Volume 6


That's far enough.
—Lil' Miss, first meeting Cinder Fall at her bar
I'm Lil' Miss Gon'-Skin-You-Alive if you ever take that tone with me again.
—Lil' Miss, when Cinder Fall questions her
Well sweetheart, you came to the right place.
—Lil' Miss, after Cinder requests a search for Team RWBY and Team RNJR
You know I used to be afraid of spiders. Want to know what I did about it?
—Lil' Miss, mentioning her former fear of spiders to Cinder
The world needs spiders. I just made the spiders work for me.
—Lil' Miss, talking about her "spiders"
I know we know, but what we don't know is who here in Mistral might be asking about her.
—Lil' Miss, talking to her bodyguard about Cinder

The Coming Storm

Of course I do, darling. Lil' Miss always delivers. Although, I can't promise you'll be pleased.
—Lil' Miss, to Cinder
You know, you turned out to be quite the interesting customer... Cinder.
—Lil' Miss, to Cinder as she was about to leave
It's not often a single client brings me double the business.
—Lil' Miss, to Cinder
Maybe put away the good glasses.
—Lil' Miss, to her bodyguard before Cinder and Neo's fight
That's enough, ladies! I love dinner and a show, but it's time to take it outside.
—Lil' Miss, to Cinder and Neo
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