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Lightning Lash[1] is Ilia Amitola's weapon of choice. It made its first appearance in "Two Steps Forward, Two Steps Back".


Lightning Lash functions as both a blade and whip able to load Dust inside two chambers positioned near the handle. It is shown to be loaded with Lightning Dust, capable of cutting through metal pipes and wounding Sun Wukong.

It is able to extend by pulling on the trigger, allowing for long-range combat with an opponent. Ilia is also able to fire blasts of lightning from the tip of the blade.

It is also capable of being used as a gun, as seen when Ilia shot a rope in the "Volume 5 Blake Character Short".


  • A lash is a stroke or blow with a whip.
  • In Amity Arena, Ilia's Cham-Ilia outfit paints the silver part of the whip green and the black section-splitters gold. It also paints the chamber white and makes the hilt green with gold edges.



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