This page lists deaths featured on RoosterTeeth's RWBY.

Episode Character Cause of Death


Pre-Series Ozma Died of sickness.
Repeatedly resurrected and killed again by The Gods.
First Humanity Wiped out by the God of Darkness.
Ozma and Salem's Daughters Killed during Salem and Ozma's battle.
Pretend God Burned to death by Salem.
Wizard Died under unknown circumstances.
King of Vale
Tock Decapitated by Maria Calavera.
Tock's Crew Killed during the fight against Maria Calavera.
Maria Calavera's Father Passed away due to old age.
An Ren Crushed underneath the ceiling of her house after the Nuckelavee caved it in.
Li Ren Killed in the Grimm attack which destroyed his village.
Three Boys All three were killed in the Grimm invasion cause by the Nuckelavee.
Cinder's Step-Sisters Killed by Cinder Fall.
The Madame Throat crushed as she was strangled to death by Cinder Fall.
Rhodes Impaled with his own weapons after letting his guard down against Cinder.
Unnamed Spring Maiden Joined up with the Branwen Tribe after abandoning her duties. Was later killed by Raven Branwen after she deemed her a failure and took her powers for herself.
Gretchen Rainart Killed during a training mission while at Beacon Academy.
Summer Rose Died under unknown circumstances.
Javi Pastel Murdered by the Wave crime syndicate after refusing to give them the Magic Necklace.
Lemon Stabbed by Abigail Pyre and bled to death from her wounds. Other Wave syndicate members on her ship were killed when the ship crashed.
Abigail Pyre Killed by a Manticore Grimm after Asher Mora was knocked out and it broke free from the Magic Necklace's control.
Marcus Black Killed by Mercury Black.
"Best Day Ever" Tukson
"Field Trip" Gray Family Whole family was killed when invading Grimm attacked Sumire.
"PvP" Penny Polendina (Android) Unintentionally killed by Pyrrha Nikos who used her polarity to throw her swords back at her causing the wires to wrap around her body and tear her apart.
"Battle of Beacon" Roy Stallion Carried off by a Nevermore.
Brawnz Ni Died trying to rescue Roy from the Grimm.
May Zedong
"Heroes and Monsters" Roman Torchwick Swallowed whole by a Griffon while trying to kill Ruby Rose.
Amber Shot in the chest with an arrow by Cinder Fall.
"End of the Beginning" Ozpin Killed in a duel between him and Cinder.
Pyrrha Nikos Shot through the chest with an arrow at point-blank range by Cinder, before disintegrating her remains and scattering her ashes.
"Remembrance" Dying Huntsman Killed defending Shion after it was attacked by the Branwen Tribe and later the Nuckelavee.
"Dread in the Air" Atlas Pilot Killed in an airship crash caused by a swarm of Lancers.
Sienna Khan Impaled mid-sentence by Adam Taurus using Wilt.
"True Colors" Fennec Albain Killed in a Dust explosion after his weapons exploded when he fell under a piece of a falling balcony and got crushed while trying to kill Ghira Belladonna.
"Downfall" Vernal Impaled by Cinder's Shadow Hand and succumbed to her wounds seconds after helping Raven Branwen defeat her.
"Haven's Fate" Leonardo Lionheart Was killed by a Seer on Salem's orders after he tried to run away from the Battle of Haven.
"Argus Limited" Dee Knocked off of the Argus Limited.
"Uncovered" Mistral Woman Killed off-screen by Cinder Fall for her clothes and possessions.
"Seeing Red" Adam Taurus Stabbed through the chest by Blake Belladonna and Yang Xiao Long with the broken pieces of Gambol Shroud before falling down a cliff and into a rock-filled ocean.
"Ace Operatives" Forest Killed in an alleyway by Tyrian Callows.
"With Friends Like These" Clover Ebi Stabbed through the chest by Tyrian with Harbinger after having his aura broken by Qrow Branwen.
"The Enemy of Trust" Fria Died after exerting too much energy at an old age.
"Divide" Sleet Shot off-screen with Due Process at close range after speaking out against James Ironwood's recent actions.
"Dark" The Hound Crushed by a giant set of armor pushed on top of him.
"Witch" Hazel Rainart Willingly sacrificed himself holding Salem in place for Oscar to release the energy from The Long Memory.
"Creation" Penny Polendina (Rebuilt) Terminated herself after opening the Atlas Vault due to the virus planted in her system.
"Worthy" Bill Killed by either Cinder, Watts, or Neo along with the rest of the Atlas Military faculty.
Jacques Schnee Vaporized in his cell by James Ironwood using Due Process' cannon form.
"The Final Word" Vine Zeki Sacrificed himself to safely detonate the bomb away from Mantle by containing the blast using his Semblance.
Penny Polendina (Human) Mortally wounded by Cinder Fall. Killed by Jaune Arc so Winter Schnee could receive the Maiden powers.
Arthur Watts Trapped in the Command Center by Cinder and perished when Atlas crashed into Mantle.
James Ironwood Killed when Atlas crashed into Mantle and both cities were flooded.