I'm Lil' Miss Gon'-Skin-You-Alive if you ever take that tone with me again.
—Lil' Miss, on the demeanor of Cinder Fall

"Lil' Miss Malachite" is the name of a gangster leader from Mistral. She and her followers use a spider theme. She is also the mother of the twins Melanie and Miltia featured in the "Yellow" Trailer.[4]

She serves as one of the main antagonists of the novel RWBY: Roman Holiday.


Lil' Miss is a heavy-set middle-aged woman with light skin and short blonde hair kept in a bob haircut. She has a spider in its web tattooed on her left shoulder, a beauty mark under her right eye, lipstick on her upper lip and purple nail polish on her fingernails. The top of her dress is white and backless, with long sleeves and details, such as beads and straps, in purple. Below is a purple corset, and a long pleated skirt that is yellow on its top layer, purple in the middle one, and white in the lower layer. Her shoes are brown and decorated with a green ribbon.


Lil' Miss is efficient in running her organization despite fearing the Spiders in her early years. She does not allow anyone to approach her unless for business purposes, and she makes her displeasure known if she finds someone acting impetuously as Cinder Fall finds out upon meeting her. She is stated to have an eye for fashion and interior design, and is able to easily see the potential in others.

She is also very cunning and devious, keeping Cinder in the dark about information she has on hand in hopes of doing business with anyone seeking Cinder herself. This strategic mind is touched on in RWBY: Roman Holiday, as it was what allowed her to become the second most powerful person in Mistral and take over Spider.

Lil' Miss is an intimidating presence, commanding every room she is in, to the point where even Roman Torchwick was afraid of talking back to her. She was also ruthless, as shown by the implication she ordered a hit on her own husband, having him killed.

Nonetheless, there were positive sides to her personality. Lil' Miss truly loved her daughters, Melanie and Miltia, as seen by when she had the two protected during a gang war between Spider and The Mouse and Parrot and was furious that Roman would endanger them for his own game. This is further evidenced by the fact that she would send her daughters to Lady Browning's Preparatory Academy For Girls to train to become more skilled and with how she entrusted them with her plans. Melanie would specifically take after her mother.

Ultimately, Lil' Miss values information and loyalty over money, which is part of the reason she is as successful as she was.



Color Naming Rule

  • "Malachite" derives from the Greek malachē (μαλάχη) meaning "mallow".[5]


  • Lil' Miss was included in the board game RWBY: Combat Ready as part of a stretch goal where an antagonist from a yet to be released Volume would join the ones already in the game.
  • Her favorite food is cottage cheese.[6]


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