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A bar in Mistral is used by Lil' Miss Malachite and her organization. It is first seen in the episode "Uncovered".


Lil' Miss Malachite is the leader of an organization in Mistral that uses a bar as their base of operations. The bar is populated by members of her organization. She sits at the back, along with her bodyguards.


The bar is first seen when Cinder Fall enters it looking for information on Ruby Rose and her friends. Lil' Miss Malachite told her to come back later. The next time Cinder visits her, she is surprised by Neopolitan and the two engage in a battle. Lil' Miss told them that if they wish to continue their fight they should do so outside.


Lil' Miss Malachite's bar is situated in the lower parts of the city of Mistral, where its entrance is marked by engravings of a spider emblem on the exterior of the building.

Inside the tavern there are two floors, where the first floor has a bar and several tables around it. Lil' Miss sits in a table in the back. The walls are made of discolored bricks. The floors are made of stone.

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