Huntresses, as Marrow begins to argue with May Marigold and Joanna Greenleaf.

At the party is Tyrian Callows, speaking with Arthur Watts on communicator. The two cut the power in the warehouse, allowing Tyrian to massacre partygoers, wounding Fiona Thyme, and allowing Watts time to manipulate the elections in favor of Jacques Schnee. Tyrian frames Penny as the killer, having left unnoticed, causing the citizens of Mantle to begin to riot against Atlas. This leads to an escalation of tensions between the cities, including Grimm attacks and forcing the Happy Huntresses to become vigilantes.

After the city of Atlas crashed into Mantle in "The Final Word", the warehouse was later destroyed when both cities were flooded.


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