The Magic Necklace (unofficial) is a magical artifact found in the ruins of a bygone era in Kuchinashi. It has the power to allow its user to control the Grimm. It is currently under the possession of Asher Mora of Team SAFR.


The artifact takes the form of a silver and golden necklace with a blue jewel embroidered on its centerpiece. When activating its powers, it the jewel emits a blue glow.


The Necklace allows the its wearer to seize control over the Grimm, in which their eyes glow a bright blue instead of red and they answer to the user's whim. The Necklace is able to be used over long distances, and can coordinate the Grimm strategically.



When the aspiring entrepreneur Javi Pastel broke off his family business in hopes of making a name for himself, he traveled to the city of Kuchinashi. There, Pastel discovered an ancient civilization from a bygone era beneath the region's northern mountains, and in it he found a treasure trove of older than old artifacts, including a Necklace.

Excited, Pastel began to import various merchandise throughout Remnant, including various Grimm such as the Sabyrs, and transported it to his estate in Kuchinashi, secretly hiring scientists to conduct experiments on his findings. There, he would use both Human and Grimm test subjects to discover the Necklace had the power to control the Grimm. Eager to use the artifact to make himself rich, Pastel struck a deal with the Wave to sell it to them, only to back out of the deal with a different idea when it also caught the attention of the Hana Guild. In retaliation, the Wave assassinated Pastel and claimed the Necklace for themselves, biding their time on when to use it.

Kuchinashi on Fire

With Pastel's body found, the items on his estate went for auction, as such attracting various famous people in Kuchinashi such as the Wave's rival leader, Vermillion Raddock. There, Lemon used the Necklace to control the Grimm into attacking the guests in the auction, and later to attempt to kill Team SAFR.

With their eyes turning to the city at large, the leader of the Wave began to use the Necklace to reign terror in Kuchinashi. While they use it to gain control over Kuchinashi, their attempt to take out all of the enemies of the Wave doesn't go as planned, with there being rumors that Vermillion survived the attack. Later in "The Fast and the Furriest", Lemon uses the Necklace to control Grimm surrounding the Wave's convoys. Among these Grimm are Sabyrs, Beringels, and even Lancer's preparing to attack Team SAFR. After the truck they were using falls off a cliff and the team survive, the Grimm stop pursuing them.

After the attempt to ship out the artifacts through convoys fails, Lemon decided to ship out any remaining artifacts through a stolen Atlesian Airship Dust carrier and used the Necklace to control Grimm for extra security at the airport. A Manticore was among one of the Grimm controlled on the ship. By the time Team SAFR reach Lemon's private quarters, they find that she was attacked by Abigail Pyre who stole the Necklace under orders from Vermillion and took control of the same Manticore that Team SAFR encountered earlier. After Team SAFR fight Abigail, Asher managed to steal the Necklace from her and used it on the Manticore to grab her.

Later when Vermillion threatened to blow up the ship and it began to crash, Asher controlled the Manticore to get Team SAFR and Abigail to safety but ended up crash landing anyway. Once they come to, they find Abigail and the Manticore both gone with Abigail implied to have been killed by it. With Vermillion and his men surrounding the team, Asher attempted to use the artifact to call any nearby Grimm for backup. Before he could however, Huntsmen reinforcements sent by Leonardo Lionheart arrive in Kuchinashi after he received their distress call for help and chased off Vermillion and his men.

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