Lil' Miss is very efficient in running her crime syndicate, originally being considered the second most powerful person in Mistral with only Leonardo Lionheart being more powerful. By the time her bar is visited by Cinder Fall, the gangster has amassed several followers and has them all wear a spider tattoo somewhere on their bodies. Lil' Miss seems to have gained respect from her subordinate that she has bodyguards to protect her from intruders.

From her own words on her origins and her fear of Spiders, RWBY: Roman Holiday revealed that Lil Miss Malachite was not the original leader or founder of the group and had instead wrestled control of it sometime during her youth. In the past, she also managed to recruit a young Roman Torchwick into her syndicate as well.

During her rule over Spider, she and her organization valued loyalty above all else. Members that didn't swear loyalty to Lil' Miss were usually killed like when Roman's criminal ambitions grew larger and he went behind her back with Lil' Miss attempting to assassinate him.

Following Lionheart's death at the Battle of Haven, Lil' Miss and Spider became the most powerful crime syndicate in the kingdom.

Lady Browning's Preparatory Academy For Girls

Lil' Miss and her organization had aligned with Beatrix Browning in their plan to take over Vale's criminal underworld. She sends her daughters to the Academy to attend its secret program, studying as assassins and spies.

While she originally planned on using the Academy's resources to help her eliminate the Xiong Family and take over Vale's criminal underworld, she was forced to abandon this plan when the Academy's true colors were exposed to the public by Neopolitan, Roman Torchwick, and Lisa Lavender as her plans were ruined.

Xiong Family

Lil' Miss and Hei Xiong had a deal to stay away from each other's respective kingdoms, Mistral and Vale. However, Lil' Miss never intended to honor that deal, instead readying to take over the Vale criminal underworld. When Neopolitan tells Hei Xiong about this, both factions go to an intense, albeit brief war. She wins this fight and kills Hei Xiong in the process, but is forced to retreat after her plans to take over Vale's criminal underworld from them is ruined.

The Mouse and Parrot

The Mouse and Parrot were rivals in Mistral, having gone to war with one another. Under Lil' Miss' leadership, Spider won the battle handedly within a week.


Some time in the past, Lil' Miss Malachite and her gang allied themselves with the Kuchinashi organization, "Wave" and it's leader, Lemon, conducting a heist on an Atlesian shipment in the city of Argus, stealing a newly-created fabric material that adapted to light, making the wearer invisible. Spider stole the entire shipment underneath Wave's nose, thus invisibility cloaks became commonplace amongst their spy network in Mistral. In the process, both organizations likely cut ties with each other following this incident.


Melanie Malachite & Miltia Malachite

Lil' Miss is Melanie and Miltia's mother, as revealed in the Volume 6 commentary. The twins share a close relationship with their mother, who is concerned about their safety enough to hide them away during a gang war between Spider and The Mouse and the Parrot. Lil' Miss trusted the two with her plans for Spider, and Melanie in particular took after her mother, something which Roman noted.

They referred to Lil' Miss by name or called her "Mother".

Unnamed Husband

It is implied that, for unknown reasons, Lil' Miss had her husband killed.

Roman Torchwick

Lil' Miss Malachite first met Roman when he was 18 and stole from one of her Patrons that frequented one of her syndicates bars. After having her men bring him to her, she saw potential in re young pickpocket and offered him a choice to join her syndicate which he eventually accepted.

Eventually, Roman rose to power in the organization, becoming her second-in-command. However, Roman's growing ambitions and need to be in command eventually soured his relationship with Lil' Miss, especially after he threatens her daughters' lives in a failed power play with the Parrot gang.

When Roman begins to double charge Lil' Miss' underlings without her consent, Malachite decides to have him killed. Her assassination attempt fails, and Roman flees to Vale. Lil' Miss then sends her daughters to kill him approximately at the same time she readied to take over Vale, but due to Neopolitan's interventions, ultimately fails at both.

Lil' Miss left a profound impact on Roman, who greatly feared her.

It is unknown if Lil' Miss knows that Roman was killed in the Fall of Beacon.

Honey Wine

Lil' Miss and Honey Wine appear to have a good relationship. The singer of The Luck of the Mountains, Honey Wine, asks Lil' Miss for permission to leave Spider and establish her own business in Vale, the Harmony Club. Lil' Miss grants her this, and in exchange, asks for information and favorites from the singer, who accepts this deal. They've worked together closely since.



Lemon was the leader of the Wave by the time Lil' Miss Malachite met her in the past. When they decided to have their syndicates work together on a heist on an Atlesian shipment in the city of Argus to steal new technology, Lil' Miss and Spider stole it from right under the Wave's nose.

After this incident, both Lil' Miss and Lemon likely cut ties with each other for going against each other. It is currently unknown if Lil' Miss knows that Lemon was killed by Abigail Pyre, but it is very likely due to her job as an information broker.

Cinder's Faction

Cinder Fall

When Lil' Miss is approached by the Fall Maiden in "Uncovered", she permits Cinder to have a talk only after the latter offers Lien and does not like the tone of demeanor by which she is addressed at first. She manages to intimidate the Maiden when she reveals that every customer at the bar works for her. Lil' Miss promises Cinder that her gang will find her targets, but it is later revealed that she intentionally withheld the location of Ruby Rose and her allies because she wants to know who in Mistral is searching for the Maiden due to wanting to double her profit by selling Cinder's location to perhaps another client searching for her.

In "The Coming Storm", it was shown that she knew who Cinder is and doesn't mind having her as a customer. During Cinder and Neo's fight, she asks her and Neo to take their fight outside since she doesn't want her tavern to be destroyed by them.


Originally, Lil' Miss and Neopolitan started off as enemies. When Neo learns of her plot to take over Vale and kill Roman, her actions lead to the failure of both the gangster's objectives, thus driving Spider off of Vale.

Despite this, Lil' Miss Malachite is shown to have a business relationship with Neopolitan, as seen where she took her up as a client for information and agreed to give her Cinder Fall's location and lured her to her bar and allow Neo to confront her directly.

It is unknown much how she knows of Neo's connection to the Vale scheme, and as such it is hard to determine how she would react if she knew.

Salem's Inner Circle

Hazel Rainart

As seen during his meeting with Salem and his other acquaintances, Hazel had also done some business and had a meeting with Lil Miss Malachite and her organization in order to acquire information from her. This was stated where after Cinder made her own inquiry about Ruby and her Group's location or where they were heading, Lil Miss remembered that Hazel had also come to them to buy the same information from her.


Jack Plum

Jack Plum is one of Lil' Miss' former rivals, who had connections to corrupt councilmen in Mistral. When she has Roman and Chameleon attempt to find information on him, he nearly kills the both of them.

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