Season 1Edit

The VacuumEdit

So, you guys wanna keep doing comedy segments?
—Ren, to everyone about making comedy segments

Ren Plays TagEdit

I'm... it?
—Ren, after being tag by Nora
—Ren to Nora

Love TriangleEdit

If only they could see what's right in front of them.
—Ren, about how Jaune, Pyrrha and Weiss never notice each other feelings

Neptune's PhobiaEdit

It's a trap from one of our numerous enemies... Or worse.. another one of your pranks.
—Ren, to Nora

Save Nora!Edit

It looks like you have him pretty well under control. You never cease to amaze me, Nora.
—Ren, to Nora about taking down an Beowolf

Pillow FightEdit

They have brought dishonor to the great name of pillow fights.
—Ren, to Team RWBY after the pillow fight

Security WoesEdit

Never fear. The Cow Protection Force is here. I'm sorry, aliens, but I must inform you that these cows are under my protection. Any and all attempts to abduct them will be met with legal action.
—Ren, to everyone

A Slip Through Time and SpaceEdit

You know I love you, but kick step, kick step, body roll is not rocket science.
—Ren, scolding Pyrrha for doing the wrong move
Nora can't have caffeine. She has too much energy already. I told her she couldn't make coffee anymore, so instead she is having you do it.
—Ren, warning Ruby about Nora's coffee addiction

Season 2Edit

Boy BandEdit

With all my heart.
—Ren, after being compliment about his dance style by Neptune
Ugh, alright, this is getting too weird for me. I'm out.
—Ren, attempts to leave the band
Wow... You've really got a lot riding on this, huh?
—Ren, to Neptune after being persuade being a good dancer

Nurse NoraEdit

What? Don't break any legs. Put the hammer down, Nora.
—Ren, to Nora about her attempt to break his other leg
It's a miracle! I'm all better. In fact, I'm gonna go run some laps. Ow... ow... ow.
—Ren, lie about his recovery and attempts to run away from Nora

The Mystery BunchEdit

Now, let's get to the bottom of this mystery.
—Ren to everyone, as the leader of the group

Season 3Edit

Road TripEdit

It's a trap! She used the child safety locks! But we are neither children nor safe!
—Ren, to Jaune
Next time we see the girls, they are in so much trouble...
—Ren, to Jaune about Team RWBY

Mysterious Red ButtonEdit

It's like you read my mind.
—Ren, to his copy

JNPR DreamsEdit

Leave it to me. I'm your man.
—Ren, to Nora and Ozpin
If I'm not done napping in an hour... give me another hour.
—Ren, to Nora and Ozpin

Cousins of ChaosEdit

I have a library book that is three weeks overdue, and I have no immediate plans of returning it.
—Ren, about his bad boys deeds to his crew and Jaune
Oh, man, my library book was in there...
—Ren, to Sun and Neptune

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