Lil' Miss Malachite's Organization

Lil' Miss is very efficient in running her crime syndicate. By the time her bar is visited by Cinder Fall, the gangster has amassed several followers and has them all wear a spider tattoo somewhere on their bodies. Lil' Miss seems to have gained respect from her subordinate that she has bodyguards to protect her from intruders.

Junior's Club

Lil' Miss is Melanie Malachite and Miltia Malachite's mother, as revealed in the Volume 6 commentary.

Cinder's Faction

Cinder Fall

When Lil' Miss is approached by the Fall Maiden in "Uncovered", she permits Cinder to have a talk only after the latter offers Lien and does not like the tone of demeanor by which she is addressed at first. She manages to intimidate the Maiden when she reveals that every customer at the bar works for her. Lil' Miss promises Cinder that her gang will find her targets, but it is later revealed that she intentionally withheld the location of Ruby Rose and her allies because she wants to know who in Mistral is searching for the Maiden.

In "The Coming Storm", she knew who Cinder is and doesn't mind having her as a customer. During Cinder and Neo's fight, she asks her and Neo to take their fight outside since she doesn't want her tavern to be destroyed by them.

Minor Characters

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