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Life and Death[1] were Maria Calavera's signature weapons. It consisted of a pair of kamas that she used for close-quarters and ranged combat. Her weapons could connect at the tip to form a twin bladed staff. After she lost her eyes, she now uses her single remaining kama as a walking stick.


Maria's weapon is a kama that contains two cylindrical pieces of gravity Dust, as well as a gun barrel in the back of the skull head. The gravity Dust can be activated via Aura or a switch on the weapon itself, allowing Maria to manipulate it in mid-air.

This kama was once part of a pair, which could attract each other using the gravity Dust in them, as well as combine at the tip to form a staff with a blade on each end.

The kama's blade folds, telescopes and tucks away inside the skull head of the cane to change to its inactive mode.

According to Qrow Branwen, he based the design of the scythe mode of his own weapon, Harbinger, on Life and Death.


  • Maria's weapon and use of Dust was inspired by the weapons from the God of War reboot as well as the hammer of Marvel's Thor.[2]


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