Lil' Miss Malachite's early life is not known, but eventually she came to lead a crime syndicate in lower Mistral. Although it is unknown when or with whom, she eventually had twin daughters named Melanie Malachite and Miltia Malachite.


Spying in Mistral

Lil' Miss and her associates, with Cinder

A month after the Battle of Haven, Lil' Miss Malachite sits at her tavern in lower Mistral. Cinder Fall walks into the bar and offers Lil' Miss a large amount of Lien, so Lil' Miss allows a conversation. Cinder shows her pictures of Team RWBY and the remaining members of Team JNPR, saying she is looking for them. One of Lil' Miss' spies enters the bar, startling Cinder, and Lil' Miss tells her everyone in the bar works for her - signified by spider tattoos. She tells Cinder that she will find her quarry in a week. Cinder leaves, and a bodyguard asks why she did not tell Cinder that they already know where the former Beacon students are - a big guy had already asked of them. Lil' Miss says they need to wait and see if anyone asks where Cinder is. Her hunch is proven correct when Neopolitan pays her for Cinder's location.

One week later, Lil' Miss tells Cinder that Ruby's group boarded a train heading for Argus and deduces that their real destination is the Kingdom of Atlas. As Cinder turns to leave, Lil' Miss reveals that she knows who Cinder is and that she gave the gangster double the business. Neo then appears and attacks Cinder. After the two women fight for a while in the bar, Lil' Miss stops them and orders them to continue outside.

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