Not to be confused with Mina Lavender, a member of Team SMMK.
What have you got? I'm a big fan... Of ratings. And it's not every day that a criminal mastermind calls me. So I'll take what I can get.
—Lisa Lavender, on the phone with Roman Torchwick

Lisa Lavender is a news reporter for the Vale News Network, first seen in the episode "Ruby Rose" of RWBY Volume 1.

She makes an appearance in RWBY: Roman Holiday, where she is instrumental in exposing the crimes of Lady Browning's Preparatory Academy For Girls and its involvement with Spider.


Lisa is a pale-skinned woman with gold-brownish eyes and pale white hair with purple hues at the tips.

Her reporter outfit consists of a black suit jacket with a purple collared dress shirt underneath.


Lisa Lavender presents herself as a professional reporter while on camera for the Vale News Network, recounting recent events in a largely dry tone, with emphasis added to more dramatic words.

Off camera, Lisa demonstrates a more playful demeanor. When Roman Torchwick contacts her to give her a massive scoop, she toys with the criminal to draw out the conversation so that the police can trace the source of the call, which is a tactic she admits to Torchwick when he questions her attitude.

She is impartial and will accept information from anyone, provided they have sufficient evidence, even wanted criminals.

Lisa is receptive to and greatly appreciates compliments, as is demonstrated when she remembers to thank Torchwick for the flowers he had sent to her months earlier for her reporting on his crimes.

Lisa is a graduate of Lady Browning's Preparatory Academy For Girls, which is likely where she learned many of the talents that would serve her well as a reporter. Despite this, she had no loyalties to her former school. After learning of the academy's criminal elements and spy network she quickly disposes of her triskelion pin[1] and uses the information Torchwick had provided to ruin the reputation of its headmistress, ultimately forcing the school's closure.


Color Naming Rule

  • Her last name, "Lavender", is the name of a light tone of purple, which is also the color of her hair.


Character & Design

  • She was shown only as a 2D image in Volumes 1–3 but gained a full 3D model in Volume 4.



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