Lil' Miss Malachite's early life is not known, but eventually she came to overthrow the leader of Spider in lower Mistral. Although it is unknown when or with whom, she eventually had twin daughters named Melanie Malachite and Miltia Malachite, having had her husband killed for an unknown reason. She eventually became the second most powerful person in the Kingdom, with only Leonardo Lionheart beating her in power and influence.

RWBY: Roman Holiday

Chapter Two: Lie

After a young Roman Torchwick is captured by agents Brick and Mortar, alongside a small legion of Spiders, because of his actions against the Spider in The Luck of the Mountains, he is taken to see Lil' Miss Malachite. There, Lil' Miss decides that she sees enough potential in Roman Torchwick to find some work in him, and gives him a choice of what sort of person he wants to be.

Sometime in the next few years, the singer of The Luck of the Mountains, Honey Wine, asks Lil' Miss for permission to leave Spider and establish her own business in Vale, the Harmony Club. Lil' Miss grants her this, and in exchange, asks for information and favorites from the singer, who accepts this deal.

Chapter Four: Cheat

Four years later, Spider enters a gang with a rival gang, The Mouse and Parrot. During this, Lil' Miss has Roman, now her second-in-command, bodyguard her daughters. When agents Roman and Chameleon break her trust, using her daughters as leverage for the Parrot gang, Lil' Miss has Spider rescue Roman and her daughters. Afterwards, she has Chameleon punished and disgraced, and invites Roman to a dinner. There, she asks him why he thinks she’s upset at him, and upon hearing the incorrect answer, makes it very clear she’d like Roman to put his interests after her own, and that she would make it very clear if he ever were in trouble with Spider.

Chapter Four: Steal

However, Roman does not heed this warning, and within the next six or so years, began to collect double payments without his boss’ permission. This does not go unnoticed by Lil' Miss, who'd grown tired of Torchwick's disobedience and arrogance. When Roman approaches Broken Memories, a black-market shop which reverse-engineered Atlesian technology, Lil' Miss sends out Chameleon, who'd since regained her honor, to assassinate him. She in unable to go through with the acton and as such Lil' Miss' plan is foiled as Roman escapes to Vale.

Chapter Twelve: Double Trouble

Months later, Lil' Miss grows new ambitions, ready to take over the Vale criminal underworld with the help Lady Browning's Preparatory Academy For Girls, a faction aligned with her own. She sends the Malachite Twins to the prep school, where they would attempt to assassinate Roman Torchwick and ready for their takeover.

Chapter Eighteen: Panopti-Con

When a member of Browning's Academy, Trivia Vanille (who'd just started going by Neopolitan), chooses her loyalty to Roman over the Academy and Spider, she infiltrates The Room, a hall of information in the Academy. There, she learns that Beatrix Browning and Lil' Miss had been using the Academy's triskelion pins as hidden body cameras to amass information worth billions of Lien to buy their way into leading the Vale syndicate. She makes a copy of this plot on a hard drive and escapes the Malachite Twins.

Chapter Nineteen: Torch Song

Meanwhile, Lil' Miss and Browning herself find Roman's suite in Vale. Under the assumption it’s Neo pretending to be Lil' Miss to spook him, he opens door, and is nearly barraged by bullets. Lil’ Miss and Lady Beat step inside, and together with a group of Spiders (Honey Wine included), kidnap him - ready to take Torchwick to Mistral so that she could make an example of him.

Chapter Twenty-Four: Falling In

Neo, having rescued Roman from the group and revealed Spider's plan to the Xiong Family, takes her partner to hide in the Vanille Estate with her parents. Outside, Spider and Xiong start a gunfight over control of Vale, in which Lil' Miss participates in.

Chapter Twenty-Five: Smoke and Mirrors

Wondering what to do about the Spider's plan, Roman and Neo sell the hard drive and its information to Lisa Lavender, the Vale Police, and the Vale News Network, thus revealing the organization's plan to take over Vale and stopping it. When making their escape, Lil' Miss takes a helicopter and makes another attempt on Roman's life, but is deceived by Neo's illusions. Instead, she fires at an illusion near the Vanille Estate, setting off Dust inside it, killing Jimmy Vanille, Hei Xiong, and securing the death of Carmel Vanille. With their plan foiled, Lil' Miss and Spider retreat, going back to Mistral to lick their wounds.


Spying in Mistral

Lil' Miss and her associates, with Cinder

Following Lionheart's death in the Battle of Haven, Lil' Miss became the most powerful person in Mistral. A month after the Battle of Haven, Lil' Miss Malachite sits at her tavern in lower Mistral. Cinder Fall walks into the bar and offers Lil' Miss a large amount of Lien, so Lil' Miss allows a conversation. Cinder shows her pictures of Team RWBY and the remaining members of Team JNPR, saying she is looking for them. One of Lil' Miss' spies enters the bar, startling Cinder, and Lil' Miss tells her everyone in the bar works for her - signified by spider tattoos. She tells Cinder that she will find her quarry in a week. Cinder leaves, and a bodyguard asks why she did not tell Cinder that they already know where the former Beacon students are - a big guy had already asked of them. Lil' Miss says they need to wait and see if anyone asks where Cinder is. Her hunch is proven correct when Neopolitan pays her for Cinder's location.

One week later, Lil' Miss tells Cinder that Ruby's group boarded a train heading for Argus and deduces that their real destination is the Kingdom of Atlas. As Cinder turns to leave, Lil' Miss reveals that she knows who Cinder is and that she gave the gangster double the business. Neo then appears and attacks Cinder. After the two women fight for a while in the bar, Lil' Miss stops them and orders them to continue outside.

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